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  • A Bow, Paddle and Pirogue
    Story : Posted 11-12-2013

    A Bow, Paddle and Pirogue

    Michael Frenette hunts the Louisiana Marsh out of a pirogue, paddling to slivers of land. It's unlikely habitat for deer, but they are there, and Frenette keeps at it because "It's what I have. There's nothing wrong with hunting what you got."

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  • Urban Hunts The Answer
    Story : Posted 11-12-2013

    Urban Hunts The Answer

    If you have a plumbing problem, contact a plumber. If you have a deer problem, get with a deer hunter. Larry Woodward knows how to fix the issue of excessive deer numbers in urban settings. He's followed the comedy of errors right down the road from his home in Lincoln County, Mo.

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  • A Step Back in Time
    Story : Posted 11-11-2013

    A Step Back in Time

    When you hear the phrase Deer Camp, any number of memories, smells or feelings come to mind. There's a place in middle Georgia called Fort Creek Farm that can take you back in time.

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  • Vermont Rifle Season Starts Nov. 16
    Story : Posted 11-11-2013

    Vermont Rifle Season Starts Nov. 16

    Hunters are gearing up for the start of Vermont's statewide traditionally popular 16-day rifle deer season that begins Nov. 16 and ends Sunday, Dec. 1.

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  • Deer Home, Alabama
    Story : Posted 11-08-2013

    Deer Home, Alabama

    David Kilgore is Alabama proud, from bass to bucks. Kilgore explains the implementation of his management program to keep up with the bucks on his family's farm in Alabama.

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  • Bunch of Straight Shooters
    Story : Posted 11-07-2013

    Bunch of Straight Shooters

    Rifle ranges really pick up the first week of October. Range Manager Grant Tomlin says "This is the 'Oh crap, the season opens Saturday morning, I better go shoot my rifle' crowd."

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  • Dr. Deer's Camera Take
    Story : Posted 11-06-2013

    Dr. Deer's Camera Take

    Dr. James Kroll is not camera shy. As the foremost authority on deer management in the world, those two things go together in more ways than one.

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  • Eyes in the Field
    Story : Posted 11-05-2013

    Eyes in the Field

    Exposing nocturnal deer is just one of the unmatched benefits of modern trail cameras. But despite the clear advantage they give deer hunters, if used improperly or misread, they can also ruin a hunt or even an entire season.

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  • Making Yourself Proud
    Story : Posted 11-05-2013

    Making Yourself Proud

    When everything comes together on a hunt and it plays out to plan, a hunter can take pride in his actions. Nathan Dunn was absolutely beaming after killing a buck with his muzzleloader last week, especially under the circumstances.

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  • Getting the Girls To Go
    Story : Posted 11-04-2013

    Getting the Girls To Go

    Women are the fastest growing segment of the hunting world, due to no small measure of the line-up of husband/wife hunting teams on Outdoor Channel. The growth in numbers produces a lot of questions on just what to expect when a woman takes to the woods.

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