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Stories From Deer Camp

  • Going Nuclear Over Buck
    : Posted 03-25-2014

    Going Nuclear Over Buck

    You don't have to be familiar with myocardial perfusion imaging or radionuclide ventriculography or even positron emission tomography in order to bag the deer of a lifetime. But Scott Vogt, 42, is. And he did.

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  • Stating Deer Harvest Goals
    : Posted 02-20-2014

    Stating Deer Harvest Goals

    As white-tailed deer hunting seasons wrap up around the nation, harvest numbers vary from state to state. Higher harvest numbers are applauded in some states, troubling in others.

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  • Not Freezing Their Whitetails Off
    : Posted 02-07-2014

    Not Freezing Their Whitetails Off

    Despite inordinate, lengthy periods of sub-freezing temperatures as well as heavy snowfall and icy conditions in areas that rarely see either, wildlife biologists in the South say deer populations in those regions will continue to survive and thrive.

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  • Everything You Wanted To Know About Deer
    : Posted 02-06-2014

    Everything You Wanted To Know About Deer

    If you ever doubted change was an essential part of whitetail deer hunting, put a little pressure on your deer herd and see how quickly they adapt.

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  • A Target-Rich Environment
    : Posted 01-31-2014

    A Target-Rich Environment

    As deer hunters, most of us are guilty of being greedy whether we'll admit it or not. We want as many opportunities as possible to kill the biggest bucks possible. The barometer of success for trophy hunters is heads on the wall: the more, the better.

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  • Lakoskys' Labs Bone Up
    : Posted 01-31-2014

    Lakoskys' Labs Bone Up

    One of the fastest growing dog sports is shed hunting. Tom Dokken introduced Lee and Tiffany to the sport and the Crush stars have found great shed success.

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  • A White Whitetail Affair
    : Posted 01-28-2014

    A White Whitetail Affair

    Upon learning of Chris Brackett's great fortunes on a hunt for a “unicorn,” Ted Nugent said he was truly gifted in the spirit of the wild. Brackett equated his luck to hitting the lottery three times in a row.

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  • 'Biggest Deer I've Ever Killed'
    : Posted 01-27-2014

    'Biggest Deer I've Ever Killed'

    Jason Erb's longtime friend, an avid turkey hunter, referred to the whitetail deer on his property as “woods carp,” even the trophy ones. But even he was impressed by the monster buck Erb harvested on the property in early November.

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  • Taking Aim at Deer Hunting Rifles
    : Posted 01-21-2014

    Taking Aim at Deer Hunting Rifles

    Put a whitetail deer hunter in a gun store and it's similar to placing a debutant in a jewelry shop. All those rows of deer hunting rifles, stacks of scopes and assorted accessories, where's a whitetail freak supposed to start?

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  • Christmas Buck
    : Posted 01-17-2014

    Christmas Buck

    Hunter Overstreet is a 20-year old college student from Bryant, Arkansas. This is his account of his Texas deer hunt, a Christmas gift from his father James Overstreet.

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