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  • Poaching Penalties
    Story : Posted 12-31-2014

    Poaching Penalties

    When following various game warden websites, including our own recently established "Oklahoma Department of Wildlife - Game Wardens," one only needs to briefly scan and you're made aware of just how bad poaching problems can be.

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  • Compassionate Convictions
    Story : Posted 12-12-2014

    Compassionate Convictions

    I recently caught a spotlighter who had hidden his rifle and light off in the weeds just before I encountered him. He was a young man about to get married and with his first child on the way.

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  • Bad Warden, Three Feet Away
    Story : Posted 11-21-2014

    Bad Warden, Three Feet Away

    Unfortunately, it's a common part of a game warden's job to be liked by some and hated by others. Like most police officers, we're often appreciated when “needed” but detested whenever our duty inconveniences the wrong person.

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  • Tough Love for Robin Hood
    Story : Posted 11-07-2014

    Tough Love for Robin Hood

    I came across a bowhunter who wanted to be a “Robin Hood,” but not in a good way. I received a tip that a particular hunter was shooting deer, lots of deer, exceeding the bag limit, and keeping only the racks.

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  • Youth Are the Future, Careful What You Teach Them
    HowTo : Posted 10-24-2014

    Youth Are the Future, Careful What You Teach Them

    There are many youth deer seasons going on across much of the country this month. If YOU don't take the time and energy to expose and share our hunting heritage with them, then who will?

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  • Testing Ethics with the Urge to Win
    Story : Posted 10-03-2014

    Testing Ethics with the Urge to Win

    I remember a case I worked that involved a couple of fellas who had won a big-buck archery contest with a very nice 10-point trophy. They had entered...

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  • Warden Magic Tricks
    Story : Posted 09-19-2014

    Warden Magic Tricks

    Game wardens depend heavily on sportsmen partnerships to protect wildlife. I heard an excellent example of warden-sportsman rapport in action while...

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  • Hell Bent to Write a Ticket
    Story : Posted 09-05-2014

    Hell Bent to Write a Ticket

    I once knew a revered old warden who was described by some as a strict man whose wife must have beat him every morning before sending him off to work...

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  • Wildlife: Never-Ending Supply?
    Story : Posted 08-15-2014

    Wildlife: Never-Ending Supply?

    What's your assessment of the photo? Taken on a cold January day in the northeastern Oklahoma area, those are 104 freshly killed ducks and geese.

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  • Game Wardens Are People Too
    Story : Posted 08-15-2014

    Game Wardens Are People Too

    As a long-time game warden writing a column, I hope I'm able to relate two primary points to you about game wardens.

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