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  • Kansas Accidental Opportunity
    Story : Posted 12-18-2014

    Kansas Accidental Opportunity

    John Butler was sitting in the “Hangover Stand,'' a name given to the stand just 50 yards from the clubhouse. For obvious reasons, it would be the first choice of anyone unable to get out of bed on time, but up in time to actually hunt.

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  • What Is the Second Rut?
    Story : Posted 12-18-2014

    What Is the Second Rut?

    Whether you hunt in the Northeast or Midwest, around this time of the year you will often hear hunters begin to talk about seeing the “second rut.” Scrapes open up, and like in early November, bucks can be seen dogging does.

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  • Nothing Like Deer Camp
    Story : Posted 12-17-2014

    Nothing Like Deer Camp

    Deer camp is one of the most cherished traditions in the hunting community, and for good reason. It's a gathering place for multiple generations of family and friends, many of whom see each other only during that special time.

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  • Sooner Quail Hunters Reporting Better Results
    Story : Posted 12-16-2014

    Sooner Quail Hunters Reporting Better Results

    Several hunters have reported that quail populations seem to be improved, and they are having success finding and harvesting bobwhites and scaled quail in some sections of Oklahoma.

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  • Compassionate Convictions
    Story : Posted 12-12-2014

    Compassionate Convictions

    I recently caught a spotlighter who had hidden his rifle and light off in the weeds just before I encountered him. He was a young man about to get married and with his first child on the way.

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  • Pleased to Meat You
    Story : Posted 12-12-2014

    Pleased to Meat You

    Although he doesn't hunt anymore, Andy Shaw saw more deer this fall than most. Of course, none were alive.

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  • Targeting Rib-Eyes from the December Sky
    Story : Posted 12-10-2014

    Targeting Rib-Eyes from the December Sky

    They are called “rib-eyes from the sky,” the flocks of sandhill cranes that annually wing their way down the Central Flyway into Oklahoma, calling rhythmically with their eerie guttural sounds emitting from high above.

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  • Indiana Rut: Hoosier Daddy?
    Story : Posted 12-05-2014

    Indiana Rut: Hoosier Daddy?

    After spending three days at a deer camp for the opening of the Indiana rifle season, I am baffled that the Hoosier state is lost in this conversation.

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  • 'Weather' or Not You'll Bag a Buck
    Story : Posted 12-04-2014

    'Weather' or Not You'll Bag a Buck

    There might not be any worse weather element I hate hunting in than wind. Whether it's because I can't hear anything else other than the wind, or because I've never had success when it's windy, the bottom line is when wind is in the forecast, I cringe. I almost feel defeated before the hunt even begins.

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  • Give the Gift of the Outdoors
    Story : Posted 12-02-2014

    Give the Gift of the Outdoors

    Catalogs, emails and commercials touting must-have gifts this holiday season fill our mailboxes, flood our inboxes and splash across our television screens as the biggest shopping weekend of the year approaches.

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