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  • PC Out The Door in Pa.
    Story : Posted 12-11-2013

    PC Out The Door in Pa.

    What happens at Deer Camp stays at Deer Camp. Not that things were that wild and crazy at The Criswell's 5X5 camp. The four men were just doing the guy thing during the state gun opener at one of the historic camps in the Allegheny Mountains.

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  • 'Like A Wild West Town'
    Story : Posted 12-10-2013

    'Like A Wild West Town'

    Deer hunting in Potter County has seen better days, but it's also never been better. Old-timers said a day in the woods used to present numerous sightings – the place was just lousy with deer.

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  • Don't-Do-This Training
    News : Posted 12-03-2013

    Don't-Do-This Training

    Missing his first Missouri opening day in more than 30 years hurt, maybe not as bad as his broken heel, but it hurt. Tony Balducci was all set on hitting Deer Camp, but a fall from his makeshift stand put a hold on plans to enjoy his time outdoors and bringing home venison.

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  • Family, Friends and Frying
    Story : Posted 12-02-2013

    Family, Friends and Frying

    Darrell Kanallakan's Deer Camp is all about friends, family and frying. "Just Deer Camp, we call it," he said. "We get together every deer season, my son, Mark, and all of my relations and a lot of good friends."

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  • New Badger State Best
    Story : Posted 11-27-2013

    New Badger State Best

    The No. 1 state for trophy whitetail has a new No. 1. At 260, 'Jim Baker Buck' holds the new Wisconsin nontypical record.

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  • Way Before 'Beyond'
    Story : Posted 11-18-2013

    Way Before 'Beyond'

    Looking back at his first hunt, Rick Kreuter said his up-close encounter with mule deer helped shape his life hunting and career.

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  • Urban Hunts The Answer
    Story : Posted 11-12-2013

    Urban Hunts The Answer

    If you have a plumbing problem, contact a plumber. If you have a deer problem, get with a deer hunter. Larry Woodward knows how to fix the issue of excessive deer numbers in urban settings. He's followed the comedy of errors right down the road from his home in Lincoln County, Mo.

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  • Bunch of Straight Shooters
    Story : Posted 11-07-2013

    Bunch of Straight Shooters

    Rifle ranges really pick up the first week of October. Range Manager Grant Tomlin says "This is the 'Oh crap, the season opens Saturday morning, I better go shoot my rifle' crowd."

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  • Making Yourself Proud
    Story : Posted 11-05-2013

    Making Yourself Proud

    When everything comes together on a hunt and it plays out to plan, a hunter can take pride in his actions. Nathan Dunn was absolutely beaming after killing a buck with his muzzleloader last week, especially under the circumstances.

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  • Testicle Festival a Real Ball
    Story : Posted 11-01-2013

    Testicle Festival a Real Ball

    The town about 90 miles west of Chicago is hailed as the “Gateway to the Rock River Valley,” but on the second Saturday in October it's the gastronomic gateway to turkey rocks.

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