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  • Issue 372 - April 17, 2014

    Wardens presented by Streamlight - Sullivan Hill: There is rarely a dull moment when your job is protecting our most precious natural resources in some of the nation's most …

    Bottom Feeders presented by RAM - Sabotage: Earlier in the year, Tim and Jeff successfully outbid Jedd Monsoor to win the prized Lake Wisconsin fishing rights …

    Jack Link's Major League Fishing - Elimination Round 2: Seven anglers compete to advance in the Shell Rotella Challenge Cup in Denton, Texas. Only four will survive …

    Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures - Hunting Bongo in the Congo Jim Shockey has quite a trip to the Congo in pursuit of the evasive bongo without the aid of dogs, a true spot and stalk hunt in …

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  • Issue 371oi - April 15, 2014

    New Queen of Hunting - Eva Shockey could very well be the next queen of hunting. She's certainly the princess of Outdoor Channel's royal hunting family, and she just recently took her place next to the …

    Mercer, Crews Battle Autism - Dave Mercer made a point to speak at length with angler John Crews. Although Crews made the cut and finished 31st, fishing took a backseat to something near and dear to …

    Bold Bald Eagle Camera Installation - Images that are live streamed from a Pittsburgh bald eagle nest are captured 75 feet above the ground …

    Ed Head Reviews The DoubleStar Star-15 Pistol - Short-barreled .223 caliber carbines are wonderful. Sure, there's the cool guy/operator factor but that's not what draws …

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  • Issue 370 - April 10, 2014

    Snow Turkeys - Even in the most northern climates, the snow most likely won't stick around for your spring turkey opener, but Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo said it offers a benefit now …

    Fresh Bait - Fishing with live, or freshly killed bait is a chore. Just gathering it constitutes an outing by itself, and serious live bait handlers typically have as much money wrapped-up in bait …

    40-Yard Dash for a Turkey - Spring turkey hunting in Missouri can be frustrating; sometimes the gobblers go quiet and other times they gobble their heads off — hung up just out of range. This morning …

    Tule Elk Relocation is Success - The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service along with partners have successfully completed the capture of 36 tule elk from the …

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  • Issue 369 - April 8, 2014

    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector - Kansas 2: One show just couldn't contain all the carnage that Kansas has to offer …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild: Ted & Daughter Sasha Hunt Michigan Deer Ted, daughter Sasha and grandson Cayden hunt the sacred Michigan hunting grounds for whitetail …

    NRA Gun Gurus - Foreign Exchange: Philip and Jim introduce some amazing firearms from around the world. From the world's largest gun show in Tulsa …

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - Foxworthy & Fey: Jeff Foxworthy heads up to Iowa to hunt a trophy buck …

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  • Issue 368 - April 3, 2014

    Nicole's Rock Beats Pat's Ram - Pat Reeve missed on registering his wedding present, but he figures he's due another shot. The hosts of Driven with Pat and Nicole were discussing their fall hunts when …

    Best Fishing Time for Trophy Smallmouth - The numbing cold of this past winter has fishing rhythms well behind most years. March is normally one of the best …

    Hunting Needs Women - When I participated in my first deer hunt in Missouri in 1971, there was one female hunter in camp. In 30 plus years of deer hunting, I have rarely run into many women in …

    Kayak Fishing Gets Advanced - Kayak fishing is an easy way to get beyond the shoreline and catch more fish. Learn advanced kayak fishing techniques with quality gear and safety equipment …

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  • Issue 367 - April 1, 2014

    Wardens presented by Streamlight - Mercy Kill: Non-stop action, 7 nights a week in April, Wardens only on Outdoor Channel …

    NRA Gun Gurus Presented by Henry - All New Show: Starting this week, Jim Supica and Phil Schreier bring over a half century of …

    Jack Link's Major League Fishing - All New Season Premiere: MLF pros migrate south to Denton, Texas for the 2014 Shell Rotella Challenge …

    Ultimate Match Fishing - Gagliardi Vs. Kriet: One on one. Head to head. Toe to toe. Pick your favorite. Ultimate Match Fishing puts two professional anglers in one boat …

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  • Issue 366 - March 27, 2014

    'This is My Heritage' - Charisa Argys was ecstatic she finally made her family's hunting Wall of Fame. It came after a grueling hunt for a mountain lion, but she experienced that thrill of victory …

    Kayak Fishing with Hobie - Kayak fishing is an easy way to get beyond the shoreline to increase your fishing potential and it's so easy to do. Here are some basics before you get out on the water …

    OC Well-Represented at ACM - Outdoor Channel talent will be well-represented at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on April 6. Dubbed Country Music's Party of the Year®, the CBS televised …

    Pope and Young Club Aims to Protect Bowhunting's Future - Pope and Young Club advocates and encourages responsible bowhunting by promoting quality, fair chase …

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  • Issue 365 - March 25, 2014

    Shooting Gallery - Shootout Lane: Shootout Lane is the home of America's First Family of shooting, the Clarks and the Miculeks. Be prepared to be … charmed …

    Wardens presented by Streamlight - Thin Ice: When your job is protecting our most precious natural resources …

    Jack Link's Major League Fishing - Championship Round: Join us this week on Jack Link's Major League Fishing for our special two hour coverage of the Championship round …

    NRA All Access - Richard Childress & NRA N.S.A.M. Matt and Jessie Duff.. are your all-access guides … on NRA All Access …

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  • Issue 364 - March 20, 2014

    Turkey Roller Coaster - Each year's turkey population is affected significantly by that spring's nesting and hatching periods. Changes in weather patterns can dramatically affect a particular year's brood …

    Florida's Poster-Child Fish - Florida's spring snook season is upon us, and odds are that after the winter closure, Sunshine State anglers are going to find a lot of dumb, happy snook eager to take their …

    Clearing Up Misconceptions - While lawful supporters of the Second Amendment have no objection to appropriate prosecution of lawbreakers on online marketplaces and elsewhere, it is …

    How's Your Habitat? - Nothing sounds more like spring than a gobbling tom turkey. It is not by chance that some properties are better suited for viable turkey populations …

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  • Issue 363 - March 18, 2014

    Deadliest Hunts - Jerry Backman, Rann Safaris, Botswana: Enter a world where the hunter becomes the hunted, and a split-second decision means the difference between life and death …

    Shooting Gallery - Michael Bane's Africa - Part 2: Our continuing African adventure takes us to geographical wonders and we walk on safaris pursuing majestic plains game in harsh, but beautiful Namibia …

    The Best Defense - Bicycle: One of the problems when we are recreating outdoors is that we let our guard slip. When we're on a bicycle riding along in …

    The Hunt for Big Fish - Columbia Rivers 3: Larry Dahlberg wants you to learn... how to catch... really... big... fish! …

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  • Issue 362 - March 13, 2014

    Spring Forward For Turkeys - When it comes to predicting the availability of birds for a particular spring turkey season, it helps to have a good memory. Because of how the weather conditions were …

    Big Pig Problem in U.S. - America has a big pig problem – lots of them, including a number of giants. One of the larger ones was shot by Jett Webb of Conetoe, N.C., bottoming out tobacco scales …

    Elephant Hunting is Key to Conserving Species - Elephant hunting has become increasingly controversial, but hunting experts argue that elephant hunting is key to the …

    Searching For Late Ice Fishing - With near-record days below zero and a winter that we have not seen since the 70's, ice fishing tactics this year need to be adjusted during March to put fish on the ice …

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  • Issue 361 - March 11, 2014

    ScentBlocker Most Wanted - Oklahoma Palooza: Follow veteran hunters as they pursue the world's most wanted big game trophies, using high-tech tools and old-fashioned …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Watch the best of Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild every night in March at 11:30pm ET …

    Shooting Gallery - Michael Bane's Africa - Part 1: Michael Bane ventures to the dark continent for an epic journey outside his comfort zone. We're taking you back to Africa in 1954 …

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - Best of Gun Stories Pt. 1: We take a look back at this season's highlights, including The Thompson Submachine Gun and The Luger …

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  • Issue 360 - March 6, 2014

    100-Pound Kid, 114-Pound Catfish - Anglers can be a superstitious lot, especially young ones who pull in something bigger than themselves …

    Antis Threatening Women - On average, 13.7 million hunters hit the field every year in pursuit of game with 11 percent of that figure being women. Celebrity sportswomen are commonplace on television …

    Rattlesnake at Three Steps - Prairie dog hunting in the Shirley Basin, north of Medicine Bow, Wyo. was one of Larry Potterfield's favorite pastimes in the 1980s and 1990s …

    Casting Lines For Future - Another step has been taken to ensure that our children - and hopefully our children's children - will be fortunate enough to experience America's saltwater fisheries as we do today …

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  • Issue 359 - March 4, 2014

    Shooting Gallery - Ballistics: It's time to shoot'em … and watch the bullets perform in super slow motion. This season, we are looking at various calibers …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Uncle Ted Hunts Texas: Ted is a life-long sportsman. He is passionate about the values hunting can instill in youngsters …

    Driven with Pat & Nicole - Family First: This week, it's all about the family as Pat and Nicole share their family's interest and activities in the outdoors …

    American Rifleman TV - 1914: Guns of August, Pt. 2: August 1914 proved to be a bloody month for the armies of the Great Powers because infantry tactics had not caught up …

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  • Issue 358 - February 27, 2014

    Raise It Randy! - Every angler dreams of catching bass after giant bass like Randy Howell did on Sunday. Howell began hauling in Lake Guntersville lunkers minutes into the final round …

    My Favorite Prairie Dog Battery - How many guns does one man need to shoot prairie dogs? Well, at least three, one for up close, one for mid-range and one …

    Digging On Razor Clams - Plenty of fat clams await diggers who turn out for the next razor clam dig, set to run Feb. 26 through March 3 on various ocean beaches. Tests showed the clams are safe …

    Gear You Should Never Ride Without - It's easy to shrug off packing or wearing gear that'll keep you safe outdoors, but for the well prepared recreational rider …

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  • Issue 357 - February 25, 2014

    ScentBlocker's Most Wanted - Chocolate Bear & Missouri Buck: Bob gets a shot at a color-phase black bear in Alberta and Larry hunts Missouri for big bucks …

    The Best Defense - Home Invasion: You may have some plans on how to keep your family safe in your home. But if you don't communicate those plans …

    American Rifleman TV - The Guns Of August, Part I: We start our look at the standard bolt-action battle rifles of the Great Powers at the outbreak of the "War to end all Wars." …

    Wardens presented by Streamlight - Operation Crow Creek: Montana game wardens saddle up for a back country patrol for poachers …

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  • Issue 356 - February 20, 2014

    Time Out For The Turkey - Wild turkey hunting season is still months away. Even so, thousands of the sport's most faithful followers flock here each February for a pilgrimage to celebrate America's …

    Getting Into A Guide's Eyes - With 18 years experience competing as a professional tournament angler, Byron Velvick has witnessed a bit of everything. But he continues to live-and-learn …

    Yamaha Outdoors Tips: Winter Four Wheeling - Up north, you might be riding groomed trails on your property to cut firewood. Down south, you're likely still duck hunting …

    Major League Fishing Announces Major Expansion - Major League Fishing will double in size in 2014 by adding two events and 24 new anglers …

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  • Issue 355 - February 18, 2014

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Nuge Hunts Whitetail at SpiritWild: Join us this week as Ted heads to the SpiritWild Ranch in Texas, in search of whitetail …

    Deadliest Hunts - Best of the Bear: This week, we take a look at some of the greatest bear hunts ever caught on film …

    American Rifleman TV - Going Big and Going Quiet J.D. Jones: You may have never heard of J.D. Jones, but he has had a huge impact on handgun hunting and the firearms industry …

    Wardens Presented by Streamlight - Operation Summer Recreation: The wardens near Seeley Lake, Mont., keep busy with the summer crowd …

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  • Issue 354 - February 13, 2014

    Osprey Gets Hooks Into Hook - Bassmaster Elite Series pro Rick Morris had an unmemorable Bassmaster Open on Lake Toho, but he came away from Florida with a truly unique experience …

    Second Amendment Petition - Politicians and Gun Control advocates have set their sights on the Second Amendment, with continued calls for potential infringement on our Constitutionally guaranteed right …

    Snow Goose Problem Equals Opportunity - Arkansas has a goose problem. Barring something unforeseen, the problem's going to get worse before it gets better …

    Hard Freeze Fishing - In the diverse world of outdoor sportsmen and women, few pray for cold as religiously as ice fishermen. No other sport is as dependent on bitter cold for its enthusiasts …

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  • Issue 353 - February 11, 2014

    Driven with Pat & Nicole - Turning the Tide: Nicole heads into the late season still needing to fill a tag, so along with Pat and good friend Sherri Martin, she heads to Iowa …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Ted Takes Son Fleetwood Hunting: Join us this week as Ted takes his son, Fleetwood, hunting for the first time …

    American Rifleman TV - NRA Top Guns: Get an exclusive look at the 'top guns' at the new NRA National Sporting Arms Museum …

    Shooting USA's Impossible Shots - Tactical Cowboy: Worlds collide when Fast Draw Champion Cisko ditches his cowboy six guns …

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  • Issue 352 - February 6, 2014

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Deer - If you ever doubted change was an essential part of whitetail deer hunting, put a little pressure on your deer herd and see how …

    Summit Cup Two-Hour Final This Saturday - Major League Fishing will take another first-timeever step on Saturday when Outdoor Channel broadcasts a two-hour episode of …

    Combative Firearms, Part 2 - Recently I was confronted in a parking lot by a younger man and his girlfriend who said I "took their parking space." In the first mille-seconds I thought …

    5 Ways to Prepare for the Cold - The leading cause of death among hunters and fishermen is hypothermia - exposure. If you're headed out to hunt or fish this winter you should be prepared …

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  • Issue 351 - February 4, 2014

    Heartland Waterfowl - Home: Get a bird's-eye view of North America's best flyaways and find out how these guys mix work with play …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Uncle Ted's birthday at the Y.O. Ranch: Uncle Ted celebrates his 65th birthday once again hunting the Y.O. Ranch in Texas …

    Shooting Gallery - IDPA Backup Gun Nationals: What happens when you put one of those little backup guns in the hands of Mike Seeklander, one of the best competitive shooters?

    Wardens presented by Streamlight - Cheeseheads: This week, game wardens are looking for poachers and those not hunting …

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  • Issue 350 - January 30, 2014

    A White Whitetail Affair - Upon learning of Chris Brackett's great fortunes on a hunt for a "unicorn," Ted Nugent said he was truly gifted in the spirit of the wild. Brackett equated it to hitting the lottery …

    Cold Ice Means Hot Fishing - Don't put your fishing gear away yet. If you do, you might miss some of the best fishing of the year. Luckily, the eagerness the fish have to bite often continues through the winter …

    World Record: Desert Eagle .50 Caliber - Watch Jerry Miculek shoot 5 rounds on target as fast as possible with a stock Desert Eagle .50 AE. Wait for the slow-mo footage …

    Go on Safari Via Africam - "There's a lion! And another one!" Africam, with its live images from South Africa showing wildlife interact in natural environs, is on OutdoorChannel.com …

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  • Issue 349 - January 28, 2014

    The Hunt for Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg - Columbia Sailfish: While popping for cuberas, Larry and friends are distracted by numerous, large …

    Jack Link's Major League Fishing - Sudden Death Round 2: Our final 6 anglers compete in the Championship Round …

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures - Grizzly Mauls the Guide, 911 Emergency: While hunting in Northern Alaska, a guide is mauled by a grizzly bear …

    Mathews Territories Wild - Middle Earth: From dangerous African safaris to mountain sheep camps, wilderness rivers and desolate tundra, Territories Wild is big …

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  • Issue 348 - January 23, 2014

    Standing Up To Antis - While celebrating its annual awards show, Outdoor Channel circled the wagons against antihunters and Second Amendment opposition …

    'I Yam Who I Yam' - Mike Johnson is totally unapologetic with what he does, what he says. He is who he is. "I'm OK with who I am, and everything I tell you," said the commercial fisherman …

    Fun and Funnier at GMA - Willie Robertson blocked a lot of folks from getting into the 14th Annual Golden Moose Awards powered by Ram Trucks. It had nothing to do with his stoutness …

    Taking Aim at Hunting Rifles - Put a whitetail deer hunter in a gun store and it's similar to placing a debutant in a jewelry shop. All those rows of deer hunting rifles, stacks of scopes and assorted accessories …

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  • Issue 347 - January 21, 2014

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - The Nuge Hunts Hogs in Michigan: Uncle Ted bow hunts hogs in Michigan and whitetail in Texas …

    Driven with Pat & Nicole - The Bucks of Buffalo: Hunting is what drives Pat and Nicole on this Buffalo hunt …

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - The Thompson Submachine Gun: Once in a blue moon, a machine becomes more than the sum of its parts. It is even more rare when that machine is a tool of …

    American Rifleman TV - Melvin Forbes & His Rifles: West Virginia gunmaker Melvin Forbes has changed the way shooters and hunters look at lightweight hunting rifles …

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  • Issue 346 - January 16, 2014

    Extreme Machines at SHOT Show - There's tons of gun and gears at the SHOT Show, and a number of ways to carry it all around so you can use …

    Mow, Glow, Go To and Fro - At first glance, it looks like just a camo lawnmower. Closer inspection shows it's much more. The Raven MPV switches from lawnmower to ATV by pulling three pins …

    Constant Carry Carbine - The Constant Carry Carbine is the ultimate lightweight carbine. At only 5.5lbs, DSC has created one of the most versatile AR-15's available. The ultra-lightweight …

    Rail Sling Mount - The SMR is strong and silent. It mounts to ant mil std. 1913 rail. The SMR is bullet machined aluminum and anodized …

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  • Issue 345 - January 14, 2014

    Wardens presented by Streamlight - Guts: Montana Game Wardens deal with the opening day of deer season …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Uncle Ted's Big Michigan Buck: With his trusty bow and a hunting license in hand, Uncle Ted is back at the sacred hunting grounds in Michigan …

    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector - Yukon Moose: Nick heads north, WAY NORTH, into the backcountry known as Yukon …

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - The Roles Show: Tom and Kari Roles each try to put a trophy whitetail on the ground …

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  • Issue 344 - January 9, 2014

    Ralph Won The Lotto in Vicki - Ralph Cianciarulo said he won the lotto with Vicki. Rarely does a woman come along who shares your passions and stands alongside you every step of way …

    Horton Cavortin' After Day 1 - The first day of competition brought another new wrinkle for the anglers to deal with. But, as these anglers have learned, Major League Fishing likes to keep anglers guessing …

    Joker Knives Debut at SHOT - Joker is a world-renowned Spanish company from the town of Albacete, Spain. They are currently exporting their knives to more than 30 countries around the world …

    Super Match Rifle - DSC's Super Match Rifle is among the elite in accuracy among bull barreled target shooters. Its 24" 1x8 or 1x10 twist 416 stainless steel barrel allows DSC to guarantee 1"…

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  • Issue 343 - January 7, 2014

    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector - Best of Michael Waddell: This month, Michael Waddell is taking over Outdoor Channel every day …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Father Daughter Hunt in Michigan: Ted, daughter Sasha and grandson Cayden hunt the sacred Michigan hunting grounds for whitetail …

    Jack Link's Major League Fishing - Alpena, Mich., Elimination Round 2: Realtime leaderboards, surprise locations, no practice days and no limits …

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - North Carolina Turkey: The greatest reward a hunting couple can give one another is a big buck down …

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  • Issue 342 - January 2, 2014

    Bow Hunting Ins and Outs - Bow hunters need a good exit strategy, especially if they've ever left an arrow sticking in a deer. Ralph Cianciarulo of "Archer's Choice" said one of his bow hunting tips is to …

    Sporting Clays Shooting Tips For Beginners - Shooting a shotgun is different from shooting a rifle. With the rifle you must aim precisely. Shooting sporting clays or moving …

    Excellence & Experience Mark Bassmaster Classic Field - When Chad Morgenthaler won the Bassmaster Classic Wild Card presented by Star Tron earlier this month, his victory finalized the …

    Prime Choice for Deer Camp - Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo don't have to go anywhere for Deer Camp; they live it. Amid the miles and miles of corn and soybean fields in northwest Illinois, there stands the …

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  • Issue 341 - January 1, 2014

    Outdoor Channel wishes you a Happy New Year!

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  • Issue 340 - December 26, 2013

    Big Buck Bingo - Among the ranks of deer hunters, there are a growing number of enthusiasts more than willing to end the season empty-handed. Many are even happy with several years …

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  • Issue 339 - December 25, 2013

    Outdoor Channel wishes you a Merry Christmas!

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  • Issue 338 - December 19, 2013

    Drilling South Texas Deer - Mesquite trees, Senderos, deer and oil: that's what's in South Texas. And a hell of a lot of each. So, it makes perfect sense that these resources all mesh together in deer season …

    Learn to Tie Fishing Knots - Avid anglers know that a properly tied knot can be the difference between that trophy fish and staring at your fishing line with nothing at the end. Learn to tie fishing knots …

    Jessie Duff Earns Grand Master Rank - The world renowned champion shooter has set a new record in the world of shooting sports as the first woman to ever earn …

    When All Else Fails, Go Deer Hunting with Dogs - Having to track a wounded deer with a dog combines deer hunting's worst-case scenario with man's best friend …

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  • Issue 337 - December 17, 2013

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Uncle Ted Hunts Whitetail - Sunrize Acres is once again the setting where Uncle Ted bowhunts whitetail deer. Ted and Shemane share tips …

    Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge - Mosby vs. Sappington: Branson local John Sappington goes head to head with Colorado's Peter Mosby …

    Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour - Olla Back Y'all: Wildgame Nation and Buck Commander crews compete in a paintball match …

    Matthews TV with Dave Watson - Arizona Javelina: We give you the full 'Watson Experience' on a great Arizona hunt …

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  • Issue 336 - December 12, 2013

    Like a Wild West Town - Deer hunting in Potter County, Pa., has seen better days, but it's also never been better. Oldtimers said a day in the woods used to present numerous sightings …

    Hubbard Promises Big Bronzeback Action - Some fishing fans may have been puzzled by Major League Fishing's choice to visit Alpena, Mich. for the 2014 Summit Cup …

    Archery Holiday Gifts - 'Tis the season to go bowhunting – or to buy some gear for your favorite bowhunter. Here are a few bow hunting suggestions guaranteed to please …

    Brothers In Arms - Out in the middle of nowhere, a giant well-lit American flag hangs throughout the opening weekend of whitetail rifle season each year at the only home for miles …

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  • Issue 335 - December 10, 2013

    Gold Fever - Some Kind of Fever: Tom Massie and his daughter Kia make a pact to find some serious gold together after Tom's duties at camp are complete …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Excalibur Crossbow Hunt: Uncle Ted is back at the SpiritWild Ranch bowhunting whitetails and Kris Helms takes his crossbow out on a …

    Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour - Tattoos In this Town: The only way for Jason and Luke to be real buck men is to make it permanent …

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - The Late Eight: It took Lee almost 2 months to put deer #1 on the ground, not leaving him a lot of time to find and pattern deer #2 …

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  • Issue 334 - December 5, 2013

    Live Hunt with Mark Zona - If you have ever wanted to deer hunt in South Texas and budget, time, distance or whatever has kept you from it, you will want to be a part of our next live hunt …

    Angling with Injuries - If you were asked to envision an injured professional sports competitor – any injured competitor – a pro angler probably wouldn't come to mind. But as any …

    Camping Holiday Gift Guide - Camping gear — can you ever have enough of it? No, you can't, and Christmas is the perfect time to not only buy more of it, but to take it out and test under the worst conditions …

    Don't Do This Training - Missing his first Missouri opening day in more than 30 years hurt, maybe not as bad as his broken heel, but it hurt. Tony Balducci was all set on hitting Deer Camp, but …

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  • Issue 333 - December 3, 2013

    Inside Outdoors TV - Lunar Whitetails: Tim and Dave hunt with Tye Sims of T Fork Outfitters in the Texas panhandle for big whitetails …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Ted Hunts the Kennedy Ranch: Join us this week as Uncle Ted bowhunts the scrub country of south Texas at the Kenedy Ranch …

    Beyond the Hunt with Rick & Julie - The Adventure of a Lifetime: Rick invites PSE Archery's Blake Shelby on a dream brown bear hunt in Alaska …

    Bone Collector - Canada Pt. 2: The BC crew just doesn't want to leave Otter Creek Outfitters. The big bears are starting to show, so the Mundts, Nick and …

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  • Issue 332 - November 28, 2013

    Thankful at Thanksgiving - The complaints are rampant that shopping season is taking over holiday season. Leave it to our Outdoor Channel personalities to put Thanksgiving in perspective …

    Chapman's Live Hunt - While Bassmaster Elites Series angler and bow hunting addict Brent Chapman didn't kill anything on his live hunt, he enjoyed the experience …

    10 Recipes for the Ultimate Thanksgiving Feast - Are you ready for the big day? Don't worry, from roasted turkey to homemade pecan pie, we've got you covered …

    Monster Buck Surprise - When Jason Archer climbed into his lock-on tree stand late in the afternoon on Nov. 9, he was hoping to kill a feral hog. In his wildest dreams, he could not have predicted …

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  • Issue 331 - November 26, 2013

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Ted Nugent Kamp For Kids: Uncle Ted celebrates the outdoor lifestyle with the children at the 24th Annual Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids in Nebraska …

    Driven with Pat & Nicole - They Don't Come Easy: Pat and Nicole head to Colorado to hunt mule deer and antelope, but drought conditions make it difficult …

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - Cornstar: Nick Hoffman hunts the Lakosky's new property. Then, Tiffany hunts a corn field from a ground blind for a big ten point buck …

    Bone Collector - Canada Pt. 1: The Bone Collector crew spends a week of spring black bear hunting in the vast Canadian forest …

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  • Issue 330 - November 21, 2013

    Way Before 'Beyond' - Looking back at his first hunt, Rick Kreuter said his up-close encounter with mule deer helped shape his life hunting and career. This was long before his Outdoor Channel show …

    The Herd Hears Him - Deer camps all over the country center on a name for a variety of reasons, but few are as pure and creative as Tracy Noll's "Can You Hear Me?" camp in Buffalo County, Wis. …

    Brent's Bass to Bucks Part VII - Take a walk down the aisle of your local outdoor store and you will likely see enough gadgets and tricks to fill your pickup truck. Remember to keep expectations realistic …

    Trophy or Deer Management? - In the last decade, deer hunters are solely obsessed with trophy deer. But the idea behind so many of the restrictions you read about really center on creating a …

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  • Issue 329 - November 19, 2013

    Shawn Michaels' MacMillan River Adventures - Shawn and Keith invite famed WWE announcer, Jim Ross to Shawn's ranch in Texas for a little hog hunting and a little BBQ …

    MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire - Best of - RC Cars: Our hosts have one final explosive challenge planned and have to choose which of this season's guns are best suited …

    Knight & Hale's Ultimate Hunting - Huge Ohio Record Buck: Hear the story of how Stanley Suta bagged this giant Ohio Whitetail …

    Michael Waddell's Bone Collector - Booger Bottom: Booger Bottom, Ga, the place where Michael was raised and cut his teeth in the …

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  • Issue 328 - November 14, 2013

    Assaulting the Deer Woods - Despite what the major news outlets may tell you, your AR-15 is not an assault weapon and "AR" darn sure doesn't stand for "Assault Rifle" …

    Blind Angler Slams Trout - Fishing for trophies and records is a challenge for any angler, but this month's IGFA Hot Catches update covers one of the most impressive achievements ever …

    Brent's Bass to Bucks Part V - In professional fishing, an angler can destroy a section of shoreline simply by approaching it in the wrong direction, the wrong speed or not stealthy enough …

    A Bow, Paddle and Pirogue - Michael Frenette hunts the Louisiana Marsh out of a pirogue, paddling to slivers of land. It's unlikely habitat for deer, but they are there, and Frenette keeps at it …

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  • Issue 327 - November 12, 2013

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild: The Nugents Welcome Mathews Solocam - Uncle Ted bowhunts the SpiritWild Ranch in Texas for the majestic fallow deer …

    American Rifleman TV - The Guns Of Market Garden: The men and the guns of the failed Operation Market Garden in September of 1944 …

    MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire - PKM vs. MK48: Our hosts will have to flex some muscle this week as two belt fed machine guns take the stage …

    Beyond the Hunt - Past & Present: Rick and Julie head to eastern Colorado to hunt giant mule deer and enjoy some family time …

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  • Issue 326 - November 7, 2013

    Getting the Girls To Go - Women are the fastest growing segment of the hunting world, due to no small measure of the line-up of husband/wife hunting teams on Outdoor Channel …

    Dr. Deer's Camera Take - Dr. James Kroll is not camera shy. As the foremost authority on deer management in the world, those two things go together in more ways than one …

    Brent's Bass to Bucks Part III - Brent Chapman has more trophy bucks to his credit than Bassmaster Elite Series trophies. That's saying a lot considering he's one of the top anglers in the world …

    Eyes in the Field - Exposing nocturnal deer is just one of the unmatched benefits of modern trail cameras. But despite the clear advantage they give hunters, if used improperly or misread …

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  • Issue 325 - November 5, 2013

    MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire - FN F2000 vs. Steyr Aug: Our hosts launch into two futuristic looking bullpup firearms that every video gamer and action movie fan will instantly know …

    Beyond the Hunt - Never a Dull Moment Pt. 2: Julie harvests a unique bull in Utah with the R&K Hunting Company …

    Gold Fever - Moonlit Monuments: The valleys of Nome, Alaska are unpeopled and still making it perfect to explore …

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - The Wide 9: Tiffany starts the Iowa rut chasing a few known targets …

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  • Issue 324 - October 31, 2013

    Lee's Buck Rubbing Post - Lee Lakosky remembers sitting in his deer stand on the edge of a green field, watching deer after deer enter the field and stay out of bow range. The only consistent part of the day …

    Don't Hate the Crossbow - Crossbows are currently enduring what compound bows battled years ago; claims that their use will decimate deer herds and ruin the "sport" of archery …

    Brent's Bass to Bucks Part II - Brent Chapman believes archers could benefit in a day of deer hunting by mimicking how professional anglers approach their day. "One of the biggest things is setting goals …

    That's a Good Deer, Eh - Looking back, I am certain I was overthinking this deer hunt. It was my first trip to Canada to hunt whitetail, and I suppose like most of us, I had visions of a monster buck …

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  • Issue 323 - October 29, 2013

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - Second Annual Halloween Party: Lee and Tiffany invite a monster buck to the party and the gang is all there …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Uncle Ted Backstage Backstraps: Uncle Ted bowhunts Sika deer and whitetails in Texas at the SpiritWild …

    Gold Fever - Some Kind of Fever: Tom Massie and his daughter Kia make a pact to find some serious gold together …

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures - Alaska – Catch up on the adventure: Steve's crew returns to Alaska in June to continue the hunt for brown bears …

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  • Issue 322 - October 24, 2013

    Brent's Bass to Bucks Part I - Elite Series pro Chapman shares bow hunting tips that if you are an angler could help you in the woods this fall. Or if you are a bow hunter could help you on the water anytime …

    What to Buy for a New Angler - Some people grow up knowing how to fish. It's something they are taught from childhood on. When a person who doesn't have that kind of background takes a trip …

    A New Generation of Shooters - According to a recent study done by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), "the landscape of target shooters has shifted" …

    Frogmore Stew - Deer camp requires food and lots of it. The Friday night before the Saturday gun deer opener is always stew night at the Arkansas deer camp. Frogmore Stew, that is …

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  • Issue 321 - October 22, 2013

    Craig Morgan's All Access Outdoors - Hits and Bucks: When Craig Morgan performs in Iowa he has two special guests for the crowd …

    BioLogic & Drury's Wildlife Obsession - Eleven: This week, we'll follow little Andrew Dent on his first whitetail hunt in Missouri …

    MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire - MP40 vs MP5: This week our hosts two German sub machine guns, from different era's, on the courses of Gunsite Academy …

    Addicted To The Outdoors - Wyoming: Heading to Wyoming for a first time antelope hunt, the Brunsons meet up with their good friend Brad Miller …

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  • Issue 320 - October 17, 2013

    Old School Hunting - Hackney's approach is "old school," one he doesn't leave behind when he enters the woods. He is adamant that if hunters want to be better, they should get back to the basics …

    Take a Look at Snook - The human reaction to the arrival of autumn is, "Aaahhh." Not Snook, they feel that first tinge of cooling water and they think, "Oh crap, it's about to get cold" …

    Back-to-Back Victories - Blade-Tech Industries would like to congratulate Nils Jonasson from Team Blade-Tech for winning the Standard Division Championship at the 2013 US IPSC Nationals …

    10 Delicious Deer Recipes - From Albondigas Soup to Swedish Meatballs never run out of recipes for your venison again. Try these tasty ideas from Jim Zumbo to Tommy LeVasseur …

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  • Issue 319 - October 15, 2013

    MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire - BREN vs RPD: Mike Seeklander and Iain Harrison test the BREN and RPD before competing with the gun of their choice …

    Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge - Day 3: ATV Team challenge, fly fishing and an exciting Run-n-Gun Course …

    Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour - Rookies: Adam takes his 10- year-old son, Drake, on his first bow hunt …

    The Choice with Ralph & Vicki - Return to Deer Hunter's Fantasy Island: There's something about wanting to go back to a mystical place where your soul wants to be …

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  • Issue 318 - October 10, 2013

    To Shoot Or Let Walk - With deer season in full swing, the collective B.S. has started: Every racked buck missed was the biggest ever, every excuse for missing has been laid out and every tall tale …

    Crushing Live Deer Cam - When Lee Lakosky first put up a live web cam on one of his deer feeders, he was like a kid with a new toy. Tiffany often had to rein in Lee's schoolboy mentality …

    Home, Home on the Range II - In the first of this two-part series, we looked at the size of a whitetail's home range and the factors that influenced it. Now we'll look at how different age classes use their …

    Greatest Weekend Ever - A 10th-grader shares his memorable experience on the first day of Louisiana's youth gun season. Spending a day with dad is right up there with two kills on one day …

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  • Issue 317 - October 8, 2013

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Uncle Ted Doubles Up on Texas Whitetail: The only way for Ted Nugent to celebrate his birthday is by hunting in his own back yard …

    MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire - Mini-Uzi vs P90: Rapid Fire tackles two sub machine guns that every pop culture fan knows by heart – the Mini-Uzi and the FN P90 …

    Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge - Day 2: Archery, ATV multi-skills, and clays flying on the shotgun course, only 8 survive …

    Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour - Ridge Reaping: The Buck Commanders receive an invite from Under Armour to hunt mule deer …

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  • Issue 316 - October 3, 2013

    Welcome to Deer Camp - The hunt is on as OutdoorChannel.com takes to the deer woods for Deer Camp 2013, sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods and RAM Trucks …

    5 Things Every Gun Owner Should Know - There's no greater responsibility than providing safety and security for your home and family …

    Working for Whitetails - "Management" has been a buzz word in the deer woods for awhile now and actions to improve the deer herd have grown by leaps and bounds …

    Cherry On Top - There's not a suggestion of rookie green clinging to Hank Cherry now. A first-year Bassmaster Elite Series pro when the season began in March, Cherry of Maiden, N.C., has his first Elite Series win in the bag ...

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  • Issue 315 - October 1, 2013

    MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire - M4 vs AK 47: Hosts Iain Harrison and Mike Seeklander start the season with two of the most prolific battle rifles known to man …

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - The Wackmaster's MI & TX 9PT Deer: Join Ted Nugent as he heads to Michigan and Texas to pursue some whitetails …

    Bone Collector - Kentucky Elk: Elk … in Kentucky? That's right! Michael and Nick load up to chase bulls across the hills and hollers of the bluegrass state …

    Crush with Lee & Tiffany - New Mexico Elk Part 1: It's Lee and Tiffany's third year hunting at the UU Bar and up to this point they've gone home empty handed …

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  • Issue 314 - September 26, 2013

    Take a Bow - The icons in the industry, the people who have drawn back and hit their target in the world of archery, are represented at the Archery Hall of Fame and Museum …

    Buck Commander's Deer Stew - This take on venison stew won't disappoint on a chilly night at deer camp. Seasoned with ample bacon, how could it go wrong? Learn the Buck Commander's secret to good stew …

    Steve's Alaskan Bear Adventure V - Twelve inches of fresh snow and more falling fast makes for a worst-case scenario for bear hunting …

    Science Of Deer Vision - It's a perfectly crisp and clear autumn morning when a whitetailed doe wanders into view beneath your deer stand. Despite the favorable wind, the doe stops dead in her …

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  • Issue 313 - September 24, 2013

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - Tuesday with Shemane: Think you know Ted? It's an all new season with the godfather and the queen of the forest …

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - The Best of Gun Stories: Don't miss out on the highlights from season three of Gun Stories …

    Sasquatch Mountain Man - Looking Back: This week, we take a look back at Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller's adventures …

    Crush with Lee and Tiffany - Mexico Desert Sheep: Lee and Tiffany chase desert sheep in the mountains of Mexico …

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  • Issue 312 - September 19, 2013

    Steve's Alaskan Bear Adventure IV - Steve West and his crew are shocked to wake up to zero visibility and falling snow after 10-plus days of sunshine …

    KVD Hooked on NASCAR - Kevin VanDam travels 30,000 miles a year in his Toyota Tundra. The radio is always on - but rarely does music play. Instead, VanDam is tuned to the NASCAR channel …

    Archery Helps Wounded Warriors Heal - The Marine Corps Trials, created for wounded, ill, and injured Marines, has a positive impact in their healing process …

    Max Michel Wins Area 7 Title - Michel won the Open Division and the high overall title at the United States Practical Shooting Association's Area 7 Championships, held Sept. 12-15 …

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  • Issue 311 - September 17, 2013

    Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour - Paintball : The crews of Buck Commander and Wildgame Nation hold in a little competition of capture the flag paint ball …

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - AR-10: The AR-15 has been one of the most successful military and now civilian rifles in the history. It all started with the 7.62 mm AR-10 …

    Sasquatch Mountain Man - Texas Hog Laramy travels to the land of Texas to add wild hog to his larder …

    Wildgame Nation - Jackie Bushman Gets Pranked: The Bushwacker gets bushwhacked! The boys of Wildgame Nation prank Jackie Bushman …

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  • Issue 310 - September 12, 2013

    Steve's Alaskan Bear Adventure III - After waiting for temps to warm, Steve West's crew on his Alaskan bear adventure get a breakthrough – BEARS SPOTTED!

    Elk Are Fighting Back - With elk season getting in full swing, hunters should be cognizant that a 700-pound animal with gigantic antlers can be rather dangerous. Even a dead one …

    The Joy of Six - Country Music Association nominees have been announced! Among them are Buck Commander crew members Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean …

    Performance Anxiety - The pressure of producing an entertaining and compelling television show about fishing is quite similar to the stress of being a professional fisherman …

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  • Issue 309 - September 10, 2013

    Buck Commander Protected by Under Armour - Tattoos In This Town: Willie brings a tattoo artist into camp for Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan to officially…

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - Sig P226: Few handguns have ever achieved the status of the SIG Sauer 226 family. The SIGs are the issue pistols for the FBI, Navy …

    Sasquatch Mountain Man - Trapping: Laramy goes back to the roots of the mountain men and sets traps for beaver fur and other critters …

    Field & Stream's The Gun Nuts Presented by Smith & Wesson - Phil Bourjaily tests the new Winchester SXP, while David Petzal talks about …

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  • Issue 308 - September 6, 2013

    Steve's Alaskan Bear Adventure II - Steve West and his team await the warm-up, 36° and sunny by noon, that would bring bears out of their dens …

    12-Year-Old Tops State Record Held for 30 Years - Colton Lambert pulled in the largest largemouth in the state of Maryland ever …

    A Million Years of Erosion - Intrigued; that's probably the best word to describe my thinking, when this small pedestal came into view. Our safari car had been climbing steadily for twenty minutes …

    Guide to Going Gutless - Gutless field dressing can save you time, weight and handling of entrails with no significant loss of meat. This method also allows hunters to skip the traditional step of splitting …

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  • Issue 307 - September 3, 2013

    BioLogic & Drury's Wildlife Obsession - Count Your Blessings: This week, we'll learn the story of Bric Steward's treestand accident …

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - The Colt Pockets: We think of pocket pistols as a modern invention and not surprisingly, John Browning's fingerprints are all over it …

    Sasquatch Mountain Man - Idaho Elk: Laramy must overcome the forces of nature, terrain, and sharp senses of the elk for 700 pounds of winter meat …

    Winchester Rack Masters - Best of Winchester Rack Masters: This week features tactics and techniques of the Rack Master pros from the 2013 season …

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  • Issue 306 - August 29, 2013

    Steve's Alaskan Bear Adventure I - Steve West of "Steve's Outdoor Adventures" took his show on the road for bear hunts in the Alaskan wilderness …

    Changing the Landscape - Jack Link's Major League Fishing has concluded the television run of its third event, the 2013 GEICO Challenge Cup from Florida's Lake Istokpoga …

    5 Bird Species Your Grandchildren May Never See - If conservation measures are not developed, the outlook for migratory bird species such as these five will darken …

    Secret Weapon Brown Sugar Spice Rub - This brown sugar spice rub is excellent on any protein or vegetable you grill …

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  • Issue 305 - August 27, 2013

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - The Benelli M4: The shotgun may be man's oldest firearm, but that doesn't make it any less lethal for modern military applications …

    Inside Outdoors TV - Just My Luck: It's just one of those hunts in Colorado where Tim can't do anything right. Then, he gets a chance at redemption in Missouri …

    Realtree's NASCAR Outdoors presented by Chevy - Austin Dillon Georgia Deer: Austin Dillon is about to come face to face with crooked brow …

    Sasquatch Mountain Man - Trapping Tracking: Laramy returns to the heart of the mountain man life. Trapping is the reason for going out into the mountains …

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  • Issue 304 - August 22, 2013

    Ivan Carter's Top 5 Most Dangerous Game of Africa - Here's how world renowned professional hunter, Ivan Carter, rates the "Big Five."

    How NOT to Catch a Shark - WARNING: Shark Wranglin' (or whatever these folks want to call what they're doing) may be hazardous to your health. It can also be hazardous to the health of the shark.

    Building My Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Gun - This would be a gun that I could use to take game and feed my family, and that I could also put to defensive use in a jam ...

    Venison Stir Fry - We're not talking about an ordinary stir fry here. This is venison meat served over homemade sriracha-flavored noodles ...

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  • Issue 303 - August 20, 2013

    BioLogic & Drury's Wildlife Obsession - Sometimes you have to let the good go by in order to find the great ...

    Stihl's Reel in the Outdoors - Get out on the water with Joe Thomas to see how a TV show is created ...

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures - Watch the conclusion of a quest for the first bull elk in over 30 years ...

    Bone Collector - Watch out Africa! Michael decides it's time to let the big trigger finger loose ...

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  • Issue 302 - August 15, 2013

    Life On The Edge - In 1963, Jim Whittaker became the first American to summit the tallest mountain in the world. 49 years later he returned ...

    Wild Bill's Revolver For Sale - Bonhams is pleased to offer a Smith & Wesson No. 2 revolver owned by Wild Bill Hickok that was on him when he was murdered ...

    Tips for a Safe Archery Hunt - Not being safe in tree stands or having arrows out of your quiver when you shouldn't, lead to most of the accidents ...

    A Toast to the Champions - One thing that has been a constant in the first three Jack Link's Major League Fishing events is that there is going to be a winner ...

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  • Issue 301 - August 13, 2013

    Beyond the Hunt - It's Julie's first elk hunt and it's been a tough one. The final day she's determined to keep calm and make the perfect shot ...

    American Rifleman TV - ARTV heads to Crimson Trace to show the new line of green lasers from a company best known for painting targets red.

    BioLogic & Drury's Wildlife Obsession - Craig Morgan stops by Mark's place to go after a monster ...

    Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild - The Nugents welcome Matthews Solocam to the family ...

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  • Issue 300 - August 8, 2013

    Shoot Like a Girl - Shoot Like A Girl's President, Karen Butler joined Kristy Titus from RMEF Team Elk on an archery elk hunt in Montana …

    Keep Predators Away - Black bears, cougars, wolves — just some potential looters you may find skulking around your next successful elk hunt …

    Smallmouth on the Fly - This has been the summer of the bug. Fishing can be tough when the water is splattered with so much hook-free
    food …

    Blasts From The Past - Jim Supica beamed like a proud papa. He spoke energetically about the arrival of his new baby …

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  • Issue 299 - August 6, 2013

    MidwayUSA's Gun Stories - Joe Mantegna takes us through a firearm's history. This week, we'll look at the Deringer …

    Jim Shockey's The Professionals - Snow, snow, and more snow. The season continues. Watch Yukon Pt. 2 …

    Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper - Brian finds a monster mulie, but he's not the only one …

    Sasquatch Mountain Man - Laramy is in search of a bear with his Hawken rifle. The bear will provide Laramy with warmth in the cold winters ahead …

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  • Issue 298 - August 1, 2013

    Bear That Killed a Bear - It was a beautiful, but hazy, October day and we saw several bears come and go around the lake. Early in the afternoon a large sow and two cubs walked down the far shoreline and a big bear suddenly came out of the bushes and chased them away - it was our bear.

    Robbing a Honey Tree - It all starts with smoke, which has a calming effect on bees. My dad was a beekeeper, well part-time at least -- more as a hobby, you might say. He always had a few beehives out behind the chicken yard, and sometimes on a couple of neighboring farms.

    Shooting Range Hosts Shooting Days for Vets - MDC, the High Ridge VFW, the Spinal Cord Injury Ward and the Association for Paralyzed Veterans of America are partnering to provide a chance for vets with spinal injuries to get out and engage in shooting sports.

    The Boating Dog's Days of Summer - Some dogs were born for the water, others less so. The key to boating with dogs, says Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS), to take it slow and make safety #1.

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  • Issue 297 - July 30, 2013

    Duff Takes Steel Challenge - Taurus®, the global leader in revolver manufacturing, congratulates pro-shooter Jessie Duff on her recent wins in both the Ladies' Limited and Open divisions at the 2013 Steel Challenge World Championships in Frostproof, Fla.

    Gone Coastal - The Dry Tortugas has a rich history and offers some of the most exceptional and exciting fishing opportunities in Florida. While you're there enjoying saltwater fishing, you'll also see an array of marine and terrestrial wildlife.

    Scoring Big In The West - Jason Carter knows big game. He knows the West. He knows hunting big game in the West. The lifelong hunter leads a crew on a new documentary style show on Outdoor Channel, "Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper."

    Bowmaker Gail Martin Dies - Gail Martin, patriarch of the oldest one-owner archery company in the country who played an active part in its day-to-day operations until just a few months ago, died Sunday, July 21, at the age of 93.

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  • Issue 296 - July 25, 2013

    Life as a Mountain Man - For a mountain man, traversing the next ridge is life at its best. For Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller, who stars in Outdoor Channel's "Sasquatch Mountain Man," life is grand. His work takes him to the places he loves.

    Wreck to Riches - Theirs is a tale of nautical mishap, but time and nature have turned the many wrecks scattered throughout the Gulf and Atlantic into cornucopias of angling abundance. Shrimpers, barges, sailboats, even aircraft litter the sea floor.

    Top Speed for a Duck - Thanks to a partnership with Bass Pro Shops, Tony Stewart's No. 14 Sprint Cup car was wrapped with DU's logo to create exposure for its conservation mission. Stewart raced under the lights at Daytona, finishing behind race winner Jimmie Johnson.

    This Land Is Your Land - When Rick and Julie Kreuter were approached in 2006 about hosting a hunting show, they quickly determined they would use the opportunity to also promote their profound passion for land conservation and enduring respect for nature.

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  • Issue 295 - July 23, 2013

    Tackling the Storm - Organizers of the Moore Fishing Derby hope to enable children in their community, located on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, to replace nightmares of killer tornadoes with fond memories of fishing.

    Gridiron Tackles New Zealand - While hunting in New Zealand, Mike Pawlawski met with the All Blacks rugby team, but he had no desire to get out onto the pitch with the world champions.

    Training With A .22 - Panteao Productions introduces a new instructional video from Michael Bane and Tom Yost titled Training with a 22. Training with a .22 is a great way to learn how to practice your shooting skills while saving money and having fun doing it.

    How To Prevent Tick Bites - While preparing for fun in the sun this summer, take time to brush up on tick-bite prevention. A few simple actions to discourage ticks from attaching to you will help you avoid contracting a potentially devastating tick-borne disease.

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  • Issue 294 - July 18, 2013

    Ten Tips for Home Firearm Safety - As part of its "S.A.F.E. Summer" campaign, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® announced its "Top Ten" list of safety tips firearm owners should remember to ensure they are taking responsible precautions.

    Keeping the Lion's Share - Safari Club International Foundation exposed the hypocrisy of four animal rights groups in a new recently released report. The report, "Keeping the Lion's Share" counters a "study" issued last month questioning the role of hunters in helping African communities.

    Reel Music To Their Ears - The sound is hard to describe, but it's sweet music to trout fishermen, especially those who fish Southern California's Big Bear Lake with John Cantrell. The owner of Cantrell Guide Service calls the noise from lead core line zipping out of a reel "music to my ears."

    Illinois Allows Concealed-Carry - The Second Amendment Foundation congratulated Illinois lawmakers for "courageously overriding Gov. Pat Quinn's veto" of concealed carry legislation.

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  • Issue 293 - July 16, 2013

    Ducks On The Pond - North America's spring duck population is down slightly from record levels, but pond counts are up 24 percent over last year, according to the 2013 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey released recently.

    Interesting, Innovative and Wacky Products - A bait caster pulling in 37 inches of line per turn, a quick change lure lock, weights that dissolve, stinky fingers, scissor plier, see the innovative, interesting and wacky products Jared found at ICAST 2013.

    DIY ATV Upkeep - Do-It-Yourself upkeep and considerations save you time and money. Take care of your tires, and your tires will take care of you. Those puppies take a lot of abuse - and that means maintenance is the name of the game.

    Smartbaits Change Color - As it hits colder water, blood appears on the bait. The fish see wounded prey and attack. Smartbaits are a new items grabbing attention at ICAST. The temperature activated color-changing baits have caught anglers' attention.

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  • Issue 292 - July 11, 2013

    Passport to Traveling Rod - An innovative, high-performance travel fishing rod ensemble, developed in the Florida Keys, debuts at ICAST 2013 in Las Vegas. Flying Fisherman's Passport collection features three separate tackle classes including heavy, medium and light.

    Top Speed for a Duck - Canvasback can fly at maximum speeds of 73 mph, a red-breasted merganser can go over 80. The spur-winged goose tops the Anatidae family at 88 mph. However, the fastest duck on record might have been on the Ducks Unlimited logo on Tony Stewart's car.

    Delectable Dozen Unveiled - A lineup of 88 shows, including 12 "all-new" series premieres, were unveiled by Outdoor Channel as the company announces its third quarter programming slate, featuring the top celebrities, anglers and hunters in the fields of fishing, hunting and shooting entertainment.

    Reaping Western Harvests - On Mondays at 11 p.m. ET, Outdoor Channel viewers will be taken on an exhilarating hunting journey for the biggest game in North America, with the leading brand of sports performance apparel - Under Armour.

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  • Issue 291 - July 9, 2013

    Fishing on Global Scale - This year, the American Sportfishing Association (ASA) is bringing the world's largest sportfishing trade show, ICAST, back to Las Vegas. ICAST is July 9-12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

    Skeet Hits the Gym - If you're wondering what's different about Skeet Reese in 2013 - how the angler challenging to be this year's B.A.S.S. Toyota Angler of the Year overcame the under-performing Skeet Reese of the previous two years - all you have to do is go to the gym.

    Sculpin Spectacle - The first time you see a sculpin, you'll want to touch it. But the last thing you'll want is to get pricked by its razor sharp, poisonous spines. The only fish that produces adrenaline, sculpin flourish in the cool waters off Southern California and are one of top prized catches.

    Four Keys for Flipping Out on Summertime Bass - Just recently, the 2013 version of the summer solstice arrived at a bass lake near you. And that means it's time to flip out for monster bucketmouth bass hiding somewhere deep, dark and nasty on your favorite water body.

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  • Issue 290 - July 4, 2013

    Outdoorsmen On Our Independence - We asked a variety of people in the outdoor world to describe what Independence Day means to them. A number of them have ties to the military, which traces its origin to the date marking the celebrated birth date of the U.S.

    Side-By-Sides by Storm - With the rise of the all-terrain vehicle industry, people and families everywhere are looking to buy their first ATVs. Brian Fisher says a purchase of an ATV can be an intelligent family-entertainment investment.

    Lively Fishing: Dead Baits - There's a visceral intrigue approaching giddiness each time an offshore angler drops a live baitfish to the bottom. Vulnerable forage restricted by a lead weight - this is gonna ring someone's dinner bell. True, livies will no doubt lead to a big rod doubled over.

    Florida Panther Gives Birth to Kitten - Only 100 to 160 adult and sub-adult panthers exist in south Florida. Biologists jubilantly added one more to the mix last week, when a female Florida panther gave birth just a few months after her release back into the wild.

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  • Issue 289 - July 2, 2013

    The Birth of the Uzi - His friends called him Uzi, but Major Uziel Gal never wanted that name attached to the firearm he designed. The Israelis simply ignored his request and the Uzi submachine gun, one of the most iconic firearms in history came into being. Watch Gun Stories!

    Turning Rigs Into Reefs - Offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico serve as valuable marine habitat. The Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement's "Rigs to Reefs" policy will make it easier to turn inactive platforms into new artificial reefs.

    Lost for Days in Swamp - A man is alive after rescuers found him early last week, mired deep in a swampy area of Florida. Efforts to find Guss Baker began June 20 by Flagler County Sheriff's Office deputies, its FireFlight helicopter and members of its volunteer posse.

    Hot Catches for June - It's been a busy month for record-seeking anglers! Almost 50 World Record applications were received at IGFA headquarters in May. Of those, these nine saltwater and four fresh water records — and a 50-pound Dolphinfish Trophy Club — stand out from the crowd.

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  • Issue 288 - June 27, 2013

    Boat Safe this July 4th - BoatUS says this July 4th holiday week will be a doozie for America's recreational boaters. From June 29 to July 7, America will have more boats on the water than at any other time during the entire summer boating season.

    Top Dogs Named - Sometimes you take more out on a hunt than a shotgun and a dream. Sometimes you take a dog along too. For as long as there have been different breeds of gundog, there have been hunters arguing for the merit of one breed over the other. So which one do you pick?

    Keepin' It Real Off-Road - After more than 10 years as the host and executive producer for the popular series "Fisher's ATV World," Brian Fisher has always maintained a "keepin' it real" style. And that is not changing for the show's 2013 season on Outdoor Channel.

    Bringing Pronghorns Back - Captive breeding is a wildlife management tool of last resort, and it's not an action any wildlife manager chooses lightly or often. It can be difficult, expensive, and rife with risk. But when so few animals are left, we must do whatever it takes to prevent extinction.

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  • Issue 287 - June 25, 2013

    Why Folks Buy First Gun - A recent study commissioned by the National Shooting Sports Foundation was done to help determine the motivations for the first firearm purchase and how these firearms are being used. The online research was conducted in March — April 2013.

    What's the Best Gun for Self Defense? - You absolutely must be keeping up with the 1911 threads on Modern Service Weapons and elsewhere. It's all pretty funny and is entertaining reading.

    Raising Cane on the Delta - In Southern parlance, stating that someone is "raising cane" typically refers to a caustic, illtempered behavior. That's no less applicable in Louisiana's Mississippi Delta region, but the cane you find there is more likely to evoke gleeful contentment from anglers.

    Tiny Catfish Population Hangs On in Kansas - At just 3 inches long, the Neosho madtom (Noturus placidus) is hard to find. Today, these small catfish are extremely scarce — just four populations remain in the wild.

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  • Issue 286 - June 20, 2013

    Mysterious Bass Photo - On June 2, 1932 George W. Perry would catch the fish that would make him a legend, as well as a world record holder for 81 years and counting. On that day, Perry landed a behemoth largemouth bass that weighed 22 pounds, 4 ounces.

    Been There, Done That - That's what Larry Woodward and Bob Richardson of Heartland Productions can boast. "I don't think there's anything that can happen out trying to film wild animals that we haven't faced yet," said Woodward.

    'American Gun' Released - American Gun is an easy and enjoyable read. It's written conversationally and feels as though Chris Kyle is sitting down with you, having a beer and telling stories. He identifies ten guns as important influencers on American history.

    Look Out Pumba! - A warthog is a great trophy, but it is generally an animal you just happen onto while hunting something else; and then, it is simply a question of the size of the tusks and whether taking the shot would interfere with your hunting mission for that day.

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  • Issue 285 - June 18, 2013

    Granny's Got a Gun - A 72-year-old grandmother who shot at — and narrowly missed — a man trying to break into her home said she was shocked at the attention her action was getting but does not regret defending herself and her disabled WWII veteran husband.

    The Bear Whisperer - Yeah, Larry Woodward probably needs a sign that says "Don't Hand-Feed the Bears," but the veteran hunter might just do it anyway. He recently had a bear eat from his hand, but it wasn't the oddest encounter on his trip to remote Canada — he also and treed a bear.

    Fishing - Rain Or Shine - Success is less contingent upon what life deals you than it is upon how you respond to it. Cast in point: I joined a handful of pro anglers and representatives from PRADCO Outdoors for what was scheduled as a two-day stretch of fishing, interviews and copious picture taking.

    5 Ways to Secure Your Home and Property - High tech tools, explosives and brute force are going to defeat your best-laid security schemes every time. Understanding this basic truth is the key to developing a security plan.

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  • Issue 284 - June 13, 2013

    Gun Stories Returns - Joe Mantegna sits down with Michael Bane at the set of Gun Stories to talk about firearms, viewer reactions, his career, the gun he uses on Criminal Minds and his own Chicagothemed restaurant in Burbank, Calif. named Taste Chicago.

    Amazon Adventures App - Anglers considering the trip of a lifetime to South America's vast Amazon Basin should check out this new app by an angler who's spent 500 days there.

    Mixing it Up - Fish are funny creatures. A person can never be sure just what it is that is going to turn them on. One day it may be plastic and the next it could be spinnerbaits, crankbaits, live bait, spinners, top water or a host of other presentations.

    10 Ways to Avoid Wildfires While Target Shooting - As the days get longer and the weather gets nicer, more shooters will be heading outdoors this summer to practice with their favorite firearms. With summer, however, also comes the increased risk of wildfires.

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  • Issue 277b - June 12, 2013

    Father's Day Gift Guide - Sure, dad is tough to shop for. He has almost everything. Hardly ever says what he wants. You could go the old standard route, but who wears ties anymore? Father's Day is June 16, so you have some time to get him something he could really use.

    Five Helpful Boating Tips - Everyone loves a good story about boating mishaps -- as long as it's not their own. Seaworthy celebrates its 30th Anniversary with five boating maintenance and safety tips it helped to bring to the boating public's awareness.

    Smallmouth in Big Trouble - Throughout the last decade, one of the most prized freshwater sport fish species, the smallmouth bass, has suffered fish kills and severe, perplexing illness in several Chesapeake Bay tributaries.

    Living Dinosaur Dream - A young hunter who grew up with a fascination about dinosaurs and a dream of hunting what some call "living dinosaurs" has harvested the largest alligator ever certified in Texas. Braxton Bielski, bagged the behemoth 800-pound, 14-foot, 3-inch gator during a recent public hunt.

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  • Issue 283 - June 11, 2013

    A New Father's Day Tradition at the NRA Store - Who gave you your first knife? Well, if you're like many of us, it was your father. And if your father was like mine, he also taught you the safety and responsibility of carrying a knife.

    Attempts to Ban Traditional Ammo - Recently passed by the California Assembly, this legislation would make California the first state to ban the use of traditional lead ammunition for hunting.

    Give Us Your Best Shot - You've watched the Outdoor Channel talent come up with trophy shots, now it's your turn. In the new Viewer Galleries, OutdoorChannel.com will feature photos from you in three categories: Hunting, Fishing and Shooting.

    Kayak Fishing for Smallmouth - I'm ready to hit the open water in one of my kayaks to chase smallmouth and largemouth bass. The great thing about kayaks, and living in Wisconsin, is we have so many great fishing options.

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  • Issue 282 - June 6, 2013

    That's Showing Spirit - Keep it clean, Ted. Dave Watson feels comfortable telling that to Ted Nugent. Watson has requested such before and even might need to do some bleeping when he takes over production of Nugent's wildly popular "Spirit of the Wild" on Outdoor Channel.

    Stars & Striper for 'Bama - On May 13, 2013, James Bramlett of Dora, Ala., received a highly anticipated call from the International Game Fish Association. Bramlett was informed that his a 69-pound, 9-ounce landlocked striped bass now holds the world record for that species.

    Buffalo Bill Presents NRA's Eddie Eagle - NRA Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes. From professional shooters to concerned citizens like Gene Johnson who spreads the word about the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program.

    'Professionals' Film Record Shark Catch - Corey Knowlton of "Jim Shockey's The Professionals" filmed his world record mako shark, an 11-foot, 1,323.5-pounder caught off Huntington Beach, Calif., that could eclipse the IGFA all-tackle mark by 100 pounds.

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  • Issue 281 - June 4, 2013

    What's in Jessie's Bag? - Jessie Duff is one of the biggest names in the shooting sports. From her duties as captain of Team Taurus to her television work, Duff gives her all both on and off the firing line. So, what's in her range bag?

    Back Open For Fishing - Recreational boating and sport fishing are staples in the coastal waters of New Jersey, New York, Delaware and other areas struck hard by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, but debris and sediment buildup left many of those waterways treacherous since the storm.

    Tell Deer Winter Was Mild - A late lingering winter this year is taking its toll on deer in many parts of the upper Midwest. While the region experienced what would be considered a mild winter, precipitation late in the season resulted in above-average snow depths and continued well into spring.

    Snap To It - June 1 marks the much-anticipated opening of red snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico. Bold dispositions, feisty fighting ability and simply delicious filets make these ruby scaled delights a prized catch from Florida to Texas.

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  • Issue 280 - May 30, 2013

    Was Amberjack a Record? - The amberjack was so massive it might have been a world record, but the fisherman who battled it and the Mexican crew that helped deliver it from the Sea of Cortez to a remote Baja California beach were not thinking about records.

    Pennsylvania Proud - For the first time since the Pennsylvania Game Commission began tracking such numbers in 1915, a year passed without a hunting-related death in the state. There were 33 nonfatal incidents related to gun handling in hunting and trapping situations, but even that number ties 2007 for the fewest recorded in the state.

    Combative Fitness: Do you have it? - Trainers and students are in a moment of time when many shooters have confused how well they can shoot a popular range drill with how well they can fight. Do you need to be a good shot? Hell yes!

    Hot Catches for May - The International Game Fish Association in Dania, Fla., is the keeper of record fish, and this month is considering the All-Tackle brown trout as well as striped marlin caught on fly, among others. After a short hiatus, the IGFA Hot Catches report returns.

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  • Issue 279 - May 28, 2013

    How To Ruin a Hunt - We asked readers "What's the worst mistake you've made while hunting?" Our viewers reported a variety of things they've done wrong, starting with forgetting to set the alarm to even get in the game. Others have gotten out but never got in the game. They left home without it, it being ammunition.

    Quality Counts - For years, Michael Hunsucker worked to help his wife, Bridget, score her first buck. She had a number of close encounters and actually hit a buck one year, but it wasn't found for months, so she never felt the euphoria of finishing a hunt.

    Fishing the Kentucky River - The Kentucky River offers excellent fishing for black bass, crappie, muskellunge, white and hybrid striped bass and bluegill. Boating access to the Kentucky River is better than ever and this overlooked fishing resource is close to a large swath of Kentucky's population.

    Duck Hunt & Duck Calls for Oklahoma - Tallahatchie Hunts in Swan Lake, Miss., has donated a two-person duck hunt with all of the winning bid to be donated to the Moore & Shawnee Tornado Relief Fund.

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  • Issue 278 - May 23, 2013

    Record Python Killed - A Miami man has caught and killed the longest Burmese python ever captured in Florida: 18 feet, 8 inches. The python was a 128-pound female that was not carrying eggs, according to University of Florida scientists. The previous record length for a Burmese python captured in Florida was 17 feet, 7 inches.

    Just Winging It - Every February biologists, birders & hunters meet at Coleman National Fish Hatchery to "read" thousands of waterfowl wings sent in by hunters. The Pacific Flyway Wing Bee allows the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to exam wings from over 7 states in just 5 days.

    Fun on the Fly - Between the complex and challenging tactics anglers strive to master, the occasional interlude with simplicity offers a pleasant balance to more demanding pursuits. Case in point: bluegill - that widely distributed panfish with an epic appetite and a willingness to bite just about anything.

    Women on Target - "Women prefer to be taught by women," says Diane Danielson, NRA's Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic Coordinator. "They have an instant connection that makes events like NRA's Women on Target so successful."

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  • Issue 277 - May 21, 2013

    Father's Day Gift Guide - Sure, dad is tough to shop for. He has almost everything. Hardly ever says what he wants. You could go the old standard route, but who wears ties anymore. Father's Day is June 16, so you have some time to get him something he could really use.

    Manny Being Manny - The crew of "Savage Wild" got a real comic kick while star Manny Puig nearly experienced tragedy when he was knocked on his rear by a charging wild boar. Wait. That was funny? "It was to us," show producer Robin Berg said.

    Smallmouth in Big Trouble - Throughout the last decade, one of the most prized freshwater sport fish species, the smallmouth bass, has suffered fish kills and severe, perplexing illness in several Chesapeake Bay tributaries.

    Living Dinosaur Dream - A young hunter who grew up with a fascination about dinosaurs and a dream of hunting what some call "living dinosaurs" has harvested the largest alligator ever certified in Texas. Braxton Bielski, bagged the behemoth 800-pound, 14-foot, 3-inch gator during a recent public hunt.

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  • Issue 276 - May 16, 2013

    Nugent Helps Injured Veteran Shoot Again - Nobody gets the crowds rocking harder than the Motor City Madman, and his appearance at the NRA Convention was no exception. This experience, however, ended a little different than the others.

    The Scoop on Poop - As a Seasonal Park Ranger at the only Vermont State Park that allows dogs off-leash in a designated area, I pick up a tremendous amount of doggie doo. Recently, I began thinking seriously about the impact of pet waste on our environment, and started doing some research.

    Hog Wild - Feral hogs destroy wildlife habitat at alarming rates and cause a number of important concerns to hunters, farmers and other landowners in Oklahoma. Feral hogs can cause extensive damage to farm fields, crops, stored livestock feed, woodlots, and more.

    Not Just for Football - Many folks outside the Upper Midwest probably wouldn't even know that Green Bay exists if it weren't for the Packers. In fact, there are folks who probably don't know the "Bay" in "Green Bay" actually refers to a 1,626-square mile basin off Lake Michigan's western edge.

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  • Issue 275 - May 14, 2013

    Gray Matter - I'm sure I earned several dozen more gray hairs in the days approaching my son's first hunt. The plan was to take him turkey hunting, and the gray hair issue was the shotgun -- I was afraid he would know how to use it. He's not like most 8-year-old boys. Mason has autism.

    Abilities Triumph - Seven paraplegics and four quadriplegics were found with guns and hundreds of rounds of spent ammo casings. This was not mayhem; it was a well-organized Adaptive Shooting Event for people with disabilities.

    Roasted by a Pig - Marc Ryan of "Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips" hopes nobody gets him confused with Todd. Not that Marc wouldn't want to take credit for some of Todd's lines on their new Outdoor Channel show, but Todd is a boar. Not a bore, a boar. As in wild pig.

    The Good Old Days - Fish were everywhere around Sanibel Island in Southwest Florida three decades ago, and a local guide recalls one spectacular day in particular. "I caught so many redfish that day that you could have filled up the bed of a pickup truck with them," he said.

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  • Issue 274 - May 9, 2013

    Top 5 Bucks of All-Time - Most elk hunters are happy if their bull scores 300 or better. Most deer hunters can't even picture a whitetail of 300-class proportions. No wonder. Since 1830, it's only happened five times.

    New Bass Species Discovered - Introducing, the Choctaw bass. Scientists with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have discovered a new species of black bass in the southeastern United States.

    That Boy Will Hunt - Since hunting is their livelihood, Ralph and Vicki have certainly exposed R.J. to a lot of it. Like any farm boy, one would figure it'd be a no-brainer for the Cianciarulos' son to dive right into the field, but Ralph and Vicki took nothing for granted.

    Evers Seeks First Win - With a win on blustery Lake Istokpoga, one of the most successful professional bass anglers of modern times - Oklahoma's Edwin Evers - could find his way to resume redemption and shed once and for all the fishing version of "best to never win a major."

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  • Issue 273 - May 7, 2013

    Labonte's Naked Pit Stop - Bobby Labonte is accustomed to speeding around asphalt at about 215 miles per hour. In those trips, he's always making a left turn. On a Georgia turkey hunt, he found out he needs to stick to left turns. A short right turn, mixed in with a little bottomland mud, left him stuck and spinning in the mire.

    Gun Safe in Kid's Room - A personal defense trainer takes heat after he advised homeowners to place a gun safe in their child's room. Rob Pincus held a "Home Defense Concepts" seminar at the NRA Convention. While he admitted there are definite emotions behind it, a quick-access gun safe in a child's bedroom makes sense.

    If Mama Ain't Happy… - If you're reading this and still have no idea what to get for that woman who brought you into this world, trust this: You're in the wrong place, and we know you're not interested in going to the right one. So stay, we understand and we're here to help!

    Home Given Away at NRA - In recognition of the sacrifices made by the men and women of the United States Armed Forces and their continued efforts protect the way of life enjoyed by Americans throughout the generations, Daniel Defense was honored to present a combat veteran and his family with the gift of a mortgage-free home.

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  • Issue 272 - May 2, 2013

    Open Casting Call - Addicted to the Outdoors with Jon and Gina Brunson has unveiled a dynamic new program focused on shining a spotlight on family participation in the outdoors, and on couples who make the outdoors more than a hobby – but a lifestyle.

    Late Chapman Charge Wins Day Three - The third and final Elimination Round of the Jack Link's Major League Fishing 2013 GEICO Challenge Cup followed the pattern set by the first two days of elimination competition.

    Seeing The Light - As the smuggler led his group through the dense foliage of the Tijuana River valley, he was confident they would get to their pick-up point without detection. He reasoned, it was a pitch-black moonless night and the hated Migra rarely ventured into the jungle.

    Eagle Conservation Plan - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released Eagle Conservation Plan Guidance to provide a pathway for the responsible development of wind energy that fosters protection for bald and golden eagles.

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  • Issue 271 - April 30, 2013

    Baring Her Teeth - Bryan "Bear" Holeman has spent most of his adult life pursuing and catching a variety of offshore fish - many of those being sharks in the clear waters off the Florida Keys. Until the seventh annual Madfin Shark Series was held last month, his girlfriend Jen Hurst had never fished for sharks.

    Storming The Castle - The outline of a strutting turkey was like a shadow, no real detail just lines and arcs of a slowly moving presence that could have been a bowed-up gorilla. Like a sniper, the big gobbler was taking full advantage of the terrain, staying concealed while commanding a view of the world around him.

    Ship Shape Boating Tips - For many of the nation's 80 million recreational boaters, the upcoming Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer boating season. Like a football game "kick-off," boaters will work to a frenzy to get their boats in the water by the May 27 goal line.

    Feds Join in Pork Project - Feral hogs - forever the bane of hunters, landowners and, well, everybody -- are found in more than three quarters of the United States and are responsible for an estimated $1.5 billion in damage yearly.

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  • Issue 270 - April 25, 2013

    Biffle Aims to Catch Buried Bass in Sudden Death - As the first day of Sudden Death looms on Lake Istokpoga during the Jack Link's Major League Fishing 2013 GEICO Challenge Cup event, all eyes are on the weather.

    High-Altitude Education - The story of climbers at Everest wanting to give back to the people living in the Himalayan foothills of the world's tallest peak is as old as the stories of climbers visiting the top of Everest itself.

    NRA Programs are Growing … Quickly - Americans' interest in firearms has surged in popularity over the past five years. More people are getting involved with the shooting sports, personal safety and hunting than ever before.

    Disaster Revisited - As the third anniversary of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster passed on April 20, Ducks Unlimited remembered the 11 lives lost and reminds decision makers that Gulf Coast ecosystems intrinsically linked to the regional and national economy are still in a devastating state of decline.

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  • Issue 269 - April 23, 2013

    Guided to Tears - During turkey season, Larry Shockey can call his shots. His turkey calling skills, which have garnered nine grand champion titles and four world champion titles, could earn him big guiding money anywhere in the country. Instead, he chose to spend a weekend during turkey season volunteering at a youth hunt.

    Fearless in Face of Sharks - Catherine Fordyce had not gone shark fishing in more than five years, and she had no experience in the dangerous art of dehooking the thrashing and rolling sharks. But she had no fear. Zero.

    Just Grin and Bear It - During spring and summer, it is not unusual to see young male bears venturing into suburbs and even urban areas, even in metro Atlanta, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division. The young bears roam as they try to establish their own territory.

    Scared Straight - Two days ago on the Ramada Quest stage, Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jason Christie bemoaned the crystal water and dead-calm conditions of Bull Shoals Lake. "Clear water and no wind scares the heck out of me," said the Elite Series rookie from Park Hill, Okla. If Christie was scared, he was scared straight.

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  • Issue 268 - April 18, 2013

    Flathead Ed's Flathead - Eddie "Flathead Ed" Wilcoxson was asleep on the fold-out cot of his 24-foot pontoon boat on Friday, April 12, when what would become a state record flathead catfish began taking drag at Bartlett Lake. About 35 minutes later, Wilcoxson boated a 76.52-pound flathead catfish.

    Flying Fearless - Even after hundreds of skydives and base jumps, Steph Davis says, stepping to the edge of that cliff still brings up a bubble of fear. But she's spent her life pushing the line for fear that holds you back and the freedom that lies beyond it.

    NRA Rescues Harrisburg Outdoor Show - Banning modern sporting rifles ultimately led to the cancellation of this year's hunting & outdoor show in Harrisburg. An estimated $80 million dollars was lost. It won't happen again.

    True Trophy Buck Moment - Is hunting just about the search for the trophy buck? What hunter wouldn't want to set their sights on such a creature? But with only so many beastly bucks out there, there has to be more to it than just that.

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  • Issue 267 - April 16, 2013

    Shark Week in Florida - It wasn't Jaws. Nor was it a great white - but the 4-foot silky shark on the line still provided an adrenaline-packed thrill. Such thrills are ordinary in Florida, particularly in March when thousands of sharks follow their migratory pattern through warm waters.

    Harvesting Older Bucks - Oklahoma deer hunters are harvesting increasingly greater numbers of older bucks while letting more and more young bucks walk. In comparison, the national average of states from which QDMA was able to collect harvest data is about 33 percent.

    Avoiding Catastrophic Turkey Hunting Mistakes - Standing in the middle of a fire lane skirted by pines and hills an hour and a half before daylight in south Alabama, with the black so thick you can barely make out the blob walking in front of you, is an exercise in trust.

    Take a Virtual Safari - A pride of five lions skulked about the watering hole and the camera operator, at a remote location, followed their moves. The day before this area hosted a variety of wildlife, including wildebeest, waterbucks, kudu, a warthog, etc, and later a herd of elephants.

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  • Issue 266 - April 11, 2013

    Home-Field Advantage - When word came that the Jack Link's Major League Fishing 2013 GEICO Challenge Cup would be held on Florida's Lake Istokpoga, most observers immediately penciled in Floridians Bobby Lane and Shaw Grigsby as pre-tournament favorites.

    A Snow With A Bow? - Chris Brackett has skills, but most would think he had too much of an "arrow affliction" when he went after snow geese with a bow. Yet that's exactly what the host of Outdoor Channel's "Arrow Affliction" and "Fear No Evil" did, taking his Diamond out to a pit in central Illinois to try to take down flying snow geese.

    The Ruger SR45 Pistol - The Ruger SR45 pistol is the latest in a series of SR pistols and is a lightweight, easy carrying and easy shooting pistol. Although it's reasonable to suppose a compact SR45C will come out next, the folks at the factory are tightlipped about future projects.

    Fishermen in Hot Water - Spring brings blooming flowers, warmer weather and more Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency officers patrolling state waters for fishing violators. They have already been busy…

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  • Issue 265 - April 9, 2013

    I Was a Human Chum Line - How a woman from the Midwest and a Florida thrill-seeker wound up in a relationship - much less operating a charter fishing service in the Gulf of Mexico — is anyone's guess. But the relationship of Bo Johnson and Deidra Bridger works, both on the water and off.

    Find Roost for Boost - The first step in any process is often the most critical part of eventual success. If you are Mark or Terry Drury on a turkey hunt, that is especially true. For them a turkey hunt is a process that requires more than just showing up to the woods and turning a listening ear in hopes of hearing a gobble.

    Businessman Pleads Guilty to Horn Smuggling - A Chinese business executive, arrested by USFWS special agents in connection with the smuggling of a carved rhino horn from the U.S. to China, faces a potential prison term of up to 10 years after pleading guilty to a Federal felony charge in Miami.

    Detector Dogs Sniff Out Smuggled Wildlife - There's a new dog in town, and if you try to bring illegal wildlife parts into the U.S., there's a good chance you'll be sniffed out. The first class of "wildlife detector dogs" will be at key ports of entry searching for wildlife smuggled across U.S. borders.

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  • Issue 264 - April 4, 2013

    Anglers Tackle Istokpoga and a Gator in Prime Time - Lake Istokpoga offers the anglers unspoiled natural scenery, challenging but rewarding fishing conditions, a host of changing weather conditions and even unexpected visits from species other than bass.

    Watch the Golden Moose Awards Tonight - Twenty-three awards were presented throughout the evening, including five "Fan Favorite" accolades, to celebrate Outdoor Channel's most popular programs and recognize the network's producers and on-air talent for their unparalleled work in 2012.

    Challenge Cup Calculations - One thing we've found in the brief history of Major League Fishing is that anything can happen on the water. When you put 24 of the best anglers in the world on a body of water - any body of water - there will be surprises.

    New Shows Go Dark - Ivan Carter is dedicated entirely to the pursuit of Africa's "Big Seven." It gives unique insight into the hunt for elephant, Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, and rhino, as well as the aquatic heavyweights, hippo and Nile crocodile, all seen from the perspective of the Professional Hunter.

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  • Issue 263 - April 2, 2013

    'Bass Professor' Dies at 66 - Doug Hannon, a legend in the fishing world known as the "Bass Professor" for his expertise in a wide range of design skills and academic subjects in and outside of angling, died Thursday at his home in Keystone, a north Tampa suburb. Hannon was 66.

    West in Reach - Steve West, host of "Steve's Outdoor Adventures," will be filming his next hunt in Alaska in April-May. This time, thanks to the inReach satellite communicator www.inreachdelorme.com fans can follow his every move during the hunt like never before.

    Turkey Tips from the Drury Brothers - Regardless of what you call it; a diaphragm, mouth call or juice harp, every turkey hunter has one. That goes for the grizzled old veteran to the newest of rookies.

    No Walk in Park for Parks - From the 13-million acre Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve to the 0.2-acre Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial, America's National Parks feel the effects of sequestration & automatic spending cuts set in place March 1 after Congress could not agree on a budget.

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  • Issue 262 - March 28, 2013

    Duck Dynasty's Willie is also Buck Commander - With millions tuning in each week for A&E's "Duck Dynasty," you have to wonder how many know about Willie Robertson's other reality TV show on Outdoor Channel.

    Surf's Up - Warming water stimulates angling opportunities all throughout southern waters, but none present such broad accessibility and low impact ease of operation as the activity generally known as surf fishing.

    Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow - Chris Brackett really let his hair down in Minnesota. The bow hunting expert of Outdoor Channel's "Fear No Evil" and "Arrow Affliction" was among the celebrities to have their heads shaved to benefit cancer.

    R&D with KVD - Walk into any tackle shop these days and it doesn't take long to find a lure package with the letters KVD printed on it. There are topwaters, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, jigs, plastics – lures highlighted with Kevin VanDam's likeness are everywhere.

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  • Issue 261 - March 26, 2013

    King of the Spring Finale - Terry Drury needs a big final day if he expects to beat his younger brother, Mark. Finding out which will be crowned "King of the Spring" plays out tonight at 10:30 ET on Outdoor Channel. Watch tonight to see what happens.

    Combs holds off Clunn - Third-year Elite pro Keith Combs of Huntington, Texas, locked out 11 other finalists Monday in the Rigid Industries Falcon Slam, including his biggest threat after three rounds, four-time Bassmaster Classic champ and Zen master of bass fishing, Rick Clunn.

    Footsteps to the Future - Will and Paul Reilly wanted to do something monumental for their Eagle Scout project. So the twins came up with an idea that would be a gift to their hometown of Prescott, Ariz., and a tribute to their mentors as scouting in the U.S. celebrates its 100th anniversary.

    Evolution of the Pocket Rocket, the SIG P224 SAS - We called it the Pocket Rocket. When stoked with hot Border Patrol issue .40 S&W ammunition, the little Glock 27 sub-compact was a handful.

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  • Issue 260 - March 21, 2013

    Ammo Supply Still Short - If you are a frequent purchaser of handgun or assault-style weapon ammunition - or even an infrequent one - you know the frustration. On your favorite online supplier's website, where it used to always say "add to cart" or "buy now," it now reads "out of stock, no back order."

    Iowa Monster Fuels Obsession - No one can say Bo Russell didn't put in the work for his monster deer. He sweated, fretted, worked, worried and grieved over the buck for more than three years.

    The Ting Is The Thing - Deb Ferns enjoys cold, hard steel … as targets. As camp director of the Babes With Bullets programs instructing women around the country on shooting, Ferns enjoys using steel plate targets.

    Learn Antler Shed Hunting - Late winter and early spring is the worst time of the year for elk, moose and especially deer in Utah. In the winter, deep snow makes it hard for deer to move and find food. And cold temperatures sap the deers' strength. By the time winter ends, deer are usually the weakest they'll be all year.

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  • Issue 259 - March 19, 2013

    Short Day for Faircloth - It was a short workday for Todd Faircloth on Friday. By noon, the Bassmaster Elite Series pro from Jasper, Texas, had a five-fish limit. He decided they weighed enough, and they did as he holds the two-day lead on the Sabine River.

    Windows of Welcome Winter Weather - For most Gulf of Mexico anglers, prime offshore fishing is considered a warm weather deal - mostly because winter through early spring delivers windy conditions.

    Venison Faux Pho - My name is Julie and I am addicted to pho. I could eat it every day. For those of you who haven't had it, pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup. There are lots of variations but my favorite is a beef broth version with shavings of sirloin.

    Another Bald Eagle Dead - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP) are investigating yet another bald eagle shooting - this one occurred in Union County, Mississippi.

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  • Issue 258 - March 14, 2013

    Have Horns, Will Travel - Kevin Foley was glad his deer of a lifetime was the traveling sort. He killed the largest deer of his hunting lifetime, a 15-pointer, near Clintonville, Wis. Foley had seen the deer before, but never on the wooded parcel of land he owns and maintains with his father and two brothers.

    A Jewel of a Rifle - I met gunsmith Vic Samuel from SSA Enterprises through his son, Alan, who's a machine gun guy and a revolver competition champion, while filming the first episodes of "Shooting Gallery." When I met Vic, he mentioned in passing that he "fiddled around with guns."

    Come Sail Away - A "shower" of baitfish guides anglers to fish, and the first seen by the crew on the Blue Heaven set the boat into fast forward. "Sail on." The distinctive sound of a sailfish dragging line off the spinning reel sends Capt. Skye Stanley and first mate Daniel Attales into motion.

    Undeniable Denali - He looked bizarre, totally out of place, this Pakistani climber in ragged, old mountaineering clothes, alone, shaking our tent while we tried to sleep, asking frantically for a satellite phone," says Alex Harz, recounting a night high on a flank of North America's tallest peak, Denali.

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  • Issue 257 - March 12, 2013

    Poachers Were My Prey - In his new book, Poachers Were My Prey: Eighteen Years as an Undercover Wildlife Officer, Stewart chronicles his many exciting undercover adventures, detailing the techniques he used in putting poachers behind bars.

    Elk Camp the Perfect Convention - For Cameron Hanes, host of RMEF Elk Chronicles, this past Elk Camp was the best ever. There were tons of elk hunters and his old friends, but his personal highlights of the weekend took it to another level.

    The Second Time Around - Doug Fredericksen of St. Charles, Ill., killed a monster 15-point whitetail in November on the family farm in eastern Iowa. After hearing about the Outdoor Channel National Deer Contest powered by BuckScore, he entered his picture.

    Man Convicted and Fined for Killing Whooping Crane - Whooping cranes are one of the rarest birds in the world with a total population of approximately 437 cranes in the wild and 599 overall.

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  • Issue 256 - March 7, 2013

    The Shadow of Sasquatch - In a lifetime around outdoors television, Trevor Gowdy has produced countless programs, including many of the best ever. And during his career, he has seen and worked with more than his share of interesting characters. None of them, he said, are quite like Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller.

    Late Winter Creek Hopping - Looks like spring's full-time warmup is just around the corner, but Florida fish are usually pretty smart about not rushing into their vernal patterns too quickly. Most of the state's snook and a lot of the redfish, trout, ladyfish, jacks and juvenile tarpon spend their winters in the warm, stable, coastal waterways.

    Three Questions on Personal Defense Guns - What's the best pistol for personal defense? How accurate must it be? How reliable should it be? Get candid answers to the three most frequently asked questions Ed Head receives about personal defense handguns.

    Stay Sharp, My Friends - Ok, great, I won't have to ever surrender my penknife again, not after TSA administrator John Pistole said the ban on small knives in passenger cabins of airplanes will be lifted come April 25.

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  • Issue 255 - March 5, 2013

    2nd Largest Whitetail Deer Ever Taken by Hunter - An Indiana sportsman has recorded the second-largest whitetail deer ever taken by a hunter, according to Boone and Crockett, which compiles such records for conservation, management and historical purposes.

    Focus Under Pressure - Cliff Pace had six long hours in which to lose both his mind and, in the process, the Bassmaster Classic. It was compounded by the fact Pace knew from experience that someone near him on the leaderboard was not losing his mind that day.

    NRA Action Pistol - Matches Come to Headquarters NRA Action Pistol is a great sport, but it's a little more demanding than regular target shooting. It can be daunting to start the sport by showing up to a match like the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup with little to no practice.

    Season 1 Winners - The Outdoor Channel National Deer Contest is not just a "Big Buck" or even whitetail photography competition. The contest is the vehicle" for one of the largest white-tailed deer conservation projects ever conducted.

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  • Issue 254 - February 28, 2013

    Velvick Back With Enthusiasm - The Spanish word "amistad" means "friendship." "Lake Amistad" means "love" to Byron Velvick. This lake on the Texas-Mexico border is where Velvick's bucking-bronco-ride of a life finally started to smooth.

    Ice in Their Veins - They say every scar has a story to tell, and in ice climbing, a sport which requires its athletes to wear 24 sharp points on their feet while wielding an axe in each hand when suspended high above the ground, climbers often have more than a few scars and stories.

    Getting Ready for the Eaglets' Arrival - Egg #1 was laid on Feb. 6 and Egg #2 on Feb. 9. In about 35 days, the first eaglet will begin to hatch. Watch live on EagleCam to see the eagles care for their eggs and wait patiently for the eaglets' arrival.

    Undercover Wildlife Poaching Operation - State and federal wildlife officials announced today an undercover operation involving more than 80 wildlife violators and as many as 900 wildlife violations detected.

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  • Issue 253 - February 26, 2013

    Pace Picks Up Classic - On Sunday, Pace won the 43rd world championship of bass fishing, the 2013 Bassmaster Classic presented by Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa. His prize for a three-day catch of 54 pounds, 12 ounces, was $500,000 and the most coveted trophy of the sport.

    ETU: Operation Hotwire - The four remaining operators are dealing with an individual called the "dirty bomber" who has placed a large amount of explosives in a downtown parking garage. He has also taken a hostage. Mission is to rescue the hostage and get out.

    Eagle Parenting - The eagle pair have laid two eggs this season. Watch live on EagleCam as the male and female eagles share parenting duties and tough it out through rain, wind, and snow to protect their fragile eggs.

    Understanding & Working "The Chase" - The sport of Big Air® is growing by leaps and bounds. It's getting more media attention and dogs are jumping farther and farther every day. The sport is also bringing out more and more new handlers and dogs.

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  • Issue 252 - February 21, 2013

    It's About the Weather - If you hear someone say, "The 2013 Bassmaster Classic isn't about weather," it's about weather. "The story has been the weather since they announced the Classic was going to be here," (Grand Lake O' the Cherokees) Mike Iaconelli said.

    Matt and Jessie Duff Trek the Oregon Trail - In Coos Bay, Oregon, the Friends of NRA Committee plays as hard as it works. Matt and Jessie find out just how hard when they were treated to a dune buggy tour of the Bay's beaches.

    Florida's 2013 Python Challenge a Success - Competitors in the 2013 Python Challenge™ trekked through more than a million acres of swamps and sawgrass in search of the wellcamouflaged Burmese python.

    Kriet's Offshore Crush - Do you think a 2-ounce tungsten is a big weight? Is 85-pound test braid a heavy line? Do you consider 60 feet to be "really deep?" Do you think a 10-pound bass is a big fish? All that is mere child's play to Major League Fishing pro Jeff Kriet.

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  • Issue 251 - February 19, 2013

    The End-All, Be-All - Here's an interesting exercise: Ask any Bassmaster Classic qualifier to describe why being in this particular tournament is cool. Most will come up something like this: "Well, it's the Classic, isn't it?" End of story, their tone of voice implies. And indeed, especially among anglers, nothing more needs to be said.

    Don't Miss The Boat - The recession forced a lot of folks to miss the boat. And the boating industry missed them, too. In the ladder part of the past decade, boat sales dropped significantly, but reports from the winter boat shows are encouraging.

    Oldest Known Wild Bird Hatches Another Chick - A Laysan albatross known as "Wisdom" – believed to be at least 62 years old – has hatched a chick on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge for the sixth consecutive year.

    Off the Beaten Path - There is no doubt that West Virginia has some of the best trail riding on the East Coast and that's why we spend a lot of time riding there. If you're looking for some new places to explore, you'll want to check out Burning Rock Off Road Adventure Park in Sophia, West Virginia which is just south of Beckley, West Virginia.

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  • Issue 250 - February 14, 2013

    The Final Catch Tonight! - It's down to the final six. Personalities clash, in a race so tight it all comes down to the final catch. Don't miss the finale of Jack Link's Major League Fishing 2013 General Tire Summit Cup Championship Round tonight!

    Nothing Goes As Planned - The plan was to meet at a small private lake near Stuttgart, Ark., to tape an edition of "Zona's Awesome Fishing Show." But other than the early-morning gathering, nothing went as planned. At the end of the day, it made for an apt edition of a televised outdoor show.

    Best Defense: Real Estate - What are the threats that face us because of our job? There are more than we can actually imagine, especially if our job put us in contact with people in a one on one situation and in a non-public environment.

    Midnight 3 Gun - Defensive lights and lasers were not meant for sporting purposes, but Crimson Trace decided there should be a sport where these devices were applicable. Chris Knight from "The Bradys" shoots the Celebrity Challenge.

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  • Issue 249 - February 12, 2013

    Drurys Go Into Full Strut - There's friendly competition and then there's good old sibling rivalry. There is no comparison. "King of the Spring" is a brother vs. brother battle featuring Mark and Terry Drury, veterans of several shows on the Outdoor Channel lineup.

    Pan Ban Proposed - The Department of Natural Resources in Larimer County, Colo., proposed a ban on gold panning on DNR properties, claiming the department needed to sort out its mineral rights. News of the possible ban broke in mid-November in the Denver Post and began a stir among the Colorado mining community.

    Bird Signs - For the second year in a row while cruising from Key West to the Marquesas, the captain pulled back on the throttle just a short run from our launch. In both cases, it was because of birds; birds signaling a fish feeding frenzy we got in on.

    No Sitting Ducks - With the exception of some late goose hunts and various youth hunts, waterfowl season is all but complete in the U.S. We know for many there were few ducks at the end of the season, and for many the season was either too dry, too wet, too warm or too cold. Has anyone ever had a perfect duck season?

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  • Issue 248 - February 7, 2013

    Major League Fishing Makes a Splash on NBC - Viewers are invited to tune in to NBC on Saturday, February 9, at 1 p.m. ET/Noon CT for a special airing of the Championship Round of the 2013 General Tire Summit Cup of "Jack Link's Major League Fishing."

    Mining Bronze in Iron Country - Just before his untimely death, Capt. Jim Hudson hosted our writer on an ice fishing excursion for smallmouth on Chequamegon Bay. His family gave their blessing to run this story on Hudson, a Midwest fishing legend who was dedicated to sharing his angling knowledge.

    Monster Nugget Found - A gold prospector hit paydirt on Wednesday when his metal detector found something big buried two feet down. When the man, who asked not to be identified, dug up his prize, he was astonished to find himself the lucky owner of a 12-pound gold nugget worth around $315,000.

    CEO Stalks First Buck - George C. Thornton is the CEO of the National Wild Turkey Federation, a non-profit organization that works on conserving the wild turkey and preserving Americans' hunting heritage. Here is his first deer hunt.

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  • Issue 247 - February 5, 2013

    Chris Kyle 1974-2013 - Outdoor Channel is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of Chris Kyle. Our country has lost a dedicated father, husband, patriot and American hero. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

    Triggering a Windfall - The huge volume of gun, ammunition and archery sales in 2012 should mean record funding levels for many fish and game agencies, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

    Chautauqua Institution Meets MLF - It's a place where religious leaders, philosophers, business trend-setters and politicians from both sides of the ideological spectrum are featured. New to the Chautauqua calendar: Major League Fishing.

    Going To The Birds - For the second consecutive year, Pheasants Forever spent more than $50 million on its wildlife habitat conservation mission. The organization also turned 30 in 2012, when 91.23 percent of the monies it raised went directly on mission work.

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  • Issue 246 - January 31, 2013

    Winding Down To Finals - To say that the wind is supposed to blow on Sudden Death Day 2 in Western New York would be a serious understatement. According to the weatherman, the wind is supposed to blow, blow, and blow some more.

    Pipeline To Redfish Action - Sometimes, life's unintended results are the most enjoyable. Such is the case for anglers fishing the network of manmade waterways cut through the Southern Louisiana marshes. Decades ago, the drilling industry dug a vast network of navigable channels to allow access to a smattering of wellheads, pumping stations and other structures.

    Trout Releases Grouper - Sure, it's likely baseball star Mike Trout has some groupies. Now he has a grouper. A huge one. Trout, the center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels and the 2012 American League Rookie of the Year, caught and released a huge goliath grouper while fishing off Key West this month.

    Carp, It's For Dinner - Most Americans consider them trash fish, but carp and similar rough fish have a big market in the U.S. and overseas. They are called "Bottom Feeders," also the name of Outdoor Channel's new reality show.

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  • Issue 245 - January 29, 2013

    Making The Big Haul - The cell phone of "Bottom Feeders'" Tim Adams rings, then goes to voicemail. It's understandable he didn't answer – he was up to his chest in ice-cold water surrounded by 200,000 pounds of fish. But before a voicemail can be completed, Adams is calling back this strange number.

    EOTech XPS2-300 Holographic Weapon Sight - The EOTech XPS2-300 Holographic Weapon Sight was designed with tactical shooters in mind. The reticle has been specifically calibrated with yardages based on the .300 Blackout/Whisper.

    Dawn Plus 10 Million Years - Before the sun even hints of rising above the San Pascual Mountains to the east, before the sky turns from black to burnt orange to gold, the shadows on the water begin to move. First one, then another and another, until the shallow lake becomes a blur of motion and a cacophony of noise.

    Going On A Lion Hunt - More than 70 major safari operators, hunting industry leaders and top conservationists have pledged to support Dallas Safari Club's (DSC) newly adopted definition of the ideal huntable male African lion.

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  • Issue 244 - January 24, 2013

    Anglers Face Quick Exit - Beautiful, serene Chautauqua Lake is about to become an explosive aquatic pressure cooker. Day four of the event marks the beginning of the Sudden Death rounds at the Jack Link's Major League Fishing 2013 General Tire Summit Cup competition.

    Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic - The Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) is ready for duty. The Aimpoint PRO incorporates many never before seen features to maximize the sight's performance within the challenging conditions faced by modern law enforcement.

    Water Scarcity, Fiscal Challenges Top Priorities - The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership released its 2013 Conservation Policy Agenda, outlining practical, solutionsfocused approaches to natural resource management challenges.

    Competitive Disadvantage - Mike Eash has put himself in a conflict of interests on the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series Presented by Ram Trucks. Instead of doing anything possible to gain a competitive edge, Eash is doing everything imaginable to help his fellow competitors.

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  • Issue 243 - January 21, 2013

    SHOT Show Sets Attendance Record - The largest trade show of its kind in the world and the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas, the SHOT Show attracted a record overall attendance of 62,371, including a new high for buyers and more than 2,000 media representatives.

    New Strength in Numbers - It appears there's new life in the great outdoors. Some of the best news from the 2013 SHOT Show was unveiled in a mountain of statistics Thursday. Hunters and anglers have more strength in these new numbers.

    Cool Rides at SHOT - You've seen the tricked out new products from SHOT Show 2013 in our photo galleries, now take a look at the juice- up vehicles that were on the floor, from a camo Rally Fighter, to a Lenco Armored Vehicles 'Bearcat' to Toyota's 'Ultimate Fishing' Tundra.

    Trijicon CCAS - The Trijicon CCAS accurately computes a corrected aiming point based on current environmental conditions using known ballistic equations instead of the common G1 table averages typically used in the majority of ballistic modeling programs.

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  • Issue 242 - January 17, 2013

    15 Little Things With A Big Bang - The bigger the better. Well, not always. In comes the need for the smaller, lighter, more compact products. Here are 15 products that show big things can come in small packages.

    Been Here, Done That - President Obama's new gun proposals announcement was watched on a big screen at the SHOT Show. The reaction of attendees was heated, but as one pointed out, "The more they try to restrict these guns, the more people want them."

    The Quietest Quiet Gun™ - Gamo Outdoor USA will launch "The Quietest Quiet Gun™" air rifle on the market in 2013. With its patent pending double integrated noise dampening technology making the shot nearly undetectable to pesky varmints.

    Taurus Millennium G2 - With its lightweight 22 oz. polymer frame, thin profile, and ramped 3.2 inch barrel, the newly designed Millennium G2 is the ideal concealed carry handgun. Perfect for everyday carry as well as reliable home defense.

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  • Issue 241 - January 15, 2013

    Media Day in Baghdad - Neither 30-degree temperatures, nor 20-milean-hour north winds, nor a 35-mile drive away from Las Vegas could keep the media from one of its most popular rounds at the annual SHOT Show. It was nicknamed by some as "Media Day in Baghdad," unofficially, of course.

    Golden Moose Nominees - Outdoor Channel, America's Leader In Outdoor TV, today revealed the list of nominees, including the Fan Favorite finalists, who are up for top honors at the 13th Annual Golden Moose Awards Powered by RAM.

    SHOT Show 2013 - The Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and Conference (SHOT Show) is the largest and most comprehensive trade show for professionals in the shooting sports and hunting industries. Tune in to OutdoorChannel.com for the latest SHOT Show updates.

    Secret Sanctuaries - Seek and ye shall find. That's a good piece of advice for those intrigued by those tiny, tuckedaway sanctuaries scattered throughout West Central Florida's mangrove swamps. From Tampa Bay to Charlotte Harbor, those willing to invest the time and effort may find angling nirvana in one of the hidden spots.

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  • Issue 240 - January 10, 2013

    Targeting Green Or Brown - Can the West rule the East? That's one of the big questions as the second group of eight Elimination Round competitors get set to kick off Day 2 at the Jack Link's Major League Fishing 2013 General Tire Summit Cup event at Chautauqua Lake.

    A Trophy Experience - In 1962, in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, I was hunting with my dad. You had to wait until you were 12 years old in Pennsylvania before you could hunt, but of course, I went on many hunts before as just an onlooker.

    Patience Required - Denny Brauer built a career chasing big bass in the waters across the country. Before retiring after last season's final Bassmaster Elite Series event, the dean of top professionals stayed at the top of his game for three decades. A big part of that success is as simple as one word: Patience.

    Evolution Of The Hot Saw - If you believe in fate, Dennis Cahoon's 62 years on this earth might serve as an example. He raced motorcycles as a young man, before embarking on a 32-year career as a logger and timber-faller in California's Sierra Mountains.

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  • Issue 239 - January 8, 2013

    A Big Mulie To Zumbo - Outdoor Channel host Jim Zumbo is arguably the country's most prominent big game hunter. Although he's hunted and fished on five continents and all 50 states. his first deer hunt remains etched in his memory.

    For Goodness Snakes! - There was a time when the worst part about Bo Johnson's fall mornings was traversing a desolate and rather spooky course to his hunting spot in Big Cypress National Preserve. Now he treads every step concerned about sudden encounters with a hostile out-of-towner known as the Burmese python.

    Fuel Stingy Vehicles Wear - Lower Price Tags The combined effect of a slow economy and ever-increasing competition has caused the big manufacturers to bring out vehicles that are stingier on fuel while at the same time are priced lower.

    What The Heck Is That? - Hunters of all ages enjoyed the taxidermy and photos exhibited by outfitters at the Dallas Safari Club show, Jan. 3-6. Some trophies are common and easy to identify. Others, not so much. For example, did you properly ID this sheep species as an Altai argali? Great! Let's see how you stack up from here…

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  • Issue 235 - December 20, 2012

    Gifts Near And Deer - In this season of giving, we asked a selection of Outdoor Channel personalities to tell us about the best gift they've ever received. What they told us ranged from a specific product they found invaluable in the wild, to a weapon that holds special meaning.

    Seven Sharks ASwimming - With heavy winds blowing the entire time, the first two days of the 2012 Madfin Shark Tournament offered challenging fishing conditions. So when the event ended in a tie, both teams qualifying for the one-day fish-off felt they'd catch considerably more sharks in better weather.

    Wyoming Mulies Poached - Game wardens are investigating two mule deer poachings that occurred within 16 days of one another in Wyoming's Curt Gowdy State Park. While mulies being poached out of season is not a new thing for the park, game warden Allen Deru said the proximity in time of the two shootings is unusual.

    Here Comes Rudolph - A trifecta of long shots made their way onto the horse track outside of Pittsburgh just as a field of horses were ready to leave the gate. Breaking from behind the backstretch were three deer, who made their way on the track and delayed the race.

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  • Issue 234 - December 18, 2012

    Scroggins Takes VanDam's Spot - Five-time B.A.S.S. event champion Terry Scroggins joins the competition field for Jack Link's Major League Fishing's second televised event, The General Tire Summit Cup, League Commissioner Don Rucks announced.

    Five Gold Rings - Come back each day to see what's under the tree in the Twelve Days of Christmas, OutdoorChannel.com style. On the fifth day of Christmas, we had the chance to see, five gold rings.

    Air Heads - Normally, running wide open toward a bunch of herons and egrets standing ankle-deep qualifies you as certifiably insane. But for every rule, exceptions exist. Fan-powered boats offer ultimate angling access.

    Cross Marks The Spot - If you can accurately shoot a rifle, you should be fine with shooting a crossbow, right? Or wait… do you have to be accurate with a bow to be able to have tight groupings with these hybrids? According to David Barnett of Barnett Crossbows (www.barnettcrossbows.com), the answer is both, sort of.

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  • Issue 233 - December 13, 2012

    Seeking Duck Art Dynasty - The first family of ducks cried fowl when they learned that many times the artwork that graces Louisiana's famous duck stamp and poster is created by out-of-state artists. "It's 100 percent Louisiana, no Yankees or Yuppies Involved," Si Robertson said.

    Vote Going To The Dogs - Dog lovers, in general, have a special connection and affection for not only their own dogs but their particular breeds as well. It's even more so for bird hunters. Whether it's a flusher, a retriever or a pointer, everyone has their favorite breeds.

    Flounder Fun - The last few years have seen a remarkable surge in flounder catches along the Central Gulf Coast. The jury's still out on whether we literally have more flounder, or if more anglers are figuring out how to catch them.

    Deer Under Pressure - It won't come as a surprise that deer often respond to hunting pressure by altering their daily activity patterns. But it might surprise hunters that sometimes the opposite is true. Despite increased hunting pressure, whitetails may not change their movements.

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  • Issue 232 - December 11, 2012

    Reality SWAT Swatting - Terry Schappert is a team leader on "Elite Tactical Unit," a new show that premieres on Outdoor Channel on Jan. 9 at 9 p.m. ET. The reality format forces him to select a person to be eliminated from the competition, a chore he truly deplores.

    Deer Key In Keystone - The Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving are the two busiest days on Pennsylvania highways for two reasons: people heading home after turkey day, and Pennsy hunters heading to deer camp - which they've been doing for hundreds of years.

    Tried And Tested Gifts - Jared Gustafson, video manager at Outdoor Channel, gives his recommendations to these outdoors products. He takes them to the field and gives them a real workout. Get the lowdown on gifts that would be highly usable.

    Sub Guns Face Off - "Rapid Fire" tests one of the most respected open-bolt sub-machine guns of all time against the absolute state-of-the-art personal defense weapon. Watch them go head to head in tight scenerios with multiple targets.

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  • Issue 231 - December 6, 2012

    Eagle Squatch - When it comes to survival in the outdoors, Laramy "Sasquatch" Miller takes a Boy Scout mentality. "Just be prepared," said Miller, host of the Outdoor Channel's popular show Sasquatch: Mountain Man, which appears Fridays at 9:30 p.m. ET. "Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst."

    Hot Catches - Saltwater anglers in Australia and both coasts of the United States are certainly eager to hear word of the potential new black grouper, Atlantic snook, Pacific halibut, and southern bluefin tuna records, but one more record application may be drawing a bit more attention.

    Great Gift Ideas - If you have a fisherman on your gift list this holiday season, who better to ask for ideas than the pros. At the ICAST 2012 convention we went on the floor to find out what's on some of the people's holiday gift wish list for the outdoorsman.

    Le Pomme Cochon - The Camo Gourmet shares his recipe for wild boar backstrap with brown sugar, apples, and spicy mustard. This festive dish would make a wonderful holday dinner. Pour a glass of Pinot Noir, say grace and get it on!

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  • Issue 230 - December 4, 2012

    High Risk Shooting - Paul Thompson goes up against Luke Hitt in the Total Outdoorsman Challenge. As the shooting gets down to the wire, Luke must choose between the high risk gong for the win or play it conservatively with the low risk coyote.

    Gifts For The Outdoorsman - Don't let the ghosts of past Christmas ties reappear. Whether they've been naughty or nice, now is the time to get/order gifts for your loved ones before the season slips away.

    Flying High - With the cool season igniting east coast sailfishaction, anglers will be taking to the near shore waters in search of the spindlebeak ballerinas knows as much for their acrobatic leaps, as their distinctive dorsal assembly.

    Does Stay Put - One of the most important components of successful whitetail hunting is patterning animal movements. The hunter must determine when deer are most active and how they're using different habitat types at different times.

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  • Issue 229 - November 29, 2012

    Stalking Bear with a Bow - In the fall, hunting season opens for just about every big game. In the spring, however, the selection is limited. This Sunday on Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures, guides show us what it's like to go bowhunting for black bear on Vancouver Island.

    Puppy Play - Fall finds surf fishermen lining North Carolina's Outer Banks for the famed surf run of jumbo redfish. Exciting, no doubt, but this beach fishery can be hit-or-miss. Meanwhile, the Tarheel State's vast backwater system offers a predictable year-round fishery for juvenile reds that locals call "puppy drum."

    Where are the Moose? - It's almost impossible to visit Grand Teton National Park or its gateway city, Jackson Hole, Wyo., without thinking about moose. Road signs warn drivers of moose crossings, guidebooks and pamphlets list favorite moosewatching hotspots, and at least one downtown shop is dedicated entirely to moose-related souvenirs and sweatshirts.

    Check Out The Big Brains - For most outdoor enthusiasts, hunting is a legacy than has spanned generations, handed down from parents to children for longer than anyone can remember. And according to one scientist, it has been going on for a lot longer than originally thought.

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  • Issue 228 - November 27, 2012

    Catch The Summit Cup - Jack Link's Major League Fishing announced that its second televised event – The General Tire Summit Cup – will premiere on Outdoor Channel at 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT on Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013. Summit Cup episodes will air six times per week, an increase of one episode per week from the first season.

    Wolf Season Success - The first of Minnesota's two wolf hunting seasons, which ran Nov. 3-Nov. 18, was a success, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The state's first regulated wolf hunt resulted in 147 wolves taken out of a possible 200.

    How's Your Mo, Bro? - Outdoor Channel personalities are growing out moustaches in support of Movember, a national promotion bringing awareness to men's health issues. Donating as little as $5 to the OC team enters you to win Matt Busbice's Wildgame Nation truck loaded with products.

    Shot From The Hip - Brenda Valentine, The First Lady of Hunting, said back in the day, you were lucky to see a track in her home state of Tennessee, much less a deer. When she was about 12 years old and working in the tobacco field, Valentine saw her first whitetail.

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  • Issue 227 - November 22, 2012

    Drury Brothers New Show Battles the Turkey - No Turkey is safe when the Drury's join the game. The new series: "King of the Spring" starts January 1, 2012 here on Outdoor Channel.

    OC Family Gives Thanks - From being "harvester of God's annual natural renewable bounty" -- guess who? -- to being able to chase their dreams in their work, to family members who overcame illness to families that haven't "disowned us for being gone on every holiday for the last 15 years!", our TV stars are truly thankful.

    ATVs Take The Plunge - There have been wheeled vehicles that could morph into a boat - real ones, not from a Bond movie - but Gibbs Sports Amphibian Inc. spent millions in man hours and dollars to develop this High Speed Amphibian (HSA).

    To Shoot Or Let Walk - It's deer season all over the country and the collective B.S. has started. Deer hunters know what I'm talking about: Every racked buck seen and missed was the biggest ever, every excuse in the book for missing has been laid out, and every tall tale imaginable has been spilled out around a camp fire.

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  • Issue 226 - November 20, 2012

    The Best of 'Rapid Fire' - History's greatest weapons, from two different eras, battle it out for supremacy in the all-new "MidwayUSA's Rapid Fire! Light up the night with 30 high-octane minutes featuring the best of automatic weaponry, military hardware, and the fascinating stories behind the world's most popular rapid-firing weapons.

    Patience, Strategy and Luck - My heart sank as two distinct slug gun blasts exploded across the creek. I had just watched a 130-class buck cross the same creek, and the shots came from the woodlot he just entered. Another buck cut short of his potential.

    Fishing for Barramundi - Fishing for barramundi in northern Australia isn't for the feint-hearted. Josh Goldman knows. Touring fish farms in a remote area that reminded him of Jurassic Park, the founder of Australis Aquaculture wanted to hook some wild barramundi.

    BP Hit With Record Fine - More than two years after its Deepwater Horizon rig created the largest oil spill in U.S. history, British Petroleum this week admitted criminal wrongdoing and settled for $4.5 billion with the U.S. Department of Justice. The amount is the largest corporate fine in U.S. history.

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  • Issue 225 - November 15, 2012

    A case of Bow Madness! - Eric Bothun has reached a point in his hunting career where he is focused only on five year old bucks. Some people may call him crazy, but we know he just has a case of "Bow Madness."

    Key To Prime Angling - No doubt, the sport fishing world holds Key West in high esteem, but it was one man's vision, resolve and unflinching spirit that brought this angling oasis into mainstream awareness. Who's that man?

    Doe You See What I See? - What exactly do deer see? Since the deer can't tell us, we turn to science for answers. Wildlife biologists have been studying whitetail vision for years, including a landmark 1992 study by scientists from the University of Georgia, the University of California and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

    Launching Alone - OK, we've all taken great delight at watching the boat ramp mishaps, missteps and messups that range from amusing to downright bizarre. A lot of the hair-raising calamity doesn't boil down to preparation, but rather the lack thereof.

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  • Issue 224 - November 13, 2012

    It All Comes Down to This - Three-time TOC Champion Paul Thompson goes up against rookie David Wiens. Both competitors put up a good fight. It's guaranteed to be close and come down to the wire. Tune in Wednesday at 9:30pm ET to find out what happens!

    First Bow Setup - The expertise of a bow technician may be just the right prescription for anyone who is setting up a bow for the first time. It is possible to buy everything you need and tweak it at home, but for the novice, that could be the recipe for starting some bad habits.

    See How Your Buck Ranks - Jeremy Flinn sees it as an excellent tool to refine deer management across the United States. Deer hunters and enthusiasts will see it as a fun and simple way to brag about big bucks to their peers around the nation - and have a chance to collect awesome prize packages in the process.

    Mossy Oak Tuesday Night Pursuits - Tuesday Night Pursuits Presented by Mossy Oak is where serious hunters come to fill their tag of outdoor entertainment. Featuring notable personalities and the best insight on how to bag the best trophies.

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  • Issue 223 - November 8, 2012

    The Next Challenge - Three-time TOC Champion Paul Thompson goes up against rookie David Wiens. Both competitors put up a good fight in events from fishing to archery. It's guaranteed to be close and come down to the wire. Tune in to see who makes it to Round 2.

    Dove Days - Neurotic turkeys, elusive quail, sharp-eyed ducks - there's plenty of stressful bird hunting in Florida, but why not take it easy with a laidback, casual hunt that's as much about bonding with friends and family, as it is about bagging dinner - although that part's not so tough.

    Blue-Winged Teal Bonanza - If it weren't for the heat, you'd think this was Thanksgiving weekend in Stuttgart, Ark., site of the annual "Wings Over the Prairie Festival." That party signals the opening week of duck season in the "mallard capital of the world." But this was September in southwest Louisiana.

    Wax On … Wax Off - If you've ever tried to pluck a duck, you know how maddening it can be. When you think you're finally finished, some of those tiny pinfeathers seem to magically reappear. There is a bette way. As Mr. Miyagi instructed in "The Karate Kid": "Wax on … wax off."

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  • Issue 222 - November 6, 2012

    Self-Taught Elk Hunter - As a child of the Pacific Northwest and growing up hunting the great public lands of Oregon, it's safe to say Kristy Titus' truest outdoor passion is elk hunting. And while she is offering her top 10 elk calling tips here, she is quick to point out there is no quick method of education for calling in that giant bull elk.

    Urban Fishing for Peacocks - Quietly trolling in the heart of Miami, Steve McDonald waits for a bite. He targets a rare fish known for its bright colors, a fish that in the U.S. can only be found in this canal system.

    Boat Repair Done Right - For many recreational boaters, getting the right salvage and repair help for a damaged boat after a hurricane is difficult. Some insurance programs will arrange and pay to have their insured's boats salvaged, but those without insurance don't have anyone to lean on.

    Deer Stand Sightings - After Steve Bowman's column, Out From Behind the Glass, in which he wrote about experiencing the deer woods from a stand, we did a little impromptu poll among our Outdoor Channel Facebook friends: What's the craziest thing you've seen from a deer stand?

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  • Issue 221 - November 1, 2012

    Himalaya High - Hiking for almost three weeks together chasing animals in the Himalayas, Jim Shockey got a good read on his son, Branlin, and vice versa. Both say they left Nepal with a better understanding of one another, a closer bond, and Branlin began to figure out exactly what makes his father tick.

    Choupiques Dominate - It's not often that catching a choupique will earn first place in a fishing tournament. But it happened at the first annual Fishing For Kids Tournament at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church. Twice.

    Making Muskie Mark - When Joseph Seeberger hooked into his group's fourth fish of the day, what he thought was another smallmouth bass, he told partners "It's a good one." Boy, was it ever. Seconds later he revised that impression. "Oh, it's not a smallie," said the angler from Portage, MI.

    What To Do After Sandy - It's barely two days since she struck the New Jersey coast with all her fury, and early reports indicate that Hurricane Sandy has caused significant damage to marinas, boat yards, boat clubs and boating infrastructure. BoatUS provides helpful tips.

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  • Issue 220 - October 30, 2012

    Zombies In The Heartland - The last stand of humans are surrounded by Zombies closing in, and there will be shooting. Lots of shooting. That was the premise behind Hornday's Pandemic 2012. At the Heartland Public Shooting Park in Grand Island, NE, gun enthusiasts and Zombie haters united for a three-gun shooting event to take out the living dead.

    Art From The Woodpile - It's late summer and somebody is already in the woods cutting firewood. Come closer to the steady buzz of a chainsaw and you discover something is wrong with this picture. Yep, there's a guy cutting wood, but it's not for the firewood pile.

    Learning On The Fly -Tom Boatwright has won two championships in the Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge, which is seen Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET on the Outdoor Channel, and he hasn't become a yearly contender in the series by limiting himself.

    Dirty Dogs - Free ranging cats and dogs frustrate outdoorsmen and environmentalists. Domestic cats and dogs kill and maim more than a billion birds and mammals in the United States every year.

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  • Issue 219 - October 25, 2012

    Zombies Take Over - It normally takes three days of roaming the SHOT Show floor before show attendee's start getting that walking-dead, 1,000-yard stare look. At the 2012 SHOT Show, the "Walking Dead" or "zombies" were a consistent part of the show from the start.

    Move Deer Crossings? - This is too absurd to be believed. I mean really. With apologies to Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, Wild Card has come across a video that has left jaws dropped and minds boggled. Really.

    Out From Behind The Glass - Deer season is pretty much under way through most of the country. Either in the form of an archery or muzzleload hunt, anyone who wants to sit on a deer stand can do it, and there's nothing like it.

    Autumn Beach Blast - The sight is unmistakable - frothing white water, violent surface explosions, sporadic waves of silver shards leaping for their lives. It's the annual fall baitfish migration along Florida's West Coast and it's one of the best times of the year to bend a rod on a mixed bag of jacked up predatory species.

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  • Issue 218 - October 23, 2012

    Island Of The Big Grizzlies - When the first Paleolithic hunters arrived on what would become Kodiak Island some 7,500 years ago, the big bears were already there. Like the hunters, they had walked across the frozen Shelikof Strait from mainland Alaska, only they'd made the 30-mile trek at least 2,500 years earlier.

    Handle With Care - When sports fans tune in to Outdoor Channel in January to view the second Jack Link's Major League Fishing® event, they will see something fundamentally different in the way anglers bring fish into the boat, as well as another major sponsor.

    Traveling The World - Arden Cogar, Jr., champion of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series presented by Ram Trucks, couldn't drive his new prize truck across the Big Pond for the event in Lillehammer, Norway, instead having to rely on the airlines. And they let him down some.

    The Crush Does Halloween - With the rut starting, Lee Lakosky only wanted to trick or treat in the woods wearing camo. Tiffany had other ideas. "It's Halloween, and those boys are going to dress up," she said. "There's some battles you fight, and some just aren't worth it," Lee said.

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  • Issue 217 - October 18, 2012

    Professionals Hunt Nepal - Nepal may be the top of the world, but it's not on the top of many people's bucket list of hunting locales. But, Jim Shockey went, taking a four-man crew from "The Professionals" series on Outdoor Channel with him.

    The Well-Heeled Archer - It must have been a woman who first said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Clearly, the speaker never had a truck she wanted to jack up, a car she wanted to hot rod, and certainly not a bow of any sort. All of these things beg for "fixing," even though they might already work adequately.

    Have Fins, Will Travel - Marlin are among the fastest fish, reaching speeds of up to 68 mph. Researchers wanted to know how far they travel, and they got a good idea after the first year of the Great Marlin Race.

    Don't Hate The Crossbow - Crossbows are currently enduring what compound bows battled years ago; claims that their use will decimate deer herds and ruin the "sport" of archery. The same goes for 60 percent let-offs.

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  • Issue 216 - October 16, 2012

    Hunting brotherhood - Alex Rutledge's first deer was only a spike buck, but he'll never forget it. He shared many special moments in the woods with family, and says that's what hunting is really about, the comradery.

    Bring On The Cold - Frigid conditions cannot arrive soon enough for the nation's deer hunters. A deadly disease has attacked deer herds throughout many portions of the Midwest after this summer's brutal drought conditions.

    Mule Vs. Whitetail Deer - Both the whitetail and mule have the same generic name "deer", but have different species names. The mule deer is Odocoileus hemionus. While the whitetail is Odocoileus virginianus. The later part of that title referring to what was once known as the "Virginia Deer."

    Easy Venison Meatballs - Venison meatballs anyone? You will certainly impress your friends and family with these babies. They have an unbelievable flavor and they freeze well too. MissHomemade has also included many Italian sauce recipes to put them in.

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  • Issue 215 - October 11, 2012

    Ole Miss To Honor Jordan - Bill Jordan, the creator of Realtree Camouflage and the host of the Monster Bucks video series and the Realtree Outdoors television show, will receive two prestigious awards from the University of Mississippi October 13 when Ole Miss hosts Auburn as part of Homecoming 2012.

    Bloodlines - More than any other hunter in the woods, bowhunters know that after the shot and before the drag comes the search. Mastering the art of tracking a wounded animal is often the Live 2 Hunt: Worlds largest archery mulie!

    Just The Thing For A King - It's gotta be a top 5 for the Worst Cliché list - the one about being able to sell ice cubes to Eskimos. This statement of persuasive power hinges on the notion that Alaskan natives lack not for chill. Closing the sale therefore requires convincing said Alaskans that your brand of ice cubes are more attractive than others.

    Yellowfin Record May Fall - "El Suertudo," Spanish for "the lucky one," is the perfect name for the 61-foot Viking that belongs to Guy Yocom from Dana Point, CA. Yocom is also the lucky angler who hauled in a monster yellowfin tuna, which looks to be a shoo in for the all-tackle world record and possibly a $1 million payday.

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  • Issue 214 - October 9, 2012

    The Total Outdoorsman - Everyone has that friend who can cast a jig into just the right spot in brushy cover from 25 yards out. Or has a buddy who seems to never miss a shot, no matter the conditions or the degree of difficulty. Or know the guy who always has the best route to take the ATV through every mud bog.

    Building A Better Buck - An Alabama group's plan to improve a local deer herd's genetic structure is seen as an innovative project by some, but has also drawn harsh criticism from wildlife biologists. The Big Buck Project plans to release captive trophy class deer into the wild in an effort to produce genetically-superior bucks.

    First Female AOY - Like many pro anglers, Marianne Huskey was bitten by the fishing bug at an early age. She reached her first goal by making the pro ranks, and this year hit new heights as the AIM Pro Walleye Series Angler of the Year, the first female to win a title in either bass or walleye fishing.

    Fatal Deer Disease Creeps North - Deer infected with EHD may appear depressed or feverish and act erratically. Other signs may include blue-tinted tongue or eyes, ulcers on the tongue, sloughed hooves, high fever and swelling of the head, neck, tongue or eyelids.

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  • Issue 213 - October 4, 2012

    Bighorns Diminish - To sit in the presence of the Rocky Mountain bighorns in the high, wild and lonely country of northwest Wyoming they call home is nothing less than a royal privilege. It's a privilege, however, that may not last a lot longer.

    Sirguy's Silver Lining - Sirguy, of Port Angeles, Wash., was part of the United States squad that took the silver medal in the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series World Championship team relay competition. But, he also got to spend some extra time exploring the land of his Norwegian ancestors.

    A Taste for Beef Dooms Washington Wolf Pack - Opposing conservation and livestock groups eventually stood in agreement last week concerning a wolf pack that appears to be preying exclusively on cattle in in northeast Washington.

    Hot Catches of September - The end of the year is just around the corner, and world record-seeking anglers have their eye on the 2013 IGFA World Record Game Fishes book. Some of the record hopefuls who have submitted applications to the IGFA this month just may see their name in the next edition of the annual publication.

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  • Issue 212 - October 2, 2012

    Fish Gives Angler Finger - Hahns Galassi knew why police called him. He had predicted it himself months before after losing four fingers in a wakeboarding accident. "They're fish food at the bottom of the lake," he said of his digits.

    Third Tine Not A Charm - After more than six years of discussions, rulings and much wringing of hands, the famed Johnny King whitetail buck was officially scored by the Boone and Crockett Club on Sept. 24. And it is not a new world record.

    The Experience - Every hunter has that one memory that filters back every season. Those visions might be of a big buck slipping through the woods 20 years ago, or the warm feeling of a camp fire shared with friends and family. Often, those memories center on a hunter's first opening day or the first time a hunt was successful.

    Fall Redfish Roundup - Redfish are a predictable lot - they'll eat when food avails. But just as a dog will growl at even his owner for trying to take away his food dish, Florida redfish get really aggressive when fall starts to threaten their chow line.

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  • Issue 211 - September 27, 2012

    Crappie On Call - Hard work, not luck, has always been the key to catching crappie consistently. Dennis Tietje and his buddies at Living the Dream Guide Service do the hard work — building and maintaining brushpiles in Toledo Bend Reservoir.

    Walking A Fine Line - For the last 30 years, Mike Frenette has been a fishing guide operating the Redfish Lodge out of Venice, LA. In that time he's built a business that has catered to anglers all over the world in a fishery that has no match anywhere else.

    Fishing For Votes - A variety of issues can and will affect the nation's 60 million recreational anglers, the sport fishing industry and the nation's fisheries. But, rarely are the presidential candidates presented questions regarding those topics.

    Limiting Licenses Considered - Wildlife agency officials in South Dakota and Nebraska are considering taking measures to reduce the number of deer hunting licenses or permits issued this fall due to outbreaks of a viral disease in the state's deer herds.

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  • Issue 210 - September 25, 2012

    Moose Delivery - Imagine this call. "Hello, Moose Federation." "Yes, I'd like a moose, no antlers." "Ok. We'll be there in 30 minutes or less, if not, it's still free." Something along those lines is taking place across Alaska under the state's moose salvage program.

    Gruesome Grizzly Mauling - When I strung my longbow and set out on the trail that crisp September morning in 1992, I never guessed that in a few hours my life would be not only threatened, but forever changed.

    Martens Wins All-Star Title - This one had it all – long runs, risky strategies, run-and-gun fishing and a dramatic save of a stranded competitor. In the end, Alabama's Aaron Martens edged out Oklahoma's Edwin Evers to win the 2012 Toyota Trucks All-Star Week championship.

    Outdoors Across Alaska - It's the time of year that Don Mulligan, an outdoors writer from Indiana, looks forward to — his annual adventure trip through the pristine wilderness of Alaska. Mulligan and his travel partner braved a rickety bush plane ride and indulged in The Last Frontier — from fly fishing in Soldotna to bear and wolf hunting overlooking the Tustumena Glacier.

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  • Issue 209 - September 20, 2012

    Shawn Michaels' Pays Tribute to The Nuge - Ted Nugent is an icon in the music and hunting industries. The Motor City Madman has sold more than 40 million albums and his Outdoor Channel show Spirit of the Wild has won six Golden Moose awards.

    Best of Elites To Meet - As the 2012 Toyota Tundra Bassmaster Angler of the Year, Brent Chapman is red-hot in pro bass fishing. But he is going into Toyota Trucks All-Star Week stone-cold and he's not alone.

    Cogar Fourth; U.S. Relay Second - Poor finishes in the stock saw and hot saw hurt U.S. champion Arden Cogar, Jr. as he finished fourth in the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series World Championship in Lillehammer, Norway.

    EHD Killing Deer - As of mid-September, the Missouri Department of Conservation had received reports of approximately 2,800 dead deer from throughout most of the state, with EHD being the suspected cause.

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  • Issue 208 - September 18, 2012

    Miss Wildgame Nation - Matt Busbice of Wildgame Nation headed from the homestead in Louisiana to Texas, leaving Bill and Ryan behind for three pageant girls who will compete for the prestigious title of Miss Wildgame Nation.

    On The Ready - You hear a lot of cliches in the fishing industry. Our sport is 10 percent skill and 90 percent luck. Ten percent of the anglers catch 90 percent of the fish. My favorite overused, albeit forever sage axiom holds that luck occurs when opportunity meets preparation.

    Attack Fuels Anti-Attack - Mark Matheny knows it's not true, that old joke about not having to outrun a bear, only having to outrun your hunting partner. "Because they lock in on you like a homing missile," said Matheny, who survived a brutal bear attack 20 years ago and developed a bear spray to prevent others from being attacked.

    Where 'Bad' Is Still 'Great' - Capt. Mike Frenette stood on the dock of his Redfish Lodge, scanned the expansive Venice Marina and said, "Everything you see in this marina was gone, except for some pretzeled steel." Frenette was referring to the effects of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005.

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  • Issue 207 - September 13, 2012

    Weekend At Beary's - He stared me down for what seemed like forever before going back to feeding -- I put a fresh primer in and this time when I took the shot, the gun went off and the bullet struck perfectly and surprisingly the bear dropped in his tracks.

    Heavy Fines, Serious Time - After illegally taking a record Kansas buck, David Kent won't be paying as much as he might have. Kent got a sentence of 30 days in jail, had to forfeit the antlers and gun used in the crime, paid $1,500 in state fines and won't be allowed hunt for 5 years.

    West's Record Grizzly - Steve West, founder and host of Steve's Outdoor Adventures TV has taken the muzzleloader world record grizzly bear. The previous record of 23 2/16 inches was shattered when West's grizzly was scored at 26 1/16, eclipsing it by almost three inches.

    Where Are The Trout? - As fantastic as redfishing continues to be in southern Louisiana, prospects for catching speckled trout have just as stunningly diminished. If any fisheries biologists know why, they aren't saying.

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  • Issue 206 - September 11, 2012

    Cody's Massive Mulie - When Cody Robbins dropped his massive mule deer in Saskatchewan during a bow hunt in September 2011, he knew it was the trophy of a lifetime. Upon taking measurements, it appeared there would a new world record for a nontypical mule deer.

    Oil Casts Ugly 'Shadow' - For P.J. Hahn, the white PVC poles poking up from Bay Jimmy are a stark reminder of just how quickly the Louisiana marsh is receding since the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010.

    Things Changed After 9/11 - Things have changed in the last 11 years. In some ways I can't put my finger on all the changes, but I feel the change, as do most Americans. Exactly 11 years ago today, we watched as the Twin Towers came tumbling down at the hands of religious fanatics flying airplanes.

    Venison Tenderloin Bake - With deer season locked in your sight, you may be thinking ahead to what you'll do with all that tasty venison. Misshomemade is never short on ideas. She pulls through this time with a simple, powerhouse recipe for venison tenderloin.

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  • Issue 205 - September 6, 2012

    Wearing Colors With Pride - Dave Jewett owns scores of records and accolades accrued over a quarter century of competing in the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series presented by Ram Trucks. After that introduction, what spikes his competitive spirit might come as a surprise.

    Helping Hunters Connect - What's the best deer hunting tip you've ever received? Always, always pay attention to the wind. Sure, besides safety, that's probably the most important thing to be aware out in the deer woods. We at OutdoorChannel.com have compiled a list of the some other things you should consider.

    Hungry Jack Recipe - Arden Cogar Jr. is hungry for the world title, even if it means going a little hungry at times. The U.S. Champion of the STIHL® TIMBERSPORTS® Series presented by Ram Trucks is chomping at the bit for this week's STIHL World Championships.

    Cat Island On Ninth Life - The small island was cramped with pelicans, each of them jockeying for a position on the small sliver of land, like trying to balance on the top of a basketball. In the two years since the Deep-water Horizon sent waves of oil into Barataria Bay, islands like this have become an increasing concern.

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  • Issue 204 - September 4, 2012

    Fight To Pass Farm Bill - The 2012 Farm Bill stalled before reaching the full House floor prior the August recess. That means upon their return, lawmakers will have a very small window - a little more than three weeks - to pass this critical piece of legislation.

    A Shaky, Shaky Start - Ralph Cianciarulo's first deer hunt was not what anyone would expect from the world class bow hunter. It was an absolute disaster. Cianciarulo was taken under the spell of the stick and string after first acquiring one when he was 6.

    Marsh Sadness - The southeast Louisiana Delta is largely considered one the finest fisheries in North America, if not the world. That fact is not lost on Ryan Lambert, the Vice President of the Louisiana Charter Boat Association.

    A Hunt with Mom - Watch "Craig Morgan All Access Outdoors" and you get a glimpse of the popular country music performer's passion for living the outdoor lifestyle. His enthusiasm is undeniable and it can be traced back to a memorable childhood moment shared with his late mother, Betty Sue Crockett.

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  • Issue 203 - August 30, 2012

    Keep Marsh in Mind - As outdoorsmen, we rarely live by the adage "out of sight, out of mind." It is simply not part of our make-up. Images of hoped-for bucks, big bass or strutting turkeys are burned into our psyche, so deep that even while sitting in church, they can be seen clearly.

    Finding Big Water Smallies - Fishing deep northern lakes for smallmouth can present the proverbial feast-or-famine scenario. Erie, St. Clair, Ontario, Champlain; these allstars, along with many other brown fish favs, offer vast ranges of productive bottom structure.

    Unreal Wildlife - An African lioness, head erect, belly on the ground, appears to give you a glance as you walk into this big conference room at the John Q. Hammons Convention Center. But, the big cat can't hold your eyes more than a moment. This place appears alive with wildlife.

    Deer Eats On The Cheap - Though some purists think hunting over a food plot is no different than baiting and detest the practice, there is no denying they are here to stay and are responsible for one of the fastest growing segments of the hunting industry.

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  • Issue 202 - August 28, 2012

    Duckett Rallies On Oneida - Boyd Duckett used to count on his red shoes as his talisman. Now it seems his two-week-old son is bringing him all the luck he needs. In pro fishing, it's half-jokingly called "the baby pattern" because pros with new kids have proved to suddenly be more motivated.

    The Gold Is Gone! - Outdoor Channel and the Gold Prospectors Association of America went on a northern adventure set in a city of gold - Nome, Alaska - for an original documentary series, "Alaskan."

    The More, The Merrier - Hunting numbers are up, reversing a previous downward trend, according to a national survey released this month. A youth hunting advocate said increased interest in getting young people involved in hunting is one of the primary reasons for the increase.

    Chapman Achieves Lifetime Goal - Maybe Brent Chapman will let up now. The man many regard as the most focused, singleminded angler of the 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series has accomplished exactly what he set out to do at the beginning of the season.

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  • Issue 201 - August 23, 2012

    Cogar's French Connection - With a pair of gold medals to Arden Cogar Jr.'s credit, the obvious question from timber sports fans and lumberjacks comes next. What's his secret to success?

    Addicted Hits Africa - Jon and Gina Brunson, hosts of Addicted to the Outdoors, flew to Johannesburg, South Africa, for a hunt. Jon wanted to snag a waterbuck, and Gina was after a zebra, which their daughter, Raven, wanted for a rug.

    IGFA August Hot Catches - Two species - the pinima peacock and the unusual butterfly kingfish - are being considered for first-time IGFA World Records in this month's Hot Catches report.

    The Shot of Champions - Hundreds of athletes have been on Wheaties' cereal boxes in its "The Breakfast of Champions" promotion - only three have received a similar honor from Winchester Ammunition. Kim Rhode is the fourth.

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