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  • 'Here Comes Rudolph'
    Story : Posted 12-19-2012

    'Here Comes Rudolph'

    There was an unexpected feature on the racecard at The Meadows. A trifecta of long shots made their way onto the horse track outside of Pittsburgh just as a field of horses were ready to leave the gate.

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  • Wyoming Mulies Poached
    Story : Posted 12-18-2012

    Wyoming Mulies Poached

    Game wardens are investigating two mule deer poachings that occurred within 16 days of one another in Wyoming's Curt Gowdy State Park. While mulies being poached out of season is not a new thing for the park, game warden Allen Deru said the proximity in time of the two shootings is unusual.

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  • Seeking Duck Art Dynasty
    Story : Posted 12-13-2012

    Seeking Duck Art Dynasty

    The Robertson's from the A&E hit series, Duck Dynasty, have made millions from the sale of duck calls. Now, they are hoping to conquer the art world with their first ever lithograph.

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  • SCI Helps Win Victory in Nevada Wild Horse Roundup Case
    Story : Posted 12-12-2012

    SCI Helps Win Victory in Nevada Wild Horse Roundup Case

    SCI has successfully defended the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) efforts to manage destructive wild horses in northwest Nevada. Plaintiffs, including an animal rights group, had launched baseless attacks on BLM's management practices in a federal lawsuit.

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  • Vote Going To The Dogs
    Story : Posted 12-11-2012

    Vote Going To The Dogs

    The third annual Bird Dogs for Habitat campaign allows hunters to vote for their favorite breeds while supporting efforts by Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever to protect bird habitat.

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  • French Vanilla Cake (Recipe)
    Story : Posted 12-10-2012

    French Vanilla Cake (Recipe)

    A recipe for a French Vanilla Cake that will finish up the holiday dinner on a tasty note.

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  • Deer Key In Keystone State
    Story : Posted 12-07-2012

    Deer Key In Keystone State

    The Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving are the two busiest days on Pennsylvania highways for two reasons: people heading home after turkey day, and Pennsy hunters heading to deer camp – which they've been doing for hundreds of years.

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  • Tried And Tested Gifts
    Story : Posted 12-06-2012

    Tried And Tested Gifts

    Jared Gustafson, video manager at Outdoor Channel, gives his recommendations to these outdoors products.

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  • Eagle Squatch
    Story : Posted 12-05-2012

    Eagle Squatch

    When it comes to survival in the outdoors, Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller takes a Boy Scout mentality. “Just be prepared,” said Miller, host of the Outdoor Channel's popular show Sasquatch: Mountain Man, which appears Fridays at 7:30 p.m. ET. “Hope for the best, but always prepare for the worst.”

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  • Sasquatch's Survival Tips
    Story : Posted 12-05-2012

    Sasquatch's Survival Tips

    Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller's Boy Scout mentality of always being prepared is sage advice. The host of Sasquatch: Mountain Man hasn't been in a dire survival situation, but he did get lost in Arkansas once. He offers these outdoors tips.

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