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  • Elk Are Fighting Back
    Story : Posted 09-11-2013

    Elk Are Fighting Back

    Apparently, the elk are fighting back. With elk season getting in full swing, hunters should be cognizant that a 700-pound animal with gigantic antlers can be rather dangerous. Even a dead one.

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  • The Right to Hunt
    Story : Posted 09-09-2013

    The Right to Hunt

    Nicole Reeve had enough. After posting a photo of herself on Facebook with a lion she proudly shot with her Matthews bow in Africa, she heard it from the anti-hunting community.

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  • Bow Hunting Tips: Broadhead Ins and Outs
    Story : Posted 09-06-2013

    Bow Hunting Tips: Broadhead Ins and Outs

    Bow hunters need a good exit strategy, especially if they've ever left an arrow sticking in a deer. Ralph Cianciarulo of “Archer's Choice” said one of his bow hunting tips is to match their kinetic energy to the broadhead selection.

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  • Seaing Is Believing
    Story : Posted 08-22-2013

    Seaing Is Believing

    In the tradition of Cousteau and Calypso, NOAA's Okeanos Explorer explores the wide, wild undersea world. And it's sharing the wonders of the deep with drylanders via what they are calling “Deep-Sea TV.”

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  • How To Ruin a Hunt
    Story : Posted 05-24-2013

    How To Ruin a Hunt

    We asked readers “What's the worst mistake you've made while hunting?” They gave us some doozies, from dropping their quiver out of a tree stand to dropping out of a tree stand.

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  • The Ting Is The Thing
    Story : Posted 03-18-2013

    The Ting Is The Thing

    Deb Ferns enjoys cold, hard steel... as targets. As camp director of the Babes With Bullets programs, instructing women around the country on shooting, Ferns hosts Rhonda Gibson of MGM Targets, a new sponsor that has been making its targets from its Boise, Idaho facility for the past 18 years.

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  • Stay Sharp, My Friends
    Story : Posted 03-06-2013

    Stay Sharp, My Friends

    Ok, great, I won't have to ever surrender my penknife again, not after TSA administrator John Pistole said the ban on small knives in passenger cabins of airplanes will be lifted come April 25.

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  • Big Antlers, Big Crowds
    Story : Posted 02-19-2013

    Big Antlers, Big Crowds

    Want to gather a bunch of deer hunters? Just promise them a wall of trophy bucks.

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  • 'Here Comes Rudolph'
    Story : Posted 12-19-2012

    'Here Comes Rudolph'

    There was an unexpected feature on the racecard at The Meadows. A trifecta of long shots made their way onto the horse track outside of Pittsburgh just as a field of horses were ready to leave the gate.

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  • I'd Like A Moose, No Antlers
    Story : Posted 12-11-2012

    I'd Like A Moose, No Antlers

    In the past, charities who applied to receive a road-kill moose in Alaska would have to respond to the scene for pickup and do the recovery work themselves while state troopers monitored the scene.

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