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  • All The President's Fish
    Story : Posted 06-20-2014

    All The President's Fish

    Former President George H.W. Bush is a real fisherman. He wasn't a president who had a rod slapped in his hands for a photo op.

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  • Bass to Bow For Swindle
    News : Posted 06-19-2014

    Bass to Bow For Swindle

    Pro bass angler Gerald Swindle is serious about his bow hunting, so much so he's on Outdoor Channel's “Moultrie's The Hit List.” Now he just hopes it doesn't begin to feel like a job.

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  • Spicy Salmon Patties (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 06-16-2014

    Spicy Salmon Patties (Recipe)

    If you have some cooked salmon and a few minutes to spare, you must make my delicious spicy salmon patties.

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  • 'Highway Bill for Boaters'
    Story : Posted 06-16-2014

    'Highway Bill for Boaters'

    Acknowledging that recreational boating is a significant contributor to the nation's economy as well as a growth engine for local communities, President Obama signed bipartisan legislation this week that recognizes...

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  • Huge Father's Day Memory
    News : Posted 06-16-2014

    Huge Father's Day Memory

    After more than an hour-long battle the sturgeon was brought to shore by the boat's lead guide Dean Werk of Great River Fishing Adventures. The crew scanned the fish to find it had not been previously tagged. It was dubbed a "virgin sturgeon," an untagged white sturgeon.

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  • Wheeler Deals at BASSfest
    News : Posted 06-15-2014

    Wheeler Deals at BASSfest

    Jacob Wheeler,23, chose the road less traveled and it led to victory in the inaugural Bassmaster BASSfest event. He caught 90 pounds, 6 ounces over four days on Chickamauga Lake to top the 140 others and win $125,000 and a berth into the Bassmaster Classic.

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  • Coast Guard Stops Another Foreign Vessel Poaching Red Snapper
    News : Posted 06-13-2014

    Coast Guard Stops Another Foreign Vessel Poaching Red Snapper

    For the second time in less than a week, the U.S. Coast Guard reports that it stopped a foreign vessel that was illegally poaching red snapper in waters just off the South Texas coastline.

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  • Mercer Trips To Trophies
    News : Posted 06-13-2014

    Mercer Trips To Trophies

    As a Canadian, Dave Mercer was giddy when the Stanley Cup arrived for a shoot of his “Facts of Fishing” show on Outdoor Channel. Mercer took Bryan Bickell, a forward for the NHL champion Chicago Blackhawks, fishing for smallmouth in Canada.

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  • Angling Wild Alaska: Getting There is Half the Fun
    Story : Posted 06-13-2014

    Angling Wild Alaska: Getting There is Half the Fun

    With the drone of the Cessna 206 aircraft prop engine dulling my senses and threatening to put my jet-lagged form to sleep, I have to confess that I wasn't fully prepared for the sudden lurch of Charles Allen's Alaskan bush plane.

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  • Successful Operation
    Story : Posted 06-11-2014

    Successful Operation

    Deb Hebert has been involved in life-or-death situations and weathered the fury of hurricanes, but she has seldom been in a situation as exhilarating or draining as the one she faced during the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic.

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