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  • SD Pheasants Up 76 Percent
    Story : Posted 09-05-2014

    SD Pheasants Up 76 Percent

    The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks has completed the annual pheasant brood survey and the results show a 76 percent increase in...

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  • Brenda's Monster Moose
    Story : Posted 09-03-2014

    Brenda's Monster Moose

    The camp was on the side of a hill, overlooking a very large valley with mountains not far to the rear. This was moose country at its very best.

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  • Wingshooting's Biggest Little Game
    Story : Posted 09-02-2014

    Wingshooting's Biggest Little Game

    If memory serves correct, it might have been my old duck hunting mentor, the late Mike Horn, who first invited me to go dove hunting near my North Texas home.

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  • It's Camo Tuesday at MidwayUSA!
    Story : Posted 09-02-2014

    It's Camo Tuesday at MidwayUSA!

    This year, Camo TuesdayTM features deep discounts on select footwear, ammunition, optics, clothing and more from big name brands like Danner, Hornady, Nikon and Kryptek just to name a few.

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  • Hunter Hotline
    Story : Posted 09-01-2014

    Hunter Hotline

    Prior to last November, Derek Thompson had pretty much convinced himself that seeing or shooting a big buck wasn't going to happen where he hunts in Ross County, Ohio.

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  • Five Hundred Reasons
    Story : Posted 08-21-2014

    Five Hundred Reasons

    Faced with enduring the constant belching of diesels and smell of dirt and fuel, most deer hunters would've thrown their trucks into reverse and left in their own cloud of dust - the sanctity of "prime time" ruined.

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  • Who's To Blame?
    Story : Posted 08-21-2014

    Who's To Blame?

    With hunters and state agencies acknowledging that deer numbers in many areas are decreasing, it's without surprise that the blame is being passed around.

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  • Perfect Day to Arrow Montana Buck
    Story : Posted 08-20-2014

    Perfect Day to Arrow Montana Buck

    Jackie finds a perfect day to arrow a Montana buck.

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  • Moose in the Bush
    Story : Posted 08-20-2014

    Moose in the Bush

    The Alaska moose (a.k.a. Alaska-Yukon moose) is the largest big-game animal in North America. They are very interesting to hunt, and as a bonus, they live in some of the most remote and beautiful places you will ever see.

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  • Dealing with Anti-Hunters
    Story : Posted 08-18-2014

    Dealing with Anti-Hunters

    Ever had an encounter with an anti-hunter? Been on the defensive a time or two? There are ways to act at such moments.

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