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  • Teaching The Ways of The Elk
    Story : Posted 09-18-2013

    Teaching The Ways of The Elk

    The “Elk Hunting University” library offers details on every aspect of elk hunting – from acquiring licenses and permits, to guiding and calling, everything from the field to the table.

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  • Brief History of The Bow
    Story : Posted 09-17-2013

    Brief History of The Bow

    The earliest proof of bows and arrows being used comes from cave paintings in Valltorta Gorge in Spain. Men are aiming bows at game, several of which with arrows protruding from them. They date to 20,000 BC.

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  • A Buck In Your Picture?
    Story : Posted 09-16-2013

    A Buck In Your Picture?

    The latest game cam photos our viewers sent in show some rather impressive headgear. We got a set of bucks battling at a feeder among some other nice pictures. Check out the game cam photos and then submit your own!

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  • 1 Million New Hunters (Video)
    Story : Posted 09-12-2013

    1 Million New Hunters (Video)

    The future of hunting is brighter today than it was nearly a decade ago thanks to the extraordinary success of Families Afield, an innovative program that has introduced 1 million newcomers to hunting.

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  • Steve's Alaskan Bear Adventure III
    Story : Posted 09-11-2013

    Steve's Alaskan Bear Adventure III

    Steve West of “Steve's Outdoor Adventures” took his show on the road for bear hunts in the Alaskan wilderness. Through April into early May, West and his team awaited the warm-up that would bring bears out of their dens.

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  • Elk Are Fighting Back
    Story : Posted 09-11-2013

    Elk Are Fighting Back

    Apparently, the elk are fighting back. With elk season getting in full swing, hunters should be cognizant that a 700-pound animal with gigantic antlers can be rather dangerous. Even a dead one.

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  • Miller Time on The Hunt
    Story : Posted 09-10-2013

    Miller Time on The Hunt

    Jake Miller says he and his father, Greg Miller, try to strike a balance between the two – hunting for entertainment and the educational process involved in becoming a more successful whitetail deer hunter.

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  • Feeders vs. Food Plots
    Story : Posted 09-10-2013

    Feeders vs. Food Plots

    Like elevated stands, corn feeders are now prevalent in Arkansas deer hunting. There is a better way, according to wildlife biologists with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission – food plots with a variety of plantings.

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  • Putting Down the Kickstand
    Story : Posted 09-10-2013

    Putting Down the Kickstand

    Swamp People, Kisky's team up for odd buck on Whitetail Freaks

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  • Top 5 Signs Your Elk Hunting Area Needs Habitat Help
    Story : Posted 09-09-2013

    Top 5 Signs Your Elk Hunting Area Needs Habitat Help

    When Elk season ends, you'll have another autumn's worth of memories. When it's fresh in your mind, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation asks you to think about the country you hunted, how it's changed through the years and how it's likely to change in the future.

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