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  • New Queen of Hunting
    News : Posted 04-14-2014

    New Queen of Hunting

    Eva Shockey could very well be the next queen of hunting. She's certainly the princess of Outdoor Channel's royal hunting family, and she just recently took her place next to the world's best-known queen.

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  • Bite of the Houndstooth
    News : Posted 04-04-2014

    Bite of the Houndstooth

    The adage “they don't make 'em like they used to” can no longer be applied to the turkey call business.

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  • Nicole's Rock Beats Pat's Ram
    News : Posted 04-02-2014

    Nicole's Rock Beats Pat's Ram

    The hosts of Driven with Pat and Nicole were discussing their fall hunts when the playful banter of who got the best end of their 2012 wedding came up. She presented him an awesome surprise gift of a bighorn sheep hunt.

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  • Snow Turkeys
    News : Posted 03-31-2014

    Snow Turkeys

    Even in the most northern climates, the snow most likely won't stick around for your spring turkey opener, but Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo said it offers a benefit now.

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  • Ralph and Vicki in Stereo
    News : Posted 03-26-2014

    Ralph and Vicki in Stereo

    The Cianciarulos, Jim Shockey and Wade Middleton lent their pro hunting talents for Cabela's hunting video game, opening segments of each species hunt with advice and warnings, then provide tips once the player gets out in the field.

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  • Going Nuclear Over Buck
    News : Posted 03-25-2014

    Going Nuclear Over Buck

    You don't have to be familiar with myocardial perfusion imaging or radionuclide ventriculography or even positron emission tomography in order to bag the deer of a lifetime. But Scott Vogt, 42, is. And he did.

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  • 'This Is My Heritage'
    News : Posted 03-24-2014

    'This Is My Heritage'

    Charisa Argys was ecstatic she finally made her family's hunting Wall of Fame. It came after a grueling hunt for a mountain lion, but she experienced that personal thrill of victory.

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  • No More Death Threats
    News : Posted 03-21-2014

    No More Death Threats

    Charisa Argys is mad, and she's not going to take it anymore. Argys was targeted by social media posts, including death threats, for her trophy shot with a mountain lion killed legally in her home state of Colorado.

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  • Calling In Birds, Business
    News : Posted 03-21-2014

    Calling In Birds, Business

    Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley celebrated the acquisition of Remington Arms by using Remington shotgun shells and other turkey hunting paraphernalia to lure even more industry to the state.

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  • Turkey Roller Coaster
    News : Posted 03-17-2014

    Turkey Roller Coaster

    Each year's turkey population is affected significantly by that spring's nesting and hatching periods. Changes in weather patterns can dramatically affect a particular year's brood.

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