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  • Anthrax Confirmed in Texas Deer
    News : Posted 09-08-2014

    Anthrax Confirmed in Texas Deer

    Texas wildlife officials have confirmed a case of naturally occurring anthrax in an infected white-tailed deer discovered in southeastern Edwards County.

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  • Oklahoma Seeks Art Entries for Waterfowl Stamp
    News : Posted 07-30-2014

    Oklahoma Seeks Art Entries for Waterfowl Stamp

    Fancy yourself as an aspiring wildlife artist? Then the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation is providing a chance to prove it with this year's design competition.

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  • Red Tide Bloom Causing Gulf Fish Kill
    News : Posted 07-28-2014

    Red Tide Bloom Causing Gulf Fish Kill

    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported on Friday that a red tide bloom has apparently caused a "... large fish kill in (the) northeast Gulf of Mexico."

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  • NWTF ‘Save' Initiative Makes Impact
    News : Posted 07-09-2014

    NWTF ‘Save' Initiative Makes Impact

    The National Wild Turkey Federation's “Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt.” initiative was implemented just over one year ago and it's already making a big difference.

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  • Drain It or Ticket
    News : Posted 06-27-2014

    Drain It or Ticket

    Fourth of July holiday week boaters, canoe enthusiasts, kayakers, sailboat aficionados and personal watercraft operators across the state of Texas might want to take note, if they want to avoid the possibility of paying a hefty ticket.

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  • Managing Florida's Bears
    News : Posted 04-14-2014

    Managing Florida's Bears

    A recent bear attack in Florida's Seminole county couldn't come at a more pivotal time for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

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  • Big Horn Bruhaha
    News : Posted 04-07-2014

    Big Horn Bruhaha

    There's an elephant in the room and it's not the standard 15,000-pound variety with 10-foot long tusks. This one comes in the form of a desert bighorn sheep weighing in at a couple hundred pounds with massive horns that account for 10 percent of their body weight.

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  • Elephant Hunting is Key to Conserving Species (Video)
    News : Posted 03-12-2014

    Elephant Hunting is Key to Conserving Species (Video)

    Elephant hunting has become increasingly controversial, but hunting experts like Ivan Carter, host of Outdoor Channel's "Dark and Dangerous with Ivan Carter" and "Tracks Across Africa" argue that elephant hunting is key to the conservation of this amazing creature.

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  • Go on Safari Via Africam
    News : Posted 01-29-2014

    Go on Safari Via Africam

    "There's a lion! And another one! There's five of them! There are lions hunting!!! Ooh, that one sees something." Africam, with its live images from South Africa showing wildlife interact in natural environs, is on OutdoorChannel.com.

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  • Death Threats Over Rhino
    News : Posted 12-05-2013

    Death Threats Over Rhino

    Against a torrent of death threats, the Dallas Safari Club (DSC) is forging ahead with plans to auction a black rhino-hunting permit on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Namibia.

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