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  • Spring Fishing Frenzy
    Story : Posted 02-26-2014

    Spring Fishing Frenzy

    Warming temperatures and longer days trigger an angler's instinct to reacquaint oneself with a favorite lake, and try new techniques and equipment picked up over the winter.

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  • Raise It Randy!
    Story : Posted 02-25-2014

    Raise It Randy!

    Every angler dreams of catching bass after giant bass like Randy Howell did on Sunday. Howell began hauling in Lake Guntersville lunkers minutes into the final round of the GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by Diet Mountain Dew and GoPro.

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  • Deep Sea Fishing: Knowing Your Tides
    Story : Posted 02-21-2014

    Deep Sea Fishing: Knowing Your Tides

    It might sound weird, but a thorough knowledge of the tides and their result on your fishing area can pay big dividends. In fact, it is rated a major key to successful deep sea fishing by experts.

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  • Hey, Dave, Get a job!
    News : Posted 02-20-2014

    Hey, Dave, Get a job!

    When 40-year-old Dave Mercer says he's never had a "real job," it's hard to argue with him. Well, it's always difficult to argue with the high-energy, high-volume Mercer. In this case, there's not much to argue about. The facts of his life stand as proof.

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  • Getting Into A Guide's Eyes
    News : Posted 02-19-2014

    Getting Into A Guide's Eyes

    With 18 years experience competing as a professional tournament angler, Byron Velvick has witnessed a bit of everything. But he continues to live-and-learn.

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  • Hard Freeze Fishing
    Story : Posted 02-12-2014

    Hard Freeze Fishing

    In the diverse world of outdoor sportsmen and women, few pray for cold as religiously as ice fishermen. No other sport is as dependent on bitter cold for its enthusiasts to just participate. But even for most ice fishermen there is a limit to how much cold they can stand.

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  • Osprey Gets Hooks Into Hook
    News : Posted 02-11-2014

    Osprey Gets Hooks Into Hook

    Bassmaster Elite Series pro Rick Morris had an unmemorable Bassmaster Open on Lake Toho, but he came away from Florida with a truly unique experience.

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  • Major League Fishing Announces Major Expansion
    Story : Posted 02-10-2014

    Major League Fishing Announces Major Expansion

    Major League Fishing will double in size in 2014 by adding two events and 24 new anglers. The new events will be sponsored by GEICO. Called the GEICO Selects, the events will be filmed this year and televised early in 2015 by Outdoor Channel, America's Leader in Outdoor TV. Prior to their television run, the two events – the Summit Select and the Challenge Select - will be aired as extended-coverage, web-based broadcasts.

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  • Grand Lake Promises a Grand Finish
    Story : Posted 02-06-2014

    Grand Lake Promises a Grand Finish

    When Jack Link's Major League Fishing officials brought the 2014 General Tire Summit Cup to the Thunder Bay region of northeastern Michigan, they did so planning on fishing not one, not two, but three lakes.

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  • Martens Hopes for a 'Grand' Finish to an Epic Year
    Story : Posted 02-06-2014

    Martens Hopes for a 'Grand' Finish to an Epic Year

    After a very long year of competing on the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament trail, Aaron Martens is a bit on the tired side and ready to return to his home and his family back in Alabama.

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