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  • Best Shrimp Scampi (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 07-25-2014

    Best Shrimp Scampi (Recipe)

    This is the best shrimp scampi recipe that I have tasted. If you have some fresh shrimp, just make this - it's easy to put together and is delicious.

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  • Crispy Pan Fried Trout (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 07-22-2014

    Crispy Pan Fried Trout (Recipe)

    This recipe starts out on the stove and finishes in the oven in three easy steps. A delicious sauce is made when deglazing the cast iron pan.

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  • KVD's Citrus Soda Ribs
    Recipe : Posted 07-09-2014

    KVD's Citrus Soda Ribs

    Once cut and seasoned, VanDam puts the ribs into a throw-away aluminum cooking pan and submerge them with a two-liter bottle of a lemon-lime soda...

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  • Uncle Sam's Wild Fare
    Recipe : Posted 07-04-2014

    Uncle Sam's Wild Fare

    Uncle Sam is throwing a nationwide party as he celebrates his 238th birthday. MLF pros Randy Howell and Michael Simonton offer some of their favored meals to try over the holiday weekend.

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  • Cooking with an Outdoors Twist
    Recipe : Posted 07-03-2014

    Cooking with an Outdoors Twist

    All across America, Outdoor Channel viewers are gearing up for a day of celebrating all things red, white and blue as Uncle Sam celebrates his 238th birthday.

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  • Patriotic Grilling 101
    Recipe : Posted 07-03-2014

    Patriotic Grilling 101

    To say that Dallas resident Dave Price has experienced a wide range of cooking on the Fourth of July would be an understatement. As a member of the armed forces, he has spent many Independence Day holidays outside the United States.

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  • KJ's Red Snapper on the Half Shell
    Recipe : Posted 07-03-2014

    KJ's Red Snapper on the Half Shell

    One of Kelly Jordon's favorite species to target out on the salt just so happens to be the red snapper. When he brings home a limit of snapper to his East Texas home in Palestine, he has a favored way of preparing the delectable fish.

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  • Spicy Salmon Patties (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 06-16-2014

    Spicy Salmon Patties (Recipe)

    If you have some cooked salmon and a few minutes to spare, you must make my delicious spicy salmon patties.

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  • Stuffed White Fish Fillets (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 05-16-2014

    Stuffed White Fish Fillets (Recipe)

    With just a few ingredients, you can make my stuffed white fish fillets for dinner. Impress family and friends (no one needs to know it was so easy to make).

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  • Pemmican (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 05-12-2014

    Pemmican (Recipe)

    A hardy mixture of protein and fat, pemmican is a dense edible high in energy. It resembles a sort of dried meatball, and it's a great survival food source because it's easy to make and preserve for long periods of time.

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