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  • Record Florida Python Killed
    Story : Posted 05-21-2013

    Record Florida Python Killed

    A Miami man has caught and killed the longest Burmese python ever captured in Florida: 18 feet, 8 inches. The python was a 128-pound female that was not carrying eggs, according to University of Florida scientists. The previous record length for a Burmese python captured in Florida was 17 feet, 7 inches.

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  • Georgia Offers Chance to Hunt & Fish for Free for Life
    Story : Posted 05-20-2013

    Georgia Offers Chance to Hunt & Fish for Free for Life

    It's the sporting opportunity of a lifetime. Georgians can win the right to hunt and fish for free for life statewide in a new contest sponsored by the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation.

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  • Manny Being Manny
    Story : Posted 05-19-2013

    Manny Being Manny

    This season of Outdoor Channel's hit show, "Savage Wild" pits hardcore hunter Manny Puig against wild boar. Although some comedic antics have brought a level of hilarity to Puig's character, the nature of spear hunting brings him dangerously close to the action. He's literally a couple feet from the boar and it ends up inviting a direct charge.

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  • Living Dinosaur Dream
    Story : Posted 05-17-2013

    Living Dinosaur Dream

    A young hunter who grew up with a fascination about dinosaurs and a dream of hunting what some call “living dinosaurs” has harvested the largest alligator ever certified in Texas. Braxton Bielski, an 18-year-old high school senior, bagged the behemoth 800-pound, 14-foot, 3-inch gator.

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  • Kroenke Completes Acquisition of Outdoor Channel
    Story : Posted 05-17-2013

    Kroenke Completes Acquisition of Outdoor Channel

    Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, LLC announced it has completed the previously-announced acquisition of Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. for $10.25 per share in cash, pursuant to which Outdoor Channel has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of KSE.

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  • Nebraska Proposes Limited Season on Mountain Lions
    Story : Posted 05-16-2013

    Nebraska Proposes Limited Season on Mountain Lions

    Nebraska outdoor officials are set to vote on draft regulations for a limited mountain lion hunting season in the state. The proposed season would allow hunters to kill three mountain lions during two open seasons in the Pine Ridge area.

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  • Hog Wild
    Story : Posted 05-15-2013

    Hog Wild

    Feral hogs destroy wildlife habitat at alarming rates and cause a number of important concerns to hunters, farmers and other landowners in Oklahoma.

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  • Roasted by a Pig
    Story : Posted 05-13-2013

    Roasted by a Pig

    Comedian Marc Ryan of "Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips" hopes nobody gets him confused with his co-host Todd. Not that Marc wouldn't want to take credit for some of Todd's lines on their new Outdoor Channel show, but Todd is a boar. Not a bore, a boar. As in wild pig.

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  • Gray Matter
    Story : Posted 05-11-2013

    Gray Matter

    Little boys should automatically come with hair dye. A mom says she needs it after planning and taking autistic son on his first turkey hunt gave her a few more premature gray hairs.

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  • Top 5 Bucks of All-Time
    Story : Posted 05-08-2013

    Top 5 Bucks of All-Time

    Timothy J. Beck's buck killed in Indiana last November, scoring 305-7/8, is the second highest scoring whitetail ever taken by a hunter. Of the 13,000-plus whitetails currently honored in Boone and Crockett records, only five -- a scant .03 percent -- tape 300 inches or more.

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