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  • Bullish on Boreal Forest Bear
    News : Posted 05-23-2014

    Bullish on Boreal Forest Bear

    Brandon Schreiber had an epiphany when he was 18 years old. A young man growing up within the Boreal Forest in Northern Saskatchewan, Schreiber knew he was at the heart of North America's hunting paradise.

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  • Bearing Strong Feelings
    News : Posted 05-22-2014

    Bearing Strong Feelings

    There's an unofficial, official rule in North Saskatchewan: There is no crying in bear hunting.

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  • Kevin Short's Tornado Miracle
    News : Posted 05-02-2014

    Kevin Short's Tornado Miracle

    The day after a tornado wiped out Kevin Short's and his father's homes, he was ready to take his dad to a casino and put every thing they had left on the roulette wheel.

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  • Feel It In The Air Tonight
    News : Posted 01-13-2014

    Feel It In The Air Tonight

    If you were to close your eyes in the middle of the desert right outside of Boulder City, you could easily imagine yourself on the edge of a war zone.

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  • Noll Camp A Real Grind
    Story : Posted 12-05-2013

    Noll Camp A Real Grind

    Noll, 85, is the patriarch of the annual deer hunt the Noll family has taken part in for more than 60 years in Wisconsin. "There were only three of us," Noll said in a shaky voice, recalling that first hunt in the late 1940s...

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  • Trophy or Deer Management?
    Story : Posted 11-21-2013

    Trophy or Deer Management?

    Management tactics over the past decade suggest deer hunters are solely obsessed with trophy deer. But the idea behind so many of the restrictions really center on creating a healthy deer herd, and big bucks are just a residual effect.

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  • Ah, There's the Rub
    Story : Posted 11-20-2013

    Ah, There's the Rub

    Deer hunting is basically the exercise of getting into the right place to shoot the deer of your desires. Those desires might range from a slick-headed doe to a buck wearing a crown of antlers, but the idea is still the same.

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  • The Herd Hears Him
    Story : Posted 11-18-2013

    The Herd Hears Him

    Deer camps all over the country center on a name for a variety of reasons, but few are as pure and creative as Tracy Noll's “Can You Hear Me?” camp in Buffalo County, Wis.

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  • Orange Army 'Holiday'
    Story : Posted 11-15-2013

    Orange Army 'Holiday'

    They call it the orange army: Droves of hunters inundating the woods, wearing hunter orange, all of them hoping for a chance at a deer of a lifetime or protein on the ground.

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  • A Bow, Paddle and Pirogue
    Story : Posted 11-12-2013

    A Bow, Paddle and Pirogue

    Michael Frenette hunts the Louisiana Marsh out of a pirogue, paddling to slivers of land. It's unlikely habitat for deer, but they are there, and Frenette keeps at it because "It's what I have. There's nothing wrong with hunting what you got."

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