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  • A White Whitetail Affair
    News : Posted 01-28-2014

    A White Whitetail Affair

    Upon learning of Chris Brackett's great fortunes on a hunt for a “unicorn,” Ted Nugent said he was truly gifted in the spirit of the wild. Brackett equated his luck to hitting the lottery three times in a row.

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  • 'Biggest Deer I've Ever Killed'
    News : Posted 01-27-2014

    'Biggest Deer I've Ever Killed'

    Jason Erb's longtime friend, an avid turkey hunter, referred to the whitetail deer on his property as “woods carp,” even the trophy ones. But even he was impressed by the monster buck Erb harvested on the property in early November.

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  • Standing Up To Antis
    News : Posted 01-21-2014

    Standing Up To Antis

    While celebrating its annual awards show, the Outdoor Channel circled the wagons against anti-hunters and Second Amendment opposition.

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  • Christmas Buck
    News : Posted 01-17-2014

    Christmas Buck

    Hunter Overstreet is a 20-year old college student from Bryant, Arkansas. This is his account of his Texas deer hunt, a Christmas gift from his father James Overstreet.

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  • The Professionals Score Four
    News : Posted 01-16-2014

    The Professionals Score Four

    Jim Shockey's The Professionals walk off with four Golden Moose Awards while Ted Nugent again garners Fan Favorite Best Overall series

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  • Bone Collectors Live
    News : Posted 01-15-2014

    Bone Collectors Live

    The crew from the Bone Collector television show, Michael Waddell, Nick Mundt and Travis ‘T-Bone' Turner joined host Tommy Sanders today for a live segment from the SHOT Show floor. (James Overstreet photo)

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  • Michigan Monster Nears 200
    News : Posted 01-13-2014

    Michigan Monster Nears 200

    Jeff Toy considers himself not only an avid whitetail deer hunter, but a well-prepared one. When he hits the woods, it's normally to a well-scouted area, and he typically carries all of the correct equipment.

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  • Golden Moose Nominees Announced
    News : Posted 01-10-2014

    Golden Moose Nominees Announced

    Outdoor Channel, America's Leader In Outdoor TV, today revealed the list of nominees, including the Top Five Fan Favorites, that have been nominated for the 14th Annual Golden Moose Awards.

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  • Stars Come Out at ATA
    News : Posted 01-08-2014

    Stars Come Out at ATA

    The stars came out on Day Two of the Archery Trade Association show, and many are there to show off new products.

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  • Big Game Hunting with Steve West
    News : Posted 01-07-2014

    Big Game Hunting with Steve West

    As a follow up to his popular six-part Alaska Adventure Series, Steve West has announced he's seeking applications from big game hunting enthusiasts to accompany him on his 2014 Alaskan hunt.

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