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  • Spotted Bass and Mudbugs
    HowTo : Posted 09-22-2014

    Spotted Bass and Mudbugs

    Spotted bass love crawfish like kids love candy. This fall, if you go fishing for spots, or Kentucky bass as they're often called, wrap your mind around that fact and don't let go.

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  • The Salto Shrines
    Story : Posted 09-15-2014

    The Salto Shrines

    The sun was rising over the Sierra Madrés when I climbed to the cross. It is not far to the hilltop where it sits, but when I reached the monument, which the locals call La Cruz, I felt breathless.

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  • Catch Crappie Under Summer Stars
    HowTo : Posted 09-08-2014

    Catch Crappie Under Summer Stars

    Regardless of what you use, night fishing provides lots of time to sit and socialize with your fishing buddies.

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  • Piranha!
    Story : Posted 09-01-2014


    Nasty, mean, killing things lurk everywhere in the jungles of South America. There are blackflies, for example, that can give you onchocerciasis – river blindness – caused by worms that get in your eyeballs...

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  • Doodlesock It to Me!
    Story : Posted 08-25-2014

    Doodlesock It to Me!

    Have you ever thought how different fishing was in past centuries? The modern tackle we use is very different from – and much better than – the simple tools used by anglers prior to the twentieth century.

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  • Dynamite Baits for Flathead Catfish
    Story : Posted 08-18-2014

    Dynamite Baits for Flathead Catfish

    Whiskerfish fans use an astounding variety of baits to entice big flathead catfish. Following are some excellent flathead baits you can and should try.

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