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  • Crispy Pan Fried Trout (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 07-22-2014

    Crispy Pan Fried Trout (Recipe)

    This recipe starts out on the stove and finishes in the oven in three easy steps. A delicious sauce is made when deglazing the cast iron pan.

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  • To Catch A Great White
    News : Posted 07-22-2014

    To Catch A Great White

    With about every imaginable fishing product spread out over 500,000 square feet of showroom, the mission turned into a speed run to find rod, reel and a hook to handle a giant.

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  • ICAST 2014 Doesn't Disappoint
    Story : Posted 07-21-2014

    ICAST 2014 Doesn't Disappoint

    From every corner of the globe, 11,000 exhibitors, buyers and media converged on the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) last week for the world's largest recreational fishing trade show.

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  • Basic Trout Fishing Tactics
    HowTo : Posted 07-21-2014

    Basic Trout Fishing Tactics

    Trout fishing is a sport for everyone. You don't need a boat and motor, a depth locator, a pH meter, a guide, or any expensive tackle. All you need is...

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  • Davis' Top 3 Saltiest Fights
    News : Posted 07-21-2014

    Davis' Top 3 Saltiest Fights

    Comparatively speaking, most sharks are wimps, says Mark Davis, host of “Penn's Big Water Adventures” that airs on Outdoor Channel.

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  • ICAST/IFTD 2014: Day Three Notes and Quotes
    News : Posted 07-20-2014

    ICAST/IFTD 2014: Day Three Notes and Quotes

    While the crowds thinned a bit on Day Three, there was still a noticeable energy on the show floor as last minute business deals and product discussions took place. editorial crew was there until the show concluded and found one last collection of facts.

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  • Bryan Spotted Bass Official WR
    Story : Posted 07-20-2014

    Bryan Spotted Bass Official WR

    Keith Bryan has officially received notice from the IGFA that his 10.48-pound spotted bass from New Melones Reservoir has been declared the new All-Tackle World Record.

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  • New Lure Color Got MLF Boost
    Story : Posted 07-19-2014

    New Lure Color Got MLF Boost

    Stopping by the Lucky Craft booth on Day One of the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, it was hard to miss the signage promoting a new color scheme from the mind of MLF pro Kelly Jordon.

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  • DIY Fishing Rod Catches On
    News : Posted 07-18-2014

    DIY Fishing Rod Catches On

    Specialized bass fishing techniques sparked a renaissance in fishing rod building. As anglers refined their fishing styles and lure companies invented a wide variety of baits, the idea of custom rod building took off.

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  • A Fly In The Ointment?
    News : Posted 07-18-2014

    A Fly In The Ointment?

    This ICAST panel discussion had an intriguing title, “Fly Fishing and Conventional Fishing: Why Can't We All Get Along?”

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