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  • Getting the Girls To Go
    Story : Posted 11-04-2013

    Getting the Girls To Go

    Women are the fastest growing segment of the hunting world, due to no small measure of the line-up of husband/wife hunting teams on Outdoor Channel. The growth in numbers produces a lot of questions on just what to expect when a woman takes to the woods.

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  • 'An Arm To Shoot My Bow'
    Story : Posted 11-04-2013

    'An Arm To Shoot My Bow'

    Lance Thornton has always been an archery enthusiast, starting when he was a young boy, deer hunting near his home in Ozark, Ark. The sport means more to him now, and he never wants that to change.

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  • 'Always Ask First'
    Story : Posted 11-04-2013

    'Always Ask First'

    Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) remind hunters that there is one sure way to avoid landowner concerns associated with trespassing: "Always Ask First." The DNR also offers its top 10 list of violations.

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  • Moose Tenderloin (Video) (Recipe)
    Story : Posted 11-03-2013

    Moose Tenderloin (Video) (Recipe)

    Learn how to cook the king of wild game meats: Moose Tenderloin. By mixing a few ingredients together you will have an amazing meal. Learn all of the recipe in this video with Rick Browne.

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  • Ted Nugent's Duck Breasts with Vegetables & Peppers (Video) (Recipe)
    Story : Posted 11-02-2013

    Ted Nugent's Duck Breasts with Vegetables & Peppers (Video) (Recipe)

    Fast-food to the Nugent family is a Mallard flying across the sky. Ted Nugent takes his fast-food source and shares with you a great recipe for cooking duck.

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  • Wildgame's Record Food Block
    Story : Posted 11-01-2013

    Wildgame's Record Food Block

    The Wildgame Nation crew teamed up with Buck Bomb to create the world's largest food block, which was deployed on the Busbices' property in north central Louisiana just in time to give the deer a treat for Halloween.

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  • Testicle Festival a Real Ball
    Story : Posted 11-01-2013

    Testicle Festival a Real Ball

    The town about 90 miles west of Chicago is hailed as the “Gateway to the Rock River Valley,” but on the second Saturday in October it's the gastronomic gateway to turkey rocks.

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  • Hearts In Their Mouths
    Story : Posted 10-31-2013

    Hearts In Their Mouths

    Eating the heart out of a freshly killed animal was tradition among some Native Americans. By doing so, Indians believed they could receive all the qualities of the animal – bravery, strength and agility.

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  • Lee's Buck Rubbing Post
    Story : Posted 10-30-2013

    Lee's Buck Rubbing Post

    Lee Lakosky remembers sitting in his deer stand on the edge of a green field, watching deer after deer enter the field and stay out of bow range. The only consistent part of the day was a small tree in the middle, and well out of bow range.

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  • Don't Hate the Crossbow
    Story : Posted 10-29-2013

    Don't Hate the Crossbow

    Crossbows are currently enduring what compound bows battled years ago; claims that their use will decimate deer herds and ruin the "sport" of archery. The same goes for 60 percent let-offs. The old stick-and-string was simply becoming unrecognizable to the elitists and purists of archery, and they didn't like it.

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