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A culinary masterpiece, the Crush BBQ Buck Burger is one of Lee and Tiffany's favorite venison recipes. (Photo courtesy of Lee and Tiffany Lakosky) Recipe

Best BBQ Venison Recipes from Outdoor Channel Stars

Here's how your favorite outdoor television celebrities turn venison from good to great table fare. Read More

  • HowTo : Posted 10-02-2015

    Tips for Hunting Whitetail in Hot Weather

    The Holders, of “Raised Hunting” on Outdoor Channel, share some helpful information about hunting whitetail during the early season in warm to hot weather

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  • News : Posted 10-01-2015

    Bow Distance Debate: How Far is Too Far to Shoot?

    Recently, Michael Waddell, of "Bone Collector" TV show on Outdoor Channel, posted a viral video to their Facebook page on the bow shot debate of “How far is too far?”

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  • HowTo : Posted 09-29-2015

    Early Season Buck Scrapes: What Do They Mean?

    As crazy or shocking as it might be, there's a good chance you are already seeing some scrapes. No, the deer aren't rutting extremely early in your area. These scrapes are much different than those you see as the rut approaches.

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  • HowTo : Posted 09-28-2015

    Ground Blind Attack Tips for Big Whitetails

    “The Bucks of Tecomate” show co-host Jordan Shipley is a fan of using ground blinds to chase big mature white-tailed bucks across Texas and the rest of the Great Plains. Find out how he has fine-tuned his strategies.

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  • HowTo : Posted 09-28-2015

    Use Standing Crops for Early Season Big Buck Success

    Even during the early season, there still remains a mild pattern with deer and standing crops. For those seasons already open or opening soon, the time to get on those bucks is now.

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  • HowTo : Posted 09-25-2015

    Deer Season's First-Strike Strategies

    According to “Heartland Bowhunter” co-host Michael Hunsucker, when it comes to bagging a big mature whitetail, there's no better time than the early season to get out in the field with a bow in hand.

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  • News : Posted 09-25-2015

    Big Rack Roundup: Outdoor Channel Hosts Knocking Over September Whitetails

    September isn't a month for just dove, teal and elk hunting; it's also whitetail season in many areas. Several Outdoor Channel celebrities are already racking up big taxidermy bills for the 2015-16 season.

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  • News : Posted 09-24-2015

    'Heartland Bowhunter' Heroes

    The Show-Me State has churned out legions of bowhunters. Michael Hunsucker and Shawn Luchtel happen to be two of them, and they also happen to host the popular Outdoor Channel show “Heartland Bowhunter.” Ever wonder who they look to for inspiration and information?

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  • HowTo : Posted 09-21-2015

    A 'Driven' Game Plan for Whitetail

    It's easy to assume television hunters like Pat and Nicole Reeve of "Driven" have unlimited time to set stands and scout, but nothing could be further from the truth.

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  • HowTo : Posted 09-18-2015

    Power Scouting Tips for Whitetail

    Pat and Nicole Reeve, of “Driven” on Outdoor Channel, do not have a lot of land of their own to hunt in Minnesota, so they have to travel to different whitetail-rich states to video each season of their show. This doesn't leave them with a lot of time to scout each area.

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  • News : Posted 09-16-2015

    How to Keep Ice Longer in Coolers

    Lynn Burkhead talks with Mike May of Yeti coolers about how to keep ice longer in coolers by conditioning coolers before your adventures begin. Mike offers some tips for increased ice retention to help you get the most out of your super cooler.

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  • HowTo : Posted 09-16-2015

    Bow Hunting with Eyesight Challenges

    Lynn Burkhead talks with Drury's “THIRTEEN” TV show hosts Mark and Terry Drury about bowhunting with different eyesight conditions. One of those challenges many bowhunters face is having a dominate eye opposite of the dominate hand. Mark has this issue – left handed, right eye dominate – and shares how he overcomes the challenge.

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  • News : Posted 09-10-2015

    Early Bow Season Strategies

    After months of waiting, the reality of getting to sit in a treestand has finally arrived. The anticipation can quickly turn to frustration if you have not adapted your early bow season strategy to the ever-changing deer patterns.

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  • News : Posted 08-18-2015

    Micro Food Plots for Big Bow Buck Success

    Watch some programs on Outdoor Channel and one might come away with the idea that to plant effective food plots, a bowhunter needs a charge account at the local John Deere dealership.

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