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  • Power Scouting Tips for Whitetail
    HowTo : Posted 09-18-2015

    Power Scouting Tips for Whitetail

    Pat and Nicole Reeve, of “Driven” on Outdoor Channel, do not have a lot of land of their own to hunt in Minnesota, so they have to travel to different whitetail-rich states to video each season of their show. This doesn't leave them with a lot of time to scout each area.

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  • Wing Shooting Madness
    News : Posted 09-17-2015

    Wing Shooting Madness

    Do you live for thick wooded stands loaded with grouse?

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  • Green Chili Antelope Cheeseburgers
    Recipe : Posted 09-17-2015

    Green Chili Antelope Cheeseburgers

    This delicious burger recipe uses ground antelope mixed with Italian mild pork sausage, two types of cheese, grilled green chilies and a cool crunchy slaw.

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  • How to Keep Ice Longer in Coolers
    News : Posted 09-16-2015

    How to Keep Ice Longer in Coolers

    Lynn Burkhead talks with Mike May of Yeti coolers about how to keep ice longer in coolers by conditioning coolers before your adventures begin. Mike offers some tips for increased ice retention to help you get the most out of your super cooler.

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  • Bow Hunting with Eyesight Challenges
    HowTo : Posted 09-16-2015

    Bow Hunting with Eyesight Challenges

    Lynn Burkhead talks with Drury's “THIRTEEN” TV show hosts Mark and Terry Drury about bowhunting with different eyesight conditions. One of those challenges many bowhunters face is having a dominate eye opposite of the dominate hand. Mark has this issue – left handed, right eye dominate – and shares how he overcomes the challenge.

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  • 'Snows' in September
    News : Posted 09-14-2015

    'Snows' in September

    It's a long way from Texas to the middle of Saskatchewan, but even so, I had the strange feeling that I had been here before.

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  • Early Bow Season Strategies
    News : Posted 09-10-2015

    Early Bow Season Strategies

    After months of waiting, the reality of getting to sit in a treestand has finally arrived. The anticipation can quickly turn to frustration if you have not adapted your early bow season strategy to the ever-changing deer patterns.

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  • Savory Garlic Mushroom Ground Elk
    Recipe : Posted 09-10-2015

    Savory Garlic Mushroom Ground Elk

    This is a simple, savory 'stroganoff' recipe that uses garlic, mushrooms, onion, canned mushroom soup, fresh sage and ground elk burger served over cooked rice.

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  • FTW Ranch: A Rifle School for Your Bucket List
    News : Posted 09-04-2015

    FTW Ranch: A Rifle School for Your Bucket List

    FTW is an amazing facility that can make your long range dream come through. Michael and Shooting Gallery regular Dianna Liedorff...

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  • Wild Game 2015 Forecast
    News : Posted 09-03-2015

    Wild Game 2015 Forecast

    How is your fall hunting season shaping up? This week we have assembled an elite squad of outdoors men that are prepared to give us their predictions for the "2015 Wild Game Forecast".

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