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  • Straight to the Heartland
    Gear : Posted 06-17-2013

    Straight to the Heartland

    Both Larry Woodward and Bob Richardson have seen it all. They feel there's nothing they haven't faced yet while filming out in the wild, surrounded by wildlife. Together they co-host "ScentBlocker's Most Wanted" and "Outdoors in the Heartland" on Outdoor Channel. With their enthusiasm and experience, the goal is to have fun and make viewers feel like they've also been there, and done that.

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  • Yamaha's New Viking Side-by-Side
    Gear : Posted 06-13-2013

    Yamaha's New Viking Side-by-Side

    Yamaha Motor Corp., U.S.A., has announced the all-new Viking EPS Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle setting a new standard in the three-person multi-purpose SxS segment.

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  • A New Father's Day Tradition
    Gear : Posted 06-10-2013

    A New Father's Day Tradition

    Who gave you your first knife? Well, if you're like many of us, it was your father. And if your father was like mine, he also taught you the safety and responsibility of carrying a knife.

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  • The Truth About Rangefinders Sweepstakes
    Gear : Posted 06-10-2013

    The Truth About Rangefinders Sweepstakes

    Bushnell Outdoor Products has announced The Truth About Rangefinders Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes (valued at $14,000) prize package includes a Polaris Ranger EV, Bushnell optics, and a gear collection from Primos Hunting.

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  • Georgia Boot's New Comfort Core Logger
    Gear : Posted 05-28-2013

    Georgia Boot's New Comfort Core Logger

    Logger boots are part of Georgia Boot's DNA. Combining our strong heritage with breakthrough technology, we reinvented the Logger. The new Comfort Core Logger, it's rugged. It's comfortable.

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  • If Mama Ain't Happy...
    Gear : Posted 05-06-2013

    If Mama Ain't Happy...

    If you're reading this and still have no idea what to get for that woman who brought you into this world, trust this: You're in the wrong place, and we know you're not interested in going to the right one. So stay, we understand and we're here to help!

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  • The Knife You Need at Night
    Gear : Posted 03-27-2013

    The Knife You Need at Night

    How much are your fingers worth? Blade comes with built-in lights for night work.

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  • Washington Knife Maker Silver Stag Creates American Made Heirlooms
    Gear : Posted 03-06-2013

    Washington Knife Maker Silver Stag Creates American Made Heirlooms

    There are two primary reasons for the Silver Stag success — the quality of the raw materials and the quality of the work.

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  • Goey Hunting Calls
    Gear : Posted 02-12-2013

    Goey Hunting Calls

    We've had Goey Hunting calls on our lanyards for a few years now, and this past duck season they debuted two new duck calls that are definitely worth bringing to your attention. These two new mallard duck calls are a part of their “Swamp Series.”

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  • Give Me A Light
    Gear : Posted 01-23-2013

    Give Me A Light

    It seemed most manufacturers at the SHOT Show introduced a new, better, brighter, smaller, long-lasting illuminator of some kind.

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