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  • This Land Is Your Land
    Story : Posted 07-18-2013

    This Land Is Your Land

    When Rick and Julie Kreuter were approached in 2006 about hosting a hunting show, they quickly determined they would use the opportunity to also promote their profound passion for land conservation and enduring respect for nature.

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  • Think Wheat in Summer Heat
    Story : Posted 07-18-2013

    Think Wheat in Summer Heat

    The heat of summer is a good time to begin thinking about fall plantings to benefit wildlife. Winter wheat is a top choice for a fall crop because it is readily eaten by deer and wild turkey and is an excellent nurse crop for clover.

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  • Gridiron Tackles New Zealand
    Story : Posted 07-18-2013

    Gridiron Tackles New Zealand

    Host of Outdoor Channel's "Gridiron Outdoors", Mike Pawlawski, met with the "All Blacks" rugby team while hunting in New Zealand, but he had no desire to get out onto the pitch with the world champions. "Hell no," the former pro quarterback said. "My playing days are over. My body knows better."

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  • Keeping the Lion's Share
    Story : Posted 07-15-2013

    Keeping the Lion's Share

    SCI Foundation exposed the hypocrisy of four animal rights groups in a new recently released report. The report counters a "study" issued last month questioning the role of hunters in helping African communities.

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  • Reaping A Western Harvest
    Story : Posted 07-09-2013

    Reaping A Western Harvest

    On Mondays at 11 p.m. ET, Outdoor Channel viewers will be taken on an exhilarating hunting journey with the leading brand of sports performance apparel - Under Armour. "Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper" features seasoned hunter Jason Carter and the Under Armour Team as they capture the harvesting of some of the most awe-inspiring trophies and epic adventures ever portrayed on outdoor television.

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  • Delectable Dozen
    Story : Posted 07-09-2013

    Delectable Dozen

    A lineup of 88 shows, including 12 "all-new" series premieres, were unveiled by Outdoor Channel as the company announces its third quarter programming slate, featuring the top celebrities, anglers and hunters in the fields of fishing, hunting, shooting and adventure entertainment.

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  • New Logo. New Website. New Look.
    Story : Posted 07-03-2013

    New Logo. New Website. New Look.

    Welcome to the new "CRUSH with Lee and Tiffany"! Together with Production Team Sub7, Web Design and Developers MindVolt and Outdoor Marketing and Media Partners WildComm, the popular hunting and land management duo has updated their look, bringing viewers and sponsors even closer to the worldwide action of hunting big game. Check it out Thursdays at 12:30a ET, Fridays at 6p ET and Sundays at 7:30p ET on Outdoor Channel.

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  • Larger Appeal of Teal
    Story : Posted 07-02-2013

    Larger Appeal of Teal

    This fall, early-teal-season hunters may have an opportunity to bag more teal. Additionally, if the Department of Interior finalizes the waterfowl harvest regulations as initially proposed, the possession limit would increase.

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  • Blowing Up Basehor
    Story : Posted 06-28-2013

    Blowing Up Basehor

    If you happen to be outside Kansas City, Kan., on June 29 and hear loud noises and some large explosions, don't worry. It's probably just Keith Mark celebrating his American freedoms.

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  • Top Hunting Dog Breeds
    Story : Posted 06-26-2013

    Top Hunting Dog Breeds

    Sometimes you take more out on a hunt than a shotgun and a dream. Sometimes you take a dog along too. But what kinds hunting dog breed should you have at your side? Ron Spomer knows...

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