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  • Give Me A Light
    Gear : Posted 01-23-2013

    Give Me A Light

    It seemed most manufacturers at the SHOT Show introduced a new, better, brighter, smaller, long-lasting illuminator of some kind.

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  • C'mon Baby Light My Fire
    Gear : Posted 01-17-2013

    C'mon Baby Light My Fire

    Matches all wet? Too tired to try the stick and bow method?

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  • 15 Little Things With Big Bang
    Gear : Posted 01-16-2013

    15 Little Things With Big Bang

    The bigger the better. Well, not always. Here are 15 products that show big things can come in small packages.

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  • Companies Reveal Products to Conceal
    Gear : Posted 01-15-2013

    Companies Reveal Products to Conceal

    Camouflage has become a fashion statement to much of the world, but in the outdoors it not only has to be fashionable but also functional. All the latest and greatest in the camo world is here at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

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  • Did Your Dog Bark Today?
    Gear : Posted 01-15-2013

    Did Your Dog Bark Today?

    High-tech redneck has rocketed into the stratosphere at the 35th annual SHOT Show. Not only can you now electronically track your dog, you can find out how many times he barked that particular day.

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  • Making A (Deer) Stand
    Gear : Posted 01-13-2013

    Making A (Deer) Stand

    The hunting world has come a long way since a hunting stand was as simple as a comfortable stump or two boards nailed between the “Y” of a tree. That's proven many times over throughout the aisles of SHOT Show 2013.

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  • YETI® Roadie® 20 Cooler
    Gear : Posted 12-21-2012

    YETI® Roadie® 20 Cooler

    YETI Coolers, manufacturers of ultra-durable, super-insulated premium coolers for serious outdoor enthusiasts, is happy to introduce the new Roadie® 20 model to its line-up.

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  • Easton's Carbon Injexion™ Arrow
    Gear : Posted 12-15-2012

    Easton's Carbon Injexion™ Arrow

    Easton Technical Products®, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment introduces the Carbon Injexion arrow for 2012. The Carbon Injexion is an ultra micro diameter hunting arrow designed with Deep Six Technology.

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  • Mean Bean CRUSH by Evolved Harvest®
    Gear : Posted 12-14-2012

    Mean Bean CRUSH by Evolved Harvest®

    Evolved Harvest®, the leader in food plots and attractants for wild game, introduces Mean Bean CRUSH. Mean Bean CRUSH has everything you are looking for in a nutritious food plot. This exclusive food plot seed mix is what Lee and Tiffany of The CRUSH count on!

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  • New Wicked Ridge Raider Uses TenPoint CLS Technology
    Gear : Posted 12-14-2012

    New Wicked Ridge Raider Uses TenPoint CLS Technology

    Two years after introducing a two-bow lineup of high-quality entry level crossbows, Wicked Ridge Crossbows™ has decided to step up its game with its NEW high-performance Raider CLS™.

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