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  • Business of Drawing Business
    News : Posted 01-14-2014

    Business of Drawing Business

    The SHOT Show is all about the business of the industry. Walking by booth after booth, there are various methods to attract the attention of buyers and media. R. Lee Ermey, better known as Gunny from “Full Metal Jacket” was lending his draw at the SOG Specialty Knives booth.

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  • Art Meets Tech in Ethos
    News : Posted 01-14-2014

    Art Meets Tech in Ethos

    In the myriad of booths in the firearms and ammunitions section, where guns were stacked in every sort of manner, the display for Benelli's Ethos stood out.

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  • Classic 2014: Bass Fishing Report
    News : Posted 01-10-2014

    Classic 2014: Bass Fishing Report

    Neither wind, nor cold, nor sleet nor snow should thwart the 56 competitors in the 2014 Geico Bassmaster Classic. Bass fishing reports from Lake Guntersville say it's the prime time for big bags.

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  • 'Just Hunters With a Camera'
    Story : Posted 01-06-2014

    'Just Hunters With a Camera'

    Practically resigned to not having children, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo are grateful they heeded the sage words of Walter Payton.

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  • Ralph Won Lotto in Vicki
    Story : Posted 01-02-2014

    Ralph Won Lotto in Vicki

    Ralph Cianciarulo said he won the lotto with Vicki. Rarely does a woman come along who shares your passions and stands alongside you every step of way, while sometimes beating you at your own game.

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  • Prime Choice For Deer Camp
    News : Posted 12-31-2013

    Prime Choice For Deer Camp

    Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo don't have to go anywhere for Deer Camp; they live it. Amid the miles and miles of corn and soybean fields in northwest Illinois, there stands the largest wooded area around.

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  • Elk Shows Tis The Season
    Story : Posted 12-24-2013

    Elk Shows Tis The Season

    All donned up just in time for Christmas, an elk near Banff was tranquilized so Parks Canada staff could remove decorations from its antlers.

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  • Bob's Back In The Game
    News : Posted 12-20-2013

    Bob's Back In The Game

    As he sat in a stand at Deer Camp, Bob Richardson could feel his feet. They were cold. That was a good thing. He hadn't felt that sensation for 15 years, hadn't felt anything normal from his knees down since the last millennia.

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  • The 'Dead Deer' Issue
    Story : Posted 12-13-2013

    The 'Dead Deer' Issue

    With his best deer of his life, Grant Darrah thought it was finally time to enter the Big Buck Contest. So the 55-year-old from Coudersport brought his 10-pointer up to the Sweden Valley Inn on opening day of the Pennsylvania gun season.

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  • Locked Down in a Blind
    News : Posted 12-12-2013

    Locked Down in a Blind

    Aricka and Chip, sleeping in a tree, H-U-N-T-I-N-G. That take on the old playground song will play out starting Thursday in the deer woods of Hancock County, Ill., when Fear No Evil warriors Chipcity Spauling and Arika Sanders get locked into a blind for three days.

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