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  • Shark Week Of Their Own
    Story : Posted 08-05-2013

    Shark Week Of Their Own

    It's most likely purely coincidence that the yearly spectacle of Shark Week coincides with a large harvest of sometimes record-breaking mako sharks off Southern California's coast.

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  • August Fishing Ideas
    Story : Posted 08-02-2013

    August Fishing Ideas

    August can be a challenging time to fish for some anglers. If we get normal weather conditions, whatever normal is, following are some ideas that will help you be more successful catching fish in August.

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  • Ugly Stik® Gets a Facelift
    Gear : Posted 08-01-2013

    Ugly Stik® Gets a Facelift

    The old expression "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is generally accepted as good advice. However, there are some great things that have the potential to become even greater with improvement.

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  • An Alluring Business
    Gear : Posted 07-25-2013

    An Alluring Business

    Today's pro bass anglers carry cases of lures, plugs, jigs, worms, grubs, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, buzzbaits – and they're constantly looking for more.

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  • Wreck to Riches
    Story : Posted 07-24-2013

    Wreck to Riches

    Theirs is a tale of nautical mishap, but time and nature have turned the many wrecks scattered throughout the Gulf and Atlantic into cornucopias of angling abundance.

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  • IGFA July Hot Catches
    Story : Posted 07-23-2013

    IGFA July Hot Catches

    For some, fishing is just in their blood. That's true for Australian Benchawan Thiansungoen, IFGA's Top Female Freshwater Angler for 2012.

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  • Great Fishing at High-elevation Waters
    Story : Posted 07-19-2013

    Great Fishing at High-elevation Waters

    You can beat the heat, have fun and enjoy breathtaking scenery by grabbing your fishing pole and heading to Utah's mountains. High-elevation waters in Utah provide some of the state's best summer fishing.

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  • Tackling the Storm
    Story : Posted 07-19-2013

    Tackling the Storm

    Organizers of the Moore Fishing Derby hope to enable children in their community, located on the outskirts of Oklahoma City, to replace nightmares of killer tornadoes with fond memories of fishing.

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  • Smartbaits Change Color
    Gear : Posted 07-12-2013

    Smartbaits Change Color

    Smartbaits™ are a new items grabbing attention at ICAST. The temperature activated color-changing baits have caught anglers' attention.

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  • 'Britain's Freshwater Fishes'
    Story : Posted 07-11-2013

    'Britain's Freshwater Fishes'

    'Britain's Freshwater Fishes,' by Mark Everard, is an essential book for anyone traveling to Britain and planning to fish its lakes, ponds, streams, and rivers.

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