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  • How to Create the #1 Deer Food
    HowTo : Posted 03-09-2015

    How to Create the #1 Deer Food

    In the last column of Everything Deer, we discussed the dominance of native browse and vegetation in the annual diets of deer.

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  • What Are Your Deer Eating?
    News : Posted 02-27-2015

    What Are Your Deer Eating?

    With winter setting in hard across the country, from well-below-zero temperatures in the Upper Midwest to snow and ice in the South, deer are in the most food-stressed period of the year.

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  • Balance Between Predator and Prey
    News : Posted 02-19-2015

    Balance Between Predator and Prey

    There's something about setting a piece of cold steel, knowing that there is such a small window of success for a predator to enter a trap, set the pan off and become the prey of a trapper.

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  • Shed Trap Risks
    News : Posted 02-12-2015

    Shed Trap Risks

    Snow isn't the only white stuff hitting the ground over the next month. As testosterone levels begin to plummet, bucks across the continent will start to shed their antlers.

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  • No Offseason
    Story : Posted 02-05-2015

    No Offseason

    The season ended not but a few weeks ago in my state of Missouri, and already work is underway by thousands of hunters and land managers to ensure that next season will be better than the last.

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  • Taking a 'SHOT' in Las Vegas
    Story : Posted 01-20-2015

    Taking a 'SHOT' in Las Vegas

    For the last five years, tens of thousands of shooting, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts have flocked to the lights on the desert floor for the annual SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, & Outdoor Trade) Show.

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  • Let It Show, Let It Show
    Story : Posted 01-08-2015

    Let It Show, Let It Show

    As hunting season comes to a close, a new season is just getting ready to take off – trade show season. From industry shows to hunting and fishing expos, the next few months will congregate hunters and industry veterans across the country to begin a new year.

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  • The Right to Call Them 'Our Deer'
    Story : Posted 01-01-2015

    The Right to Call Them 'Our Deer'

    Talk to any passionate deer hunter and you will hear them say “my deer” or “our deer” pretty frequently. This isn't when referring to deer that they have harvested or deer raised in a pen; this is commonly used in discussions about local herds roaming their property.

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  • The Great 'Bait' Debate
    Story : Posted 12-31-2014

    The Great 'Bait' Debate

    It's nearly impossible to say that any one hunter hunts just like another. Whether it's spot-and-stalk to all-day stand sits, or food sources to bedding area priority, rarely do we have a blueprint that hunters follow when it comes to their entire season.

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  • What Is the Second Rut?
    Story : Posted 12-18-2014

    What Is the Second Rut?

    Whether you hunt in the Northeast or Midwest, around this time of the year you will often hear hunters begin to talk about seeing the “second rut.” Scrapes open up, and like in early November, bucks can be seen dogging does.

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