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  • Hog Wild
    Story : Posted 05-15-2013

    Hog Wild

    Feral hogs destroy wildlife habitat at alarming rates and cause a number of important concerns to hunters, farmers and other landowners in Oklahoma.

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  • Roasted by a Pig
    Story : Posted 05-13-2013

    Roasted by a Pig

    Comedian Marc Ryan of "Marc & Todd's Crazy Clips" hopes nobody gets him confused with his co-host Todd. Not that Marc wouldn't want to take credit for some of Todd's lines on their new Outdoor Channel show, but Todd is a boar. Not a bore, a boar. As in wild pig.

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  • Gray Matter
    Story : Posted 05-11-2013

    Gray Matter

    Little boys should automatically come with hair dye. A mom says she needs it after planning and taking autistic son on his first turkey hunt gave her a few more premature gray hairs.

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  • Top 5 Bucks of All-Time
    Story : Posted 05-08-2013

    Top 5 Bucks of All-Time

    Timothy J. Beck's buck killed in Indiana last November, scoring 305-7/8, is the second highest scoring whitetail ever taken by a hunter. Of the 13,000-plus whitetails currently honored in Boone and Crockett records, only five -- a scant .03 percent -- tape 300 inches or more.

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  • That Boy Will Hunt
    Story : Posted 05-07-2013

    That Boy Will Hunt

    How do you top it? That's what the Cianciarulos were asked on the 20-hour flight from New Zealand back to the U.S. They had been on a working vacation for their shows, including filming son R.J. take a red stag.

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  • Labonte's Naked Pit Stop
    Story : Posted 05-03-2013

    Labonte's Naked Pit Stop

    Bobby Labonte is accustomed to speeding around asphalt at about 215 mph. And he always makes left turns. A right turn on a hunt with a Realtree crew left him spinning in the mire, but after his first 'naked' pit stop, he got his first long-beard.

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  • Red Stag for Whole Family
    Story : Posted 05-02-2013

    Red Stag for Whole Family

    Still trying to recover from serious cases of jetlag after some “time travel,” Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo nonetheless were reveling in their hunting trip to New Zealand. It was their first overseas trip with their son, R.J., and they each brought home more than a trophy red stag.

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  • Calling All Hunting Couples
    Story : Posted 05-01-2013

    Calling All Hunting Couples

    "Addicted to the Outdoors" on Outdoor Channel has unveiled a dynamic new program focused on shining a spotlight on family participation in the outdoors, and on couples who make the outdoors more than a hobby - but a lifestyle. Hosts Jon and Gina Brunson are searching for a select few outdoor couples. Think you have what it takes to host an outdoor TV show? Submit your video application today!

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  • Storming The Castle
    Story : Posted 04-26-2013

    Storming The Castle

    Pain, in many forms, accompanied a marathon hunt chasing a turkey up, down and all around the Ouachita Mountains in central Arkansas.

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  • Guided to Tears
    Story : Posted 04-22-2013

    Guided to Tears

    Turkey guides, including World champion caller Larry Shockey, will forego lucrative fees to help a youth. "Calling a turkey up to one of these children, the words will not describe it. The tears do a lot of it.”

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