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  • Havasu Has Super Sunfish
    News : Posted 03-10-2014

    Havasu Has Super Sunfish

    When anglers talk about panfish, it's most often the little guys where several are needed to fill the pan, not one that spills over the sides.

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  • 100-Pound Kid, 114-Pound Catfish
    News : Posted 03-05-2014

    100-Pound Kid, 114-Pound Catfish

    Anglers can be a superstitious lot, especially young ones who pull in something bigger than themselves.

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  • Record Trout Hits Snag
    News : Posted 03-03-2014

    Record Trout Hits Snag

    Rob Scott got caught up in the excitement of catching a potential world record lake trout, and he is now caught up in an international fishing incident.

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  • Howell Heard Voice Calling
    News : Posted 02-27-2014

    Howell Heard Voice Calling

    The Bassmaster Classic is bass fishing's biggest event. Every year, the field of anglers meets in pursuit of a title that will change one angler's life.

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  • Broadway Joe Makes Fur Fly
    News : Posted 02-18-2014

    Broadway Joe Makes Fur Fly

    Credit Joe Namath with boosting the fur industry, which could go a long way for wildlife populations, says Larry Woodward of “ScentBlocker's Most Wanted.”

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  • Coyote Hunting Tips
    HowTo : Posted 02-18-2014

    Coyote Hunting Tips

    Larry Woodward of “ScentBlocker's Most Wanted” offer some tips to help bring in enough pelts to make a coat like Joe Namath wore at the Super Bowl. The Most Wanted team has recently brought down a good number of the sound dogs, but Woodward said it's not that easy.

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  • Deer Whips Hunter, Takes Gun
    Story : Posted 02-14-2014

    Deer Whips Hunter, Takes Gun

    This story from Deer Camp 2014 is every hunter's nightmare. Bobby Neames of Clinton, La., still has harrowing visions of the deer attacking him on a hunt the morning of Christmas Eve.

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  • Where Eagles Soar
    News : Posted 02-14-2014

    Where Eagles Soar

    Anyone in the National Eagle Center knows when an eagle flies by – the residents let out a piercing shriek. Four bald eagles and a golden eagle call the center home, and Eileen Hanson, director of public relations, said their eagle eyes don't miss one of their own kind out the windows.

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  • Osprey Gets Hooks Into Hook
    News : Posted 02-11-2014

    Osprey Gets Hooks Into Hook

    Bassmaster Elite Series pro Rick Morris had an unmemorable Bassmaster Open on Lake Toho, but he came away from Florida with a truly unique experience.

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  • Working For The DNR
    News : Posted 02-05-2014

    Working For The DNR

    Tim Adams said "you can't miss it. If you do, I'm going to wonder about you." I was wondering about seeing his side job for the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources. Adams, the middle man from Bottom Feeders was commissioned to net fish for a study.

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