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    Gunning with Sgt. Gunny

    To the casual visitor last weekend at the 144th NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Nashville, Tenn. – “NashVegas” as some people like to call the capitol of country music – it was readily apparent that the Music City Center was a busy, happening kind of a place. Read More

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    Thompson/Center Arms Reintroduces The G2 Contender

    Thompson/Center Arms makes it easier than ever for sportsmen and women to experience the versatility and performance of an interchangeable firearms platform through the reintroduction of the venerable G2 Contender. Read More

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    One New Positive CWD Case Found in West Texas

    Chronic wasting disease (CWD) was detected in only one of 222 tissue samples that were collected from hunter harvested deer and elk from the Trans Pecos ecoregion during the 2014–15 season as part of a CWD surveillance effort. Read More

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Get the Most out of Perennial Plots

By far one of the most planted food plot species is clover. For many, clover is clover. But between reds and whites, annuals and perennials, there are a lot of differing characteristics that not only affect the performance of a food plots but also the cost of establishment. Read More


Rudolph of the Rivers

Wilkes finally got it near to the boat, both men had to assist in wrestling the fish aboard. It was a behemoth—a 105-pound, 5-foot, 5-inch-long paddlefish, a new Arkansas record. Read More


H&K Announces P30SK Compact 9mm Pistol

Heckler & Koch adds a new subcompact pistol, the P30SK, to its renowned P30 series line. Retail priced at $719, the new P30SK is one of the smallest HK handguns made and is ideally suited as a concealed carry pistol. Read More


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