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Stating Deer Harvest Goals News

Stating Deer Harvest Goals

As white-tailed deer hunting seasons wrap up around the nation, harvest numbers vary from state to state. Higher harvest numbers are applauded in some states, troubling in others. Read More

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    Not Freezing Their Whitetails Off

    Despite inordinate, lengthy periods of sub-freezing temperatures as well as heavy snowfall and icy conditions in areas that rarely see either, wildlife biologists in the South say deer populations in those regions will continue to survive and thrive. Read More

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    Everything You Wanted To Know About Deer

    If you ever doubted change was an essential part of whitetail deer hunting, put a little pressure on your deer herd and see how quickly they adapt. Read More


  • One of the fastest growing dog sports is shed hunting. Tom Dokken introduced Lee and Tiffany to the sport and the Crush stars have found great shed success. (Courtesy PheasantsForever.org)
    News : Posted 01-31-2014

    Lakoskys' Labs Bone Up

    One of the fastest growing dog sports is shed hunting. Tom Dokken introduced Lee and Tiffany to the sport and the Crush stars have found great shed success.

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  • Burnt Oak Lodge has it all for hunting party to wedding party
    News : Posted 01-31-2014

    A Target-Rich Environment

    As deer hunters, most of us are guilty of being greedy whether we'll admit it or not. We want as many opportunities as possible to kill the biggest bucks possible. The barometer of success for trophy hunters is heads on the wall: the more, the better.

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  • Chris Brackett knows his spirit of the wild was strong in killing this white deer. (Courtesy Fear No Evil)
    News : Posted 01-28-2014

    A White Whitetail Affair

    Upon learning of Chris Brackett's great fortunes on a hunt for a “unicorn,” Ted Nugent said he was truly gifted in the spirit of the wild. Brackett equated his luck to hitting the lottery three times in a row.

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  • Hunter's father, James Overstreet joins him to record the memory. (James Overstreet photo)
    News : Posted 01-17-2014

    Christmas Buck

    Hunter Overstreet is a 20-year old college student from Bryant, Arkansas. This is his account of his Texas deer hunt, a Christmas gift from his father James Overstreet.

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  • Jeff Toy holds the antlers of his buck that threatens the Michigan state record. (Courtesy Jeff Toy)
    News : Posted 01-13-2014

    Michigan Monster Nears 200

    Jeff Toy considers himself not only an avid whitetail deer hunter, but a well-prepared one. When he hits the woods, it's normally to a well-scouted area, and he typically carries all of the correct equipment.

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  • (Steve Bowman photo)
    Story : Posted 01-13-2014

    3 Things You Didn't Know About Trophy Whitetails

    A Boone and Crockett Club reference book on trophy whitetails has received top honors in a national book awards competition. The Club is celebrating with a just-for-fun trivia quiz based on data that readers could glean from the pages of the heralded book.

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  • Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo
    Story : Posted 01-06-2014

    'Just Hunters With a Camera'

    Practically resigned to not having children, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo are grateful they heeded the sage words of Walter Payton.

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  • Vicki is a lot of things at the Cianciarulos household, including the dogs' favorite. (Mike Suchan photo)
    Story : Posted 01-02-2014

    Ralph Won Lotto in Vicki

    Ralph Cianciarulo said he won the lotto with Vicki. Rarely does a woman come along who shares your passions and stands alongside you every step of way, while sometimes beating you at your own game.

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  • The Cianciarulos pose out in front of their home and offices. Boomer, their English lab, is the only one not smiling for the camera. (Mike Suchan photo)
    News : Posted 12-31-2013

    Prime Choice For Deer Camp

    Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo don't have to go anywhere for Deer Camp; they live it. Amid the miles and miles of corn and soybean fields in northwest Illinois, there stands the largest wooded area around.

    Read More
  • Dreams of a buck like this Indiana monster are why some pass on smaller bucks. Indiana currently supports fewer trophy bucks than ever due to mismanagement by wildlife managers and policiticans. (Don Mulligan photo)
    Story : Posted 12-24-2013

    Big Buck Bingo

    Among the ranks of deer hunters, there are a growing number of enthusiasts more than willing to end the season empty-handed. Many of them are even happy to string together several years without killing a deer.

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  • Richardson scored the Picket Fence, a typical 16-pointer that scored in the mid-190s. He said the region has seen deer in the 250 range. (Courtesy Heartland Productions)
    News : Posted 12-20-2013

    Bob's Back In The Game

    As he sat in a stand at Deer Camp, Bob Richardson could feel his feet. They were cold. That was a good thing. He hadn't felt that sensation for 15 years, hadn't felt anything normal from his knees down since the last millennia.

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