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News Posted 04-18-2014

Remington's ACR-PDW

A New Role For The Adaptive Combat Rifle


By: Gary Paul Johnston

From Down Range TV

When Magpul introduced the prototype of their Adaptive Combat Rifle at the SHOT Show some years back the rifle created more than a stir. When I was invited to go over the “hill” here in Colorado to test the ACR prototype there were six variations, one in 7.62x39mm with a special lower receiver designed to use AK magazines. I spent several hours shooting two of the Magpul preproduction selective fire ACR’s in 5.56x45mm (.223). Both ran quite well in both semi- and full automatic.

Made largely of high strength polymer, the ACR’s upper receiver is of aircraft alloy wherein are housed its multi-lugged bolt and carrier, non-reciprocating...

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