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  • Outdoor Survival Gear: The Pros and Cons of Ready-Made Survival Kits
    Gear : Posted 05-19-2014

    Outdoor Survival Gear: The Pros and Cons of Ready-Made Survival Kits

    Outdoor survival gear like ready-made survival kits seem like a smart idea. Survival kits are intended to be a one-stop-shop for everything you need in the event of a disaster or emergency.

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  • Wild Boar Hunting in Florida's Swamps
    Story : Posted 05-01-2014

    Wild Boar Hunting in Florida's Swamps

    My baptism as a hog hunter took place in a waist-deep drainage ditch on a cattle ranch near Lake Okeechobee, Florida. Robert Paxton had just waded across the 10-foot-wide ditch.

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  • Five Easy Steps to a Clean Gun
    Gear : Posted 04-04-2014

    Five Easy Steps to a Clean Gun

    Mechanical devices demand regular and proper maintenance. Generally, though, this does not imply that a firearm needs to be disassembled to the last screw and spring in order to clean it. Any firearm can get a basic cleaning in five quick steps.

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  • Hawg Halibut
    Story : Posted 03-07-2014

    Hawg Halibut

    The t-shirt reads “Just for the Halibut.” I thought it was a perfect tourist prize for a flatlander fisherman that just caught a 65-pound Alaskan Halibut off the coast of Seward, Alaska. There are a lot of thrills on the face of this earth, but deep sea fishing off Alaska has certainly got to be one of them, especially for a guy from the south

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  • Holiday Gifts: Archery
    Gear : Posted 12-10-2013

    Holiday Gifts: Archery

    ‘Tis the season to go bowhunting – or to buy some gear for your favorite bowhunter. Here are a few archery and bowhunting-related suggestions that are guaranteed to spread some Christmas cheer.

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  • Holiday Gifts: Fishing
    Gear : Posted 12-06-2013

    Holiday Gifts: Fishing

    A selection of fishing gear recommendations from AllOutdoor.com staff. Hopefully, you'll find something on this list that can bring some Christmas cheer to the fisherman (or woman) in your life.

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  • Holiday Gifts: Hunting & Shooting
    Gear : Posted 12-05-2013

    Holiday Gifts: Hunting & Shooting

    It's that time of year again — the deer are running scared, the hunters are freezing in their stands, and all across the land boys and girls both big and small are dreaming about all the new gear that they're going to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

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  • Holiday Gifts: Camping
    Gear : Posted 12-04-2013

    Holiday Gifts: Camping

    Camping gear — can you ever have enough of it? No, you can't, and Christmas is the perfect time to not only buy more of it, but to take it out and test under the worst conditions.

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  • The 30-40 Krag
    Gear : Posted 11-11-2013

    The 30-40 Krag

    The 30-40 Krag cartridge, also known as the 30 Army, 30 Government, and even the 30 USA, was used by the US Army for about a decade before being replaced by a better-designed and faster-moving round that itself was replaced within three years by the 30-06 Springfield.

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  • Ruger 10/22-TD Take-Down Rifle
    Gear : Posted 10-18-2013

    Ruger 10/22-TD Take-Down Rifle

    For many, the Ruger 10/22 is the epitome of .22 semi-auto rifle perfection. What could make it better? A take-down, packable Ruger 10/22-TD version of course.

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