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  • Ducks Unlimited's Breakwater Prioritization App
    Gear : Posted 08-13-2013

    Ducks Unlimited's Breakwater Prioritization App

    Ducks Unlimited is pleased to announce the availability of its Breakwater Prioritization Report and Web Mapping Application.

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  • Saving Stranded Salmon
    Story : Posted 08-12-2013

    Saving Stranded Salmon

    They were big, approximately 15 pounds on average, and there were dozens of them. While Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge wildlife biologist Mike Carpenter was out conducting a wildlife survey on the refuge, he noticed movement in the water below a water control structure called Dam One.

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  • Youth Frogging
    Story : Posted 08-09-2013

    Youth Frogging

    Florida orange growers could never imagine the cause for which the fruits of their labors were being sacrificed on a warm July evening in St. Charles County — to teach kids how to spear frogs.

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  • Dredgers Get the Lead Out
    Story : Posted 08-05-2013

    Dredgers Get the Lead Out

    Studies show dredging improves fish habitat, and some environmental groups have applied for government funding to dredge to improve salmon spawning refugia, while at the same time condemning miners for doing the same thing for free.

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  • Prairie Chicken's 1,165 Mile Journey
    Story : Posted 08-01-2013

    Prairie Chicken's 1,165 Mile Journey

    A female prairie chicken wearing a GPS tracking collar surprised and puzzled biologists this summer by traveling 1,165 miles in big circles in southern Iowa and northern Missouri.

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  • Web-based Wildlife Trafficking Exposed
    Story : Posted 07-18-2013

    Web-based Wildlife Trafficking Exposed

    Operation Wild Web resulted in 154 “buy/busts” in the United States: 30 involving Federal wildlife crimes and 124 for violations of State wildlife laws. It also exposed online trafficking of live birds and tiger and leopard pelts in Southeast Asia.

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  • Measuring Coral Growth
    Story : Posted 07-18-2013

    Measuring Coral Growth

    A new more sensitive weight-based approach for monitoring coral growth in the wild has been developed by U.S. Geological Survey researchers leading to more definitive answers about the status of coral reefs.

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  • Ducks On The Pond
    Story : Posted 07-15-2013

    Ducks On The Pond

    North America's spring duck population is down slightly from record levels, but pond counts are up 24 percent over last year, according to the 2013 Waterfowl Breeding Population and Habitat Survey released recently.

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  • Top Speed for a Duck
    Story : Posted 07-09-2013

    Top Speed for a Duck

    Thanks to a partnership with Bass Pro Shops, Stewart's No. 14 Sprint Cup car was wrapped with DU's logo to create exposure for its conservation mission. Stewart, the 2012 winner of the Coke Zero 400, raced under the lights at Daytona, finishing behind race winner Jimmie Johnson.

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  • Nation's Symbol Sheds Light
    Story : Posted 07-08-2013

    Nation's Symbol Sheds Light

    Six years after the bald eagle was declared recovered and removed from the list of threatened and endangered species, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and its partners continue to monitor the species' status.

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