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  • SCI Hunters' Convention to be Held in Las Vegas
    Story : Posted 06-25-2013

    SCI Hunters' Convention to be Held in Las Vegas

    Safari Club International has announced the dates of its next seven Annual Hunters' Conventions. All of them will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • Colorado Hunting Boycott Loses Steam
    Story : Posted 06-21-2013

    Colorado Hunting Boycott Loses Steam

    When Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law several gun control bills, the state experienced a great period of restlessness as gun owners and sportsmen lent voice to the opposition with a much dreaded boycott of the state.

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  • SOA Launches "SHOOT | SAFE" Sweepstakes
    Story : Posted 06-17-2013

    SOA Launches "SHOOT | SAFE" Sweepstakes

    Steve West announces the launch of the "SHOOT | SAFE" Sweepstakes on Monday, June 17, 2013. The sweepstakes features a Grand Prize worth more than $1,000 and showcases prizes from two of SOA's premier partners - Stack-On Products and CVA.

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  • Summer Archery Checklist
    Story : Posted 06-14-2013

    Summer Archery Checklist

    June is the halfway point on the calendar and is highlighted by the longest day of the year: the official start of summer on Friday, June 21 this year.

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  • The Bear Whisperer
    Story : Posted 06-13-2013

    The Bear Whisperer

    "Outdoors in the Heartland" and "ScentBlocker Most Wanted" host and veteran hunter, Larry Woodward, recently got a bear to eat from his hand. Admittedly crazy, this wasn't the oddest encounter he had on his trip to a remote part of Canada.

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  • NSSF Expands Hunting Works for America
    Story : Posted 06-12-2013

    NSSF Expands Hunting Works for America

    Hunting Works for Pennsylvania joins Arizona, Minnesota, North Dakota, Iowa and Missouri as the sixth state to be included in the award-winning Hunting Works for America program.

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  • Steve's Outdoor Adventures Partners with Delorme
    Story : Posted 06-12-2013

    Steve's Outdoor Adventures Partners with Delorme

    Steve West, host of the top-rated Outdoor Channel series "Steve's Outdoor Adventures", and DeLorme, maker of the award-winning inReach satellite communicator, have announced a television partnership for the 2013 season.

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  • Give Us Your Best Shot
    Story : Posted 06-09-2013

    Give Us Your Best Shot

    You've watched the Outdoor Channel talent come up with trophy shots, now it's your turn. In the new Viewer Galleries, will feature photos from you in three categories: Hunting, Fishing and Shooting.

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  • Attempts to Ban Traditional Ammo
    Story : Posted 06-07-2013

    Attempts to Ban Traditional Ammo

    Recently passed by the California Assembly, this legislation would make California the first state to ban the use of traditional lead ammunition for hunting.

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  • Lion of the Industry
    Story : Posted 06-04-2013

    Lion of the Industry

    After his impala kill became a lion's appetizer, Dave Watson nearly served himself up as the main course. This solo hunt occurred in Botswana years ago, after he set down his guitar to make music with a bow. A prominent mover and shaker, Dave wears many hats as host, writer, director, and producer. Now he's teaming up with another Outdoor Channel icon, Ted Nugent.

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