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  • Kiwi Convergency
    News : Posted 04-18-2014

    Kiwi Convergency

    When hunting seasons are few and far between in the U.S., Outdoor Channel's hunters expand their horizons. It's a bucket list trip for some, a much-anticipated return for others, but New Zealand offers some hot hunting action after things cool down in most of North America.

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  • 10 Essentials for your Hiking Gear List
    Gear : Posted 04-17-2014

    10 Essentials for your Hiking Gear List

    For a safe and enjoyable hiking experience, be sure to add these ten essentials to your hiking gear list.

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  • New Queen of Hunting
    News : Posted 04-14-2014

    New Queen of Hunting

    Eva Shockey could very well be the next queen of hunting. She's certainly the princess of Outdoor Channel's royal hunting family, and she just recently took her place next to the world's best-known queen.

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  • Thaw Points To Spring Floods
    News : Posted 04-11-2014

    Thaw Points To Spring Floods

    As warmer temperatures announce the arrival of spring, some of the most significant ice coverage on the Great Lakes in decades is finally beginning to diminish.

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  • Nicole's Rock Beats Pat's Ram
    News : Posted 04-02-2014

    Nicole's Rock Beats Pat's Ram

    The hosts of Driven with Pat and Nicole were discussing their fall hunts when the playful banter of who got the best end of their 2012 wedding came up. She presented him an awesome surprise gift of a bighorn sheep hunt.

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  • Outdoor Channel Kicks Off Spring Programming
    News : Posted 03-31-2014

    Outdoor Channel Kicks Off Spring Programming

    As the warming waters and woods signal the coming of Spring to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers, so too does the start of Outdoor Channel's second quarter programming lineup.

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  • The Streamlight Siege Lantern
    Gear : Posted 03-28-2014

    The Streamlight Siege Lantern

    The Siege isn't just another lightweight lantern - it's a super bright lantern with 340 lumens, bright enough to light up a whole campsite. It runs over 30 hours on high! Hang it upright or inverted, use it to signal for help. It's even waterproof to 1 meter.

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  • Streamlight Strion LED HL
    Gear : Posted 03-27-2014

    Streamlight Strion LED HL

    The Strion LED HL features extraordinary lumen output. It's compact and lightweight, but casts a bright white beam that spreads out wide to flood an entire area with light. And it fits long gun-mounts so you can attach it to your weapon.

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  • Streamlight Stinger LED HL
    Gear : Posted 03-25-2014

    Streamlight Stinger LED HL

    Now you'll see everything, whether it's the darkened corners of a campsite, or the edges of a trail as you negotiate it at dusk or dawn. The Stinger LED HL features 640 lumens for more brightness and a wider beam that lights up a whole area, from side to side.

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  • OC Well-Represented at ACM
    News : Posted 03-21-2014

    OC Well-Represented at ACM

    Outdoor Channel talent will be well-represented at the 49th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on April 6. Dubbed Country Music's Party of the Year®, the CBS televised event honors country music's superstars and hottest emerging talent.

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