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  • Just Sitting on a Stand
    Story : Posted 10-30-2011

    Just Sitting on a Stand

    Sitting on a deer stand to a non-deer hunting individual does not sound like much. Some might even consider the act as appealing as sitting in a dentist's waiting room. But for someone looking forward to the hunting season it can be a special thing.

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  • 'Doe Pockets' Bring in the Bucks
    Story : Posted 10-25-2011

    'Doe Pockets' Bring in the Bucks

    Acorns are the spice of life. They won't be found on many gourmet's menus, but to deer, ducks, squirrels and turkeys, acorns are the steak in an otherwise unexciting menu.

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  • This Ending Stinks
    Story : Posted 10-25-2011

    This Ending Stinks

    In one of the more profound ironies of three seasons of the Duck Trek, a stinker ended what was shaping up to be a classic North Dakota duck hunt.

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  • What If?
    Story : Posted 10-20-2011

    What If?

    It's so hot in our part of the world that it's hard to get completely into the deer mode 100 percent of the time. I know I need to start shooting my bow. But when you get home and it's 100 degrees plus in the shade and the humidity level is something akin to a sauna, even the prospect of sticking a foam deer for a little while is a little oppressive.

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  • Bow to Bowhunters
    Story : Posted 10-06-2011

    Bow to Bowhunters

    It's a sedentary activity that I sharing with several hundred thousand bowhunters across the nation, one that brings out the passion of the hunt probably more than any other deer hunting activity.

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  • Bang For The Buck
    Story : Posted 05-25-2011

    Bang For The Buck

    Floods and terrorism typically don't go together, at least not yet. But farmers hoping to keep wildlife out of crops have hit a security snag.

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