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DoubleStar Corp. is a company based in Winchester, KY. It was started to compliment the wonderful parts and service that J&T Distributing has been providing for more than 30 years. After many requests to build a complete rifle by J&T Distributing's customers, Teresa and son Jesse Starnes decided it was time to expand the company's product line and started its sister company DoubleStar. Since 2000, the same quality parts and service have been used to manufacture firearms for everyone from the average Joe Shooter to elite military and law enforcement units all over the world. With outstanding customer service and a lifetime warranty on our rifles, DSC is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your family and your country.

At DoubleStar they sell the best AR-15 and M-16 rifles and Carbines on the market. Their AR-15 and M-16 Rifles are built to perform. From the soldier on the ground to the hunter in the woods, their AR-15 and M-16 rifles and carbines will handle, shoot, and last a lifetime. They shoot what they sell and build what they shoot, making DoubleStar a hands-on firearms manufacturer. With their patrol rifle a highlight in the shooting world and other AR platform rifles being top notch you won't go wrong with DoubleStar.

FFL dealer sales and government sales and export are a big part of their business. And, they'd like to let the private shooter know they are not forgotten at DoubleStar. They build and service every AR-15 and M-16 sold at their factory in Winchester, Kentucky. Their small town, small business approach to rifle building gives each AR-15 and M-16 rifle or carbine they sell and its buyer personal one-on-one attention. This extra level of personal service makes each rifle or carbine built by DoubleStar the highest quality AR-15 or M-16 on the market.