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Nicole Jones Reeve

Nicole Jones Reeve

Growing up in small town Southern Illinois, Nicole spent her days in the woods following along side her dad Jim and two older brothers Zach and Jared. She started going with her dad when she was old enough to walk, and then harvesting her first deer at the young age of six years old. There was never a time she can remember that her dad left me her at home. It didn't matter what Nicole was doing, whether she was out hunting for that monster whitetail, fishing, mushroom hunting or creeping through the woods looking for squirrels.

As a little girl, her dad showed her the ups and downs of hunting and most importantly the relationships that are made by the experiences in the outdoors. She gives all credit for her love of the outdoors to her dad. Thanks to him for passing down the passion, she is now following a second dream of getting the opportunity to spend time in the outdoors everyday and passing on her enthusiasm to younger generations.

Over the last 19 years of hunting she has harvested many beautiful animals including countless Pope and Youngs, one Boone & Crockett, a 12-foot alligator, antelope, and many African Species. When she's not out hunting, hanging stands or planting food plots she enjoys spending time with friends and family! She wants to thank her dad, mom and 2 brothers for all of their support throughout the past 25 years. Nicole would like to give a very special thank you to her mom Susan. Although she doesn't hunt, she always made sure Nicole was bundled up for the hunt and had a yummy meal on the table when they got home! Without her Nicole wouldn't be near the person she is today! Happy Hunting!