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  • The Rattlesnakes of Winter
    Story : Posted 01-12-2015

    The Rattlesnakes of Winter

    A cold, rainy day in January isn't my usual idea of a good time to fish. But when I heard saugers were biting below a nearby dam recently, I grabbed an ultralight rod and some jigs and headed to the river.

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  • Catching Cats as Cold as Ice
    Story : Posted 01-05-2015

    Catching Cats as Cold as Ice

    Someone tell me: Do catfish contain antifreeze? That question crossed my mind on a cold winter day after landing a 28-pound Mississippi River blue cat. The water temperature hovered around 40 degrees. One might expect a catfish in such a frigid environment to take bait rather gingerly, if at all. Not this one.

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  • 'Fishy' New Year's Resolutions
    Story : Posted 12-29-2014

    'Fishy' New Year's Resolutions

    It's that time of year again — time to write down a list of New Year's resolutions. Most years, I've forgotten my resolutions before the first bass are spawning in the shallows. But 2015 will be different. You see, I have discovered the key to success in the resolution department: Lowered Expectations.

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  • Christmas Memories from Brazil
    Story : Posted 12-22-2014

    Christmas Memories from Brazil

    The pirarara is the redtail catfish, and with Jose's help, I hoped to land one of these big beautiful fishes in the short time I had left to fish.

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  • Great Winter Smallmouth Fishing
    Story : Posted 12-15-2014

    Great Winter Smallmouth Fishing

    The silver December sky was streaked with snow flurries—not the best time to begin a float-fishing trip, perhaps, but such was our intent. We pushed our canoe from a gravel bar and began day one of a two-day float down central Arkansas' Saline River.

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  • Exploding Fish of the Amazonas
    Story : Posted 12-08-2014

    Exploding Fish of the Amazonas

    The exploding fish of the Amazon. Despite its brilliant colors, the 15-pound fish is invisible in the tea-colored water of Brazil's Rio Negro.

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  • Catching Convicts
    Story : Posted 12-01-2014

    Catching Convicts

    When a fisherman presents his bait, this black-banded cousin of the porgy comes up and steals it. The fisherman never feels a thing, never knows the fish has cleaned his rig.

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  • Thanksgiving Catfish
    Story : Posted 11-24-2014

    Thanksgiving Catfish

    It's unusual for it to snow in Arkansas on Thanksgiving Day. But it did. A cold wind blew, snow fell, and soon the landscape wore a white overcoat. It was a beautiful thing.

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  • Fall Flatheads
    Story : Posted 11-17-2014

    Fall Flatheads

    Over the next two hours we catch a dozen more catfish, including Papa, a 21-pound flathead with a potbelly and Fu Manchu mustache.

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  • Remedies for Hard-to-Find, Hard-to-Catch November Crappie
    Story : Posted 11-10-2014

    Remedies for Hard-to-Find, Hard-to-Catch November Crappie

    When November rolls around, days grow shorter and nights grow longer. The water temperature drops, and as favorable oxygen levels return throughout the water column, crappie start roaming like nomads.

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