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Story Posted 01-08-2015

Let It Show, Let It Show

2015 Archery Trade Association Show

Let It Show, Let It Show The Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show kicks it off this week in Indianapolis, and will highlight the latest products in the hunting industry, specifically focused around bowhunting. (Jeremy Flinn photo)

By: Jeremy Flinn, OutdoorChannel.com

As hunting season comes to a close, a new season is just getting ready to take off – trade show season. From industry shows to hunting and fishing expos, the next few months will congregate hunters and industry veterans across the country to begin a new year. Though the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Nev., often draws a lot of the attention, the first big industry show is the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show.

Unlike a normal expo, the ATA and SHOT shows are primarily for outdoor industry and media personnel. The 2015 ATA Show is being held in Indianapolis, Ind., this week (Jan. 8-10), and will be the platform in which many companies will show off their new products. Don’t let the name fool you though, the ATA Show will have everything from bows to food plots to camo clothing to the “surprises” of the Innovation Zone.

Properly named for predominately new products or “innovators,” the Innovation Zone allows startups, inventors and new companies an area to show off why they are the next big thing in the industry. As you might imagine, there are often some real head-turners in this area that in a few years will be synonymous with the big names in the business.

The show is a major business venture for many smaller outdoor retailers across the country. It’s here in which they will secure much of the product that will be sold in their stores over the next year. The deals they strike here could make or break their financial year. This is the show’s primary focus, and one of the reasons it is kept very low key and secure in order for dealers to accomplish all they need to.

But the show is a dream for any serious bowhunter. Walk around and visit everyone and anyone in the bow industry, and shoot bows that are not even on the shelf yet. There is no other place that you can wait in a short line to shoot the bows that will be the talk of the year.

Since the reigns were tightened on the show a few years back, it has been tougher to get in if you are not a member of the ATA. In some ways this is unfortunate for those who truly love the sport of hunting and archery, however, it also takes a lot of pressure off many of Outdoor Channel celebrities. You can often see them just hanging out walking around the show, a breath of fresh air for them before they start the busy “expo” season.

Next week I will recap a lot of the highlights at the ATA Show and share some of my personal big whitetail gear favorites!

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