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  • Early Season Bass
    Story : Posted 06-04-2013

    Early Season Bass

    Largemouth bass can be found in lots of lakes, rivers, and ponds across the country. In the southern regions of bass country it's already mid-season for bass catching, but in the Midwest the bass action is just starting.

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  • Best Bets for Bar Hopping
    Story : Posted 06-04-2013

    Best Bets for Bar Hopping

    If you think the "bar scene" is all about overpriced drinks and lame pickup lines, you're looking at the wrong bar. If you need a change of pace, just trade the cramped dance floors and loud music for the open spaces and pleasant tranquility of hopping from one oyster bar to the next.

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  • 'Professionals' Film Record Mako
    Story : Posted 06-04-2013

    'Professionals' Film Record Mako

    A Texas angler being filmed by Corey Knowlton, co-host on "Jim Shockey's The Professionals," has likely broken a world record with this 11-foot, 1,323.5-pound shortfin mako shark caught off Huntington Beach, Calif.

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  • Back Open For Fishing
    Story : Posted 06-03-2013

    Back Open For Fishing

    Recreational boating & sport fishing are staples in the coastal waters struck by Hurricane Sandy in October 2012, but debris and sediment buildup left many of those waterways treacherous. After nearly 8 months of intense cleaning operations, officials have declared the region's coastal waterways safe.

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  • Hit Some Small Waters
    Story : Posted 05-31-2013

    Hit Some Small Waters

    Now that June is around the corner, it's time to hit some overlooked small lakes. Smaller waters offer great opportunities for quality fishing from the bank as well as a place to take a family to wet a line.

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  • Planer Boards with Kids
    Story : Posted 05-30-2013

    Planer Boards with Kids

    Kids typically have a short attention span when it comes to fishing. Get yourself a set of planer boards and line counter rods and reels and you're in a different ball game!

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  • Snap To It
    Story : Posted 05-30-2013

    Snap To It

    June 1 marks the much-anticipated opening of red snapper season in the Gulf of Mexico. Bold dispositions, feisty fighting ability and simply delicious filets make these ruby scaled delights a prized catch from Florida to Texas.

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  • Was Amberjack a Potential Record?
    Story : Posted 05-29-2013

    Was Amberjack a Potential Record?

    The amberjack was so massive it might have been a world record, but the fisherman who battled it and the Mexican crew that helped deliver it from the Sea of Cortez to a remote Baja California beach were not thinking about records.

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  • Fried Catfish (Recipe)
    Recipe : Posted 05-22-2013

    Fried Catfish (Recipe)

    I lived in the south for several years, and enjoyed this catfish very much. This recipe does not use eggs, if that is something you are looking for.

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  • Fishing the Kentucky River
    Story : Posted 05-22-2013

    Fishing the Kentucky River

    The Kentucky River offers excellent fishing for black bass, crappie, muskellunge, white and hybrid striped bass and bluegill. Boating access to the Kentucky River is better than ever and this overlooked fishing resource is close to a large swath of Kentucky's population.

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