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Kiwi Convergency

When hunting seasons are few and far between in the U.S., Outdoor Channel's hunters expand their horizons. It's a bucket list trip for some, a much-anticipated return for others, but New Zealand offers some hot hunting action after things cool down in most of North America. Read More

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New Queen of Hunting

Eva Shockey could very well be the next queen of hunting. She's certainly the princess of Outdoor Channel's royal hunting family, and she just recently took her place next to the world's best-known queen. Read More


FRC Lands Sports Greats

Curtis Fleming hooked up with several of his big-name guests for this season's “Fly Rod Chronicles” at the PGA Tour's Greenbrier Classic in Lewisburg, W.Va. Read More


Remington's ACR-PDW

Remington's new ACR Personal Defense Weapon is a 5.56x45mm selective variation of the standard ACR with a 10.5” barrel. Read More


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