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Buck Cheatham (center), one of the founders of the Spotsville Deer Camp, poses with his sons Clint (left) and Clark with 9 and 10-point deer. Buck Cheatham died this year. (Courtesy Clint Cheatham) Story

Glued To The Spot

Clint Cheatham is a third-generation member of the Spotsville Deer Camp, located along the Union and Columbia county lines in southern Arkansas. Cheatham's grandfather was one of the founding members of the camp in 1964, and for the past 50 years the camp has provided hunting and fellowship for its members. Read More

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    Show-and-Tell Deer

    For show-and-tell, T.A. Lewis's teacher put a photo of him and the deer he killed on the classroom smartboard, then she had him talk about it. Read More

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    What Is the Second Rut?

    Whether you hunt in the Northeast or Midwest, around this time of the year you will often hear hunters begin to talk about seeing the “second rut.” Scrapes open up, and like in early November, bucks can be seen dogging does. Read More


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