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  • There Is Crying In Hunting
    Story : Posted 10-25-2013

    There Is Crying In Hunting

    The shot was slightly off its mark, but he hit the deer and needed another shot. R.J. Cianciarulo took it hard. There were tears. The 12-year-old son of “Archer's Choice” hosts Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo didn't like seeing the doe suffer, and he knew what he had to do.

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  • Bad Moon Rising
    Story : Posted 10-18-2013

    Bad Moon Rising

    The Hunter's Moon is tonight, Oct. 18, and it's being advertised by celestial watchers as a spectacular visual feast. The full moon will rise big and colorful in the Eastern sky with a slight northward movement that adds to its magic.

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  • Deer Pattern You Back
    Story : Posted 10-10-2013

    Deer Pattern You Back

    Hunters are notorious for wanting to spend time in the woods, scouting, breaking down the area and patterning the deer they will be hunting. Experts say to keep in mind while you are doing these, the deer are patterning you.

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  • Crushing Live Deer Cam
    Story : Posted 10-08-2013

    Crushing Live Deer Cam

    When Lee Lakosky first put up a live web cam on one of his deer feeders, he was like a kid with a new toy. Tiffany often had to rein in Lee's schoolboy mentality, telling him to turn it off and come to bed.

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  • Game Cams A Game-Changer
    Story : Posted 10-08-2013

    Game Cams A Game-Changer

    More than any other hunting tool, cameras have altered the way Lee Lakosky deer hunts. "For me, that's the biggest game-changer from 20 years ago," he said. "The cameras have changed the way I hunt more than anything."

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  • Raptor Takes Down Deer
    Story : Posted 09-26-2013

    Raptor Takes Down Deer

    A rare occurrence has been caught by a camera in the Russian wilds and gone viral. A scientist checking a game cam discovered a real rarity – a golden eagle attacking and killing a Sika deer.

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  • Brief History of The Bow
    Story : Posted 09-17-2013

    Brief History of The Bow

    The earliest proof of bows and arrows being used comes from cave paintings in Valltorta Gorge in Spain. Men are aiming bows at game, several of which with arrows protruding from them. They date to 20,000 BC.

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  • Elk Are Fighting Back
    Story : Posted 09-11-2013

    Elk Are Fighting Back

    Apparently, the elk are fighting back. With elk season getting in full swing, hunters should be cognizant that a 700-pound animal with gigantic antlers can be rather dangerous. Even a dead one.

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  • The Right to Hunt
    Story : Posted 09-09-2013

    The Right to Hunt

    Nicole Reeve had enough. After posting a photo of herself on Facebook with a lion she proudly shot with her Matthews bow in Africa, she heard it from the anti-hunting community.

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  • Bow Hunting Tips: Broadhead Ins and Outs
    Story : Posted 09-06-2013

    Bow Hunting Tips: Broadhead Ins and Outs

    Bow hunters need a good exit strategy, especially if they've ever left an arrow sticking in a deer. Ralph Cianciarulo of “Archer's Choice” said one of his bow hunting tips is to match their kinetic energy to the broadhead selection.

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