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  • Goey Hunting Calls Helps Oklahoma Tornado Victims
    Story : Posted 05-23-2013

    Goey Hunting Calls Helps Oklahoma Tornado Victims

    In an effort to help out those in need, after the devastating tornados that touched down in Oklahoma this week, Goey Hunting Calls will donate $25 of every $30 Swamp Sister sold to the Salvation Army Arkansas-Oklahoma Division.

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  • Record Florida Python Killed
    Story : Posted 05-21-2013

    Record Florida Python Killed

    A Miami man has caught and killed the longest Burmese python ever captured in Florida: 18 feet, 8 inches. The python was a 128-pound female that was not carrying eggs, according to University of Florida scientists. The previous record length for a Burmese python captured in Florida was 17 feet, 7 inches.

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  • Georgia Offers Chance to Hunt & Fish for Free for Life
    Story : Posted 05-20-2013

    Georgia Offers Chance to Hunt & Fish for Free for Life

    It's the sporting opportunity of a lifetime. Georgians can win the right to hunt and fish for free for life statewide in a new contest sponsored by the Georgia Natural Resources Foundation.

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  • Manny Being Manny
    Story : Posted 05-19-2013

    Manny Being Manny

    This season of Outdoor Channel's hit show, "Savage Wild" pits hardcore hunter Manny Puig against wild boar. Although some comedic antics have brought a level of hilarity to Puig's character, the nature of spear hunting brings him dangerously close to the action. He's literally a couple feet from the boar and it ends up inviting a direct charge.

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  • Living Dinosaur Dream
    Story : Posted 05-17-2013

    Living Dinosaur Dream

    A young hunter who grew up with a fascination about dinosaurs and a dream of hunting what some call “living dinosaurs” has harvested the largest alligator ever certified in Texas. Braxton Bielski, an 18-year-old high school senior, bagged the behemoth 800-pound, 14-foot, 3-inch gator.

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  • Kroenke Completes Acquisition of Outdoor Channel
    Story : Posted 05-17-2013

    Kroenke Completes Acquisition of Outdoor Channel

    Kroenke Sports & Entertainment, LLC announced it has completed the previously-announced acquisition of Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. for $10.25 per share in cash, pursuant to which Outdoor Channel has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of KSE.

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  • Nebraska Proposes Limited Season on Mountain Lions
    Story : Posted 05-16-2013

    Nebraska Proposes Limited Season on Mountain Lions

    Nebraska outdoor officials are set to vote on draft regulations for a limited mountain lion hunting season in the state. The proposed season would allow hunters to kill three mountain lions during two open seasons in the Pine Ridge area.

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  • Hog Wild
    Story : Posted 05-15-2013

    Hog Wild

    Feral hogs destroy wildlife habitat at alarming rates and cause a number of important concerns to hunters, farmers and other landowners in Oklahoma.

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  • Roasted by a Pig
    Story : Posted 05-13-2013

    Roasted by a Pig

    Comedian Marc Ryan of "Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips" hopes nobody gets him confused with his co-host Todd. Not that Marc wouldn't want to take credit for some of Todd's lines on their new Outdoor Channel show, but Todd is a boar. Not a bore, a boar. As in wild pig.

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  • Gray Matter
    Story : Posted 05-11-2013

    Gray Matter

    Little boys should automatically come with hair dye. A mom says she needs it after planning and taking autistic son on his first turkey hunt gave her a few more premature gray hairs.

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