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  • New Badger State Best
    Story : Posted 11-27-2013

    New Badger State Best

    The No. 1 state for trophy whitetail has a new No. 1. At 260, 'Jim Baker Buck' holds the new Wisconsin nontypical record.

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  • Chapman's Live Hunt
    Story : Posted 11-26-2013

    Chapman's Live Hunt

    While Bassmaster Elites Series angler and bow hunting addict Brent Chapman didn't kill anything on his live hunt, he enjoyed the experience.

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  • Thankful at Thanksgiving
    Story : Posted 11-25-2013

    Thankful at Thanksgiving

    Outdoor Channel personalities and show hosts share what they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

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  • Drowning Out Drones
    Story : Posted 11-25-2013

    Drowning Out Drones

    Seeing the technological writing on the wall, Colorado wildlife officials are getting ahead of the game when it comes to the use of drones for hunting and/or scouting in the state.

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  • Monster Buck Surprise
    Story : Posted 11-22-2013

    Monster Buck Surprise

    When Jason Archer climbed into his lock-on tree stand late in the afternoon on Nov. 9, he was hoping to kill a feral hog. In his wildest dreams, he could not have predicted what actually happened.

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  • Wet Spring Means Productive Fall Waterfowl Hunting
    Story : Posted 11-22-2013

    Wet Spring Means Productive Fall Waterfowl Hunting

    The wet spring earlier this year left abundant food for waterfowl to eat this fall. This should make for productive hunting when the both duck and goose hunting seasons open Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28.

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  • Trophy or Deer Management?
    Story : Posted 11-21-2013

    Trophy or Deer Management?

    Management tactics over the past decade suggest deer hunters are solely obsessed with trophy deer. But the idea behind so many of the restrictions really center on creating a healthy deer herd, and big bucks are just a residual effect.

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  • Ah, There's the Rub
    Story : Posted 11-20-2013

    Ah, There's the Rub

    Deer hunting is basically the exercise of getting into the right place to shoot the deer of your desires. Those desires might range from a slick-headed doe to a buck wearing a crown of antlers, but the idea is still the same.

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  • Archery 'Catching Fire'
    Story : Posted 11-20-2013

    Archery 'Catching Fire'

    From side braids to "Capitol" fashion and makeup, "The Hunger Games" franchise has influenced teen culture in numerous ways, but staggering growth statistics from USA Archery show that the sport of archery could be the biggest winner of all.

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  • Science of Hunting Pressure
    Story : Posted 11-19-2013

    Science of Hunting Pressure

    As long as we've hunted whitetail deer, questions have come up about the effects of hunting pressure on our quarry. Does hunting activity push deer out of core areas? Do deer go nocturnal? Do whitetails push deeper into heavy cover? The answers depend on multiple factors.

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