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  • Curtis Says 'Crown Me'
    News : Posted 05-06-2014

    Curtis Says 'Crown Me'

    Curtis Fleming is proud of several crowns he earned this season on “Fly Rod Chronicles,” and smiled through the embarrassment of wearing another.

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  • Arizona's Best Bow Bender
    News : Posted 05-05-2014

    Arizona's Best Bow Bender

    Early inhabitants of what we now call the American West hunted without benefit of gunpowder and some still follow in those footsteps today, opting for bow and broadhead instead of big bore.

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  • Live Bear Hunt in Canada
    News : Posted 05-02-2014

    Live Bear Hunt in Canada

    Pat and Nicole Reeve of “Driven with Pat & Nicole” are excited to be featured on OutdoorChannel.com's latest Live Hunt, which occurs May 6th at 7 p.m. ET in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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  • Hunting to Save Lives
    News : Posted 04-30-2014

    Hunting to Save Lives

    Chris Allen was just looking for television show ideas when the idea behind Hunting for Heroes snuck up on him.

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  • Gobblers, Guitars A Go-Go
    News : Posted 04-29-2014

    Gobblers, Guitars A Go-Go

    Standing alongside Taylor Swift and Kris Kristofferson to receive awards in 2009, Bobby Pinson probably felt he finally made an indelible mark in the country music industry, after more than...

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  • Injured Officer's 12-Step Recovery
    News : Posted 04-28-2014

    Injured Officer's 12-Step Recovery

    Mike Lose's cherub face beamed brightly, a contrast to the black background of the pop-up blind he sat in.

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  • Memories Made For Life
    News : Posted 04-28-2014

    Memories Made For Life

    Pat and Nicole Reeve are no strangers to tough but rewarding hunts. Their popular “Driven TV” show often captures that very essence.

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  • Shockingly Cold in Arctic
    News : Posted 04-25-2014

    Shockingly Cold in Arctic

    Expanding from his award-winning Outdoor Channel show “The Professionals,” Jim Shockey has taken it up another couple notches with “UNCHARTED.”

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  • Kill Bucks, Lower CWD
    News : Posted 04-22-2014

    Kill Bucks, Lower CWD

    A study by University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists suggests the best way of stemming the spread of chronic wasting disease among whitetail deer is to kill more bucks, which are most likely to carry CWD and spread the disease among the species.

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  • Nugent Takes P&Y To Task
    News : Posted 04-19-2014

    Nugent Takes P&Y To Task

    The Pope & Young Club released it official position statement this week on fair chase and canned hunting, condemning such practices. We asked Ted Nugent of Spirit of the Wild questions pertaining to the move.

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