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  • Time Out For The Turkey
    News : Posted 02-19-2014

    Time Out For The Turkey

    Wild turkey hunting season is still months away. Even so, thousands of the sport's most faithful followers flock here each February for a pilgrimage to celebrate America's most prized game bird.

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  • Broadway Joe Makes Fur Fly
    News : Posted 02-18-2014

    Broadway Joe Makes Fur Fly

    Credit Joe Namath with boosting the fur industry, which could go a long way for wildlife populations, says Larry Woodward of “ScentBlocker's Most Wanted.”

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  • Gamo Outdoors USA Presents the First "Squirrel Master Classic" Hunting Event
    News : Posted 02-14-2014

    Gamo Outdoors USA Presents the First "Squirrel Master Classic" Hunting Event

    Gamo Outdoor USA (www.gamooutdoorusa.com) in partnership with Buckmasters organization has organized the first “Squirrel Master Classic”, an outdoor event that will be held each and every year with the “Best of the Best” in hunting across the nation.

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  • A Target-Rich Environment
    News : Posted 01-31-2014

    A Target-Rich Environment

    As deer hunters, most of us are guilty of being greedy whether we'll admit it or not. We want as many opportunities as possible to kill the biggest bucks possible. The barometer of success for trophy hunters is heads on the wall: the more, the better.

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  • Lakoskys' Labs Bone Up
    News : Posted 01-31-2014

    Lakoskys' Labs Bone Up

    One of the fastest growing dog sports is shed hunting. Tom Dokken introduced Lee and Tiffany to the sport and the Crush stars have found great shed success.

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  • Outdoor Channel at 2014 Great American Outdoor Show
    News : Posted 01-30-2014

    Outdoor Channel at 2014 Great American Outdoor Show

    The Great American Outdoor Show celebrates the outdoor traditions treasured by millions of Americans and their families, and is expected to feature nearly 1,000 exhibitors, including hunting, fishing, shooting and much more.

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  • A White Whitetail Affair
    News : Posted 01-28-2014

    A White Whitetail Affair

    Upon learning of Chris Brackett's great fortunes on a hunt for a “unicorn,” Ted Nugent said he was truly gifted in the spirit of the wild. Brackett equated his luck to hitting the lottery three times in a row.

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  • 'Biggest Deer I've Ever Killed'
    News : Posted 01-27-2014

    'Biggest Deer I've Ever Killed'

    Jason Erb's longtime friend, an avid turkey hunter, referred to the whitetail deer on his property as “woods carp,” even the trophy ones. But even he was impressed by the monster buck Erb harvested on the property in early November.

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  • Standing Up To Antis
    News : Posted 01-21-2014

    Standing Up To Antis

    While celebrating its annual awards show, the Outdoor Channel circled the wagons against anti-hunters and Second Amendment opposition.

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  • Christmas Buck
    News : Posted 01-17-2014

    Christmas Buck

    Hunter Overstreet is a 20-year old college student from Bryant, Arkansas. This is his account of his Texas deer hunt, a Christmas gift from his father James Overstreet.

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