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News Posted 01-11-2017

American Marksman and a SHOT Show Preview

Down Range Radio #503

American Marksman and a SHOT Show Preview (Photo courtesy of Down Range TV)

By: Michael Bane

Down Range Radio is a weekly podcast published every Wednesday morning and hosted by Michael Bane. We cover the latest from the firearms industry, the Second Amendment, shooting sports and personal defense. This is the audio version of Wednesday Night At The Range on Outdoor Channel.

Congrats to the final 20! Dane Peterson, Seth Franco, Josh Vacek, Mike Tofari, Sheila McKinney, Chris Whitt, Tony Sumabat, Jack Copeland, Robert Ekas Jr., Riley Bowman, Kyle Hulsey, Kevin Cates, Christine Zador, Doug Dutcher, Sheena Green, Brady Lawing, Melinda Shaw, Adam Kodra, Austin Cates, Bryce Dupuy.

Click here to listen to this week’s Down Range Radio Podcast.

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