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  • 'Just Hunters With a Camera'
    Story : Posted 01-06-2014

    'Just Hunters With a Camera'

    Practically resigned to not having children, Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo are grateful they heeded the sage words of Walter Payton.

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  • Ralph Won Lotto in Vicki
    Story : Posted 01-02-2014

    Ralph Won Lotto in Vicki

    Ralph Cianciarulo said he won the lotto with Vicki. Rarely does a woman come along who shares your passions and stands alongside you every step of way, while sometimes beating you at your own game.

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  • No Time Like the Present for Rifle and Muzzleloader Maintenance
    Story : Posted 12-30-2013

    No Time Like the Present for Rifle and Muzzleloader Maintenance

    The holidays are a good time to check one item off your to-do list: ensuring your rifle is clean and in tip-top shape for the next hunting season.

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  • Second Pending La. Record
    Story : Posted 12-28-2013

    Second Pending La. Record

    Alex LeBlanc said his buddies scoffed at him for going to his box stand on a windy, warm day, but the20-year-old killed a massive buck with a typical rack rough scored at 204 inches.

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  • Big Buck Bingo
    Story : Posted 12-24-2013

    Big Buck Bingo

    Among the ranks of deer hunters, there are a growing number of enthusiasts more than willing to end the season empty-handed. Many of them are even happy to string together several years without killing a deer.

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  • Finally Getting His Shot
    Story : Posted 12-19-2013

    Finally Getting His Shot

    Matt Drury rarely, if ever, gets to hunt as hard or for as long he did in early December. And he's never taken as nice of a deer as the one trip produced either.

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  • Drilling South Texas Deer
    Story : Posted 12-18-2013

    Drilling South Texas Deer

    Mesquite trees, Senderos, deer and oil: that's what's in South Texas. And a hell of a lot of each. So, it makes perfect sense that these resources all mesh together during the state's deer season.

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  • When All Else Fails, Go Deer Hunting with Dogs
    Story : Posted 12-17-2013

    When All Else Fails, Go Deer Hunting with Dogs

    Having to track a wounded deer with a dog combines deer hunting's worst-case scenario with man's best friend. In some states deer hunting with dogs is illegal, in others it's legal but only done as a charitable favor between hunters, and in some places it is big business.

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  • The 'Dead Deer' Issue
    Story : Posted 12-13-2013

    The 'Dead Deer' Issue

    With his best deer of his life, Grant Darrah thought it was finally time to enter the Big Buck Contest. So the 55-year-old from Coudersport brought his 10-pointer up to the Sweden Valley Inn on opening day of the Pennsylvania gun season.

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  • PC Out The Door in Pa.
    Story : Posted 12-11-2013

    PC Out The Door in Pa.

    What happens at Deer Camp stays at Deer Camp. Not that things were that wild and crazy at The Criswell's 5X5 camp. The four men were just doing the guy thing during the state gun opener at one of the historic camps in the Allegheny Mountains.

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