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  • Guns & Deer
    News : Posted 10-12-2017

    Guns & Deer

    Don't give in to the October Lull deer hunters, because now is the time to be persistent in your pursuit of an October buck.

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  • Deer Domination
    News : Posted 10-05-2017

    Deer Domination

    October is here, so let's stop waiting for November, or the rut, and go slap our tags on some antlers.

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  • The Flocks of Fall: Turkeys
    News : Posted 09-28-2017

    The Flocks of Fall: Turkeys

    For those outdoorsmen and women who haven't hunted and bagged one of these big birds, we've compiled a need to know list of helpful hunting tips that'll certainly put a turkey fan on your wall and some delicious meat on your table.

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  • Small in Numbers, Nebraska's Elk Herd Giving Resident Hunters Nice Quality
    News : Posted 09-26-2017

    Small in Numbers, Nebraska's Elk Herd Giving Resident Hunters Nice Quality

    In Nebraska's surprisingly steep country in the northwestern corner of the state, elk numbers have been slowly growing, and that's good news for resident hunters lucky enough to draw a once-in-a-lifetime bull elk tag.

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  • Extreme Outdoors
    News : Posted 09-21-2017

    Extreme Outdoors

    It's extreme outdoors this week on "The Revolution with Jim and Trav," so tune in for a wide range of amazing outdoor action.

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  • Outdoor Mashup
    News : Posted 09-14-2017

    Outdoor Mashup

    This week Jim, Trav and special guests, will cover a plethora of outdoor happenings.

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  • Bull's Eye: Guide to Elk Hunting
    News : Posted 09-07-2017

    Bull's Eye: Guide to Elk Hunting

    If you've been fortunate enough to tag and bag a mature bull elk, you should thank your lucky stars. The success rate of Over the Counter (OTC), DIY, public land elk hunts, currently, is somewhere in the vicinity of 10%.

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  • Wingshooting
    News : Posted 08-31-2017


    The opening of dove season is symbolic. It's heralded as the official kickoff to fall's hunting seasons and for many hunters, it's a virtual holiday that's celebrated with good friends, shotguns and grilled dove breasts. So, on "The Revolution with Jim & Trav", we're honoring all things wingshooting.

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  • Richard Childress 'Driven' to Enjoy the Outdoors
    News : Posted 08-30-2017

    Richard Childress 'Driven' to Enjoy the Outdoors

    Join the legendary NASCAR driver and pledge to introduce hunting, fishing or shooting to someone on September 23.

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  • Western Ambush
    News : Posted 08-24-2017

    Western Ambush

    Tune into "The Revolution with Jim & Trav" this week as we take a closer look at embarking on a Western Ambush, as well as the gear/apparel you'll need and the skillset and conditioning that's required to get the job done.

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