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  • Feds Approve Liberal Waterfowl Regs
    News : Posted 08-15-2014

    Feds Approve Liberal Waterfowl Regs

    In what was little more than a formality, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has given its thumbs up to a liberal framework package of waterfowl hunting regulations for the 2014-15 duck and goose hunting seasons across the country.

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  • Wax On … Wax Off
    Story : Posted 11-07-2012

    Wax On … Wax Off

    If you've ever tried to pluck a duck, you know how maddening it can be. But there is a better, less-expensive method to remove all the pinfeathers. As Mr. Miyagi instructed in "The Karate Kid": "Wax on … wax off."

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  • A Late Christmas Present
    Story : Posted 01-23-2012

    A Late Christmas Present

    The Bachmanns of North Carolina gave their three sons a Christmas gift they will remember forever, a duck hunting trip to the mecca that is southeast Arkansas.

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  • The Duck Hunter as a Young Man
    Story : Posted 12-21-2011

    The Duck Hunter as a Young Man

    To say we had some doubts about our hunting partners this morning would be accurate. Would two "college kids" be serious about duck hunting?

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  • Funk a Duck
    Story : Posted 12-19-2011

    Funk a Duck

    Duck Trek gets downright funky hunting in Nebraska with a guy named Fish.

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  • California's Big Valley
    Story : Posted 11-13-2011

    California's Big Valley

    Three mallards were giving Mike Reynolds fits. His cheeks were blown out in bubbles on each side of his round face and his forehead was getting redder as he put monumental effort into blowing the right series of notes to entice these feathered fiends out of the air.

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  • Preparing for the Duck Trek
    Story : Posted 10-30-2011

    Preparing for the Duck Trek

    How do you back up a duck hunting adventure of a lifetime? If confronted with the opportunity, you load up the truck and do it all over again. The logistics and route are finally in place for Outdoor Channel's 2011 version of the Duck Trek.

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  • Adventures in North Dakota
    Story : Posted 10-27-2011

    Adventures in North Dakota

    The windshield was cracked, the running board was smashed, it smelled of burning transmission fluid, but the real eye-catcher was the right front headlight, held in place by tape. It's difficult to appear confident when you approach the U.S. border in a vehicle like this.

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  • A Balmy Beginning in Canada
    Story : Posted 10-20-2011

    A Balmy Beginning in Canada

    Snow fell here as early as September last year. But it didn't feel like duck season when Jim Fisher met us at the Winnipeg International Airport. It seemed more like duck season if you said the temperature in Celsius – 21 degrees, otherwise known as 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  • Canada Dry
    Story : Posted 10-20-2011

    Canada Dry

    It was 10 minutes after shooting hours when Richard Bramley looked over his layout blind and blurted out: “I told you this would be mayhem, eh.” Welcome to Canada.

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