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  • IGFA Hot Catches for May
    Story : Posted 05-21-2013

    IGFA Hot Catches for May

    The big fish are back. After a short hiatus, the IGFA Hot Catches report returns to detail the fish caught and submitted for world record consideration.

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  • Fun on the Fly
    Story : Posted 05-20-2013

    Fun on the Fly

    Between the complex and challenging tactics anglers strive to master, the occasional interlude with simplicity offers a pleasant balance to more demanding pursuits. Case in point: bluegill.

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  • Live-Bait Rigs Are Always an Option
    Story : Posted 05-17-2013

    Live-Bait Rigs Are Always an Option

    Even though I fish for walleye in a variety of manners, there is no doubt my favorite presentation is still a standard live-bait rig. For me, live-bait rigging is as classic as walleye fishing gets.

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  • Anglers Share Their Secrets Tonight in Primetime
    Story : Posted 05-16-2013

    Anglers Share Their Secrets Tonight in Primetime

    On a special episode of "Major League Fishing," select anglers share strategies and secrets about how they found and caught fish during the tough conditions they faced at the 2013 GEICO Challenge Cup on Florida's Lake Istokpoga.

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  • Smallmouth Bass in Big Trouble
    Story : Posted 05-16-2013

    Smallmouth Bass in Big Trouble

    Throughout the last decade, one of the most prized freshwater sport fish species, the smallmouth bass, has suffered fish kills and severe, perplexing illness in several Chesapeake Bay tributaries.

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  • Panfish Bites
    Story : Posted 05-15-2013

    Panfish Bites

    Panfish in Spring can be some of the best of the year, big and plentiful. My favorite lakes in Southern Wisconsin are Delavan Lake and Lake Geneva, both are in Walworth County.

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  • Green Bay Isn't Just Football
    Story : Posted 05-14-2013

    Green Bay Isn't Just Football

    Many folks outside the Upper Midwest probably wouldn't even know that Green Bay exists if it weren't for the Packers. In fact, there are folks who probably don't know the "Bay" in "Green Bay" actually refers to a 1,626-square mile basin off Lake Michigan's western edge.

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  • Kalin's Lunker Grubs
    Gear : Posted 05-14-2013

    Kalin's Lunker Grubs

    During the past 18 years, mostly in May and June, I've spent over 175 days chasing smallmouth bass in Door County. Many of these big fish have come in the past 5 years due to a change in my presentation.

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  • Stream Smallmouth Love May
    Story : Posted 05-13-2013

    Stream Smallmouth Love May

    I have an old friend who was reluctant to go wading in streams for smallmouth bass for many years. “The fish are too small,” he said. I convinced him to wade a small creek in central Kentucky that weekend.

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  • The Good Old Days
    Story : Posted 05-13-2013

    The Good Old Days

    Although the southwest Florida fishery isn't what it used to be, spring and summertime produces seasonal abundance. From tarpon to snook to redfish, the region offers one of the most versatile opportunities for catches in Florida.

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