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Salty Cats Add Fun to a Day

There are two species of catfish often caught by anglers fishing Southern saltwater, and with many of you planning fishing trips on the coast in upcoming months, I thought you might enjoy learning about these interesting and fun-to-catch whiskerfish. Read More

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Welcome to the World, Baby Crush!

All American sweethearts Lee & Tiffany Lakosky of Outdoor Channel's award-winning television show “CRUSH with Lee & Tiffany” announce the birth of their child, Cameron Lee Lakosky. Read More


Line Management 101

Fishing would be an even greater sport if it wasn't for fishing line. Read More


What Shooting Skills Should I Practice?

Bruce Lee said, “Advanced skills are the basics mastered,” which, in my mind, history has shown to be true, thus, practicing ESSENTIALS is a great place to spend your hard earned money and limited time. Read More


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