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  • Cutthroat Fishing Attitude
    News : Posted 03-14-2014

    Cutthroat Fishing Attitude

    If you have enjoyed the head-to-head, minute-to-minute, cast-to-cast action of Ultimate Match Fishing in the past, show founder and host Joe Thomas says you ain't seen nothing yet.

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  • Florida's Poster-Child Fish
    Story : Posted 03-12-2014

    Florida's Poster-Child Fish

    Florida's spring snook season is upon us, and odds are that after the winter closure, Sunshine State anglers are going to find a lot of dumb, happy snook eager to take their baits and lures.

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  • Windy Days Require an Ice Shanty
    Story : Posted 03-12-2014

    Windy Days Require an Ice Shanty

    Ice fishing can be a fairly cold activity, especially on those windy days when it doesn't seem fit to be outdoors. On such days, an ice shanty is almost a requirement.

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  • Searching For Good Late Ice Fishing
    HowTo : Posted 03-11-2014

    Searching For Good Late Ice Fishing

    With near-record days below zero and a winter that we have not seen since the 70's, ice fishing tactics this year will need to be adjusted during the month of March to put fish on the ice.

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  • Havasu Has Super Sunfish
    News : Posted 03-10-2014

    Havasu Has Super Sunfish

    When anglers talk about panfish, it's most often the little guys where several are needed to fill the pan, not one that spills over the sides.

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  • March begins new license year in Kentucky
    Story : Posted 03-07-2014

    March begins new license year in Kentucky

    As the latest winter storm took aim at Kentucky this past weekend, a brief break in the weather ahead of its arrival sent many anglers out in search of fishable water.

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  • Craig Morgan Honorary Chair for National Hunting & Fishing Day
    Story : Posted 03-07-2014

    Craig Morgan Honorary Chair for National Hunting & Fishing Day

    Country music star, award-winning TV host and former soldier Craig Morgan is venturing into a new kind of service in 2014, when he will serve as the honorary chairman for National Hunting and Fishing Day.

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  • Hawg Halibut
    Story : Posted 03-07-2014

    Hawg Halibut

    The t-shirt reads “Just for the Halibut.” I thought it was a perfect tourist prize for a flatlander fisherman that just caught a 65-pound Alaskan Halibut off the coast of Seward, Alaska. There are a lot of thrills on the face of this earth, but deep sea fishing off Alaska has certainly got to be one of them, especially for a guy from the south

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  • Catching Salmon On The Run
    Story : Posted 03-05-2014

    Catching Salmon On The Run

    Salmon fishing in the ocean and the Columbia River this summer could be great thanks to an abundant run of hatchery coho and a potentially historic return of chinook, according to state fishery managers.

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  • 100-Pound Kid, 114-Pound Catfish
    News : Posted 03-05-2014

    100-Pound Kid, 114-Pound Catfish

    Anglers can be a superstitious lot, especially young ones who pull in something bigger than themselves.

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