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  • How's Your Mo, Bro?
    Story : Posted 11-26-2012

    How's Your Mo, Bro?

    Outdoor Channel personalities are growing out moustaches in support of Movember, a national promotion bringing awareness to men's health issues. Donating as little as $5 to the OC team enters you to win Matt Busbice's Wildgame Nation truck loaded with products.

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  • Firsts in the Field: Shot From The Hip
    Story : Posted 11-26-2012

    Firsts in the Field: Shot From The Hip

    Deer were scarce in Tennessee when Brenda Valentine, known as the First Lady of Hunting, killed her first of many.

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  • Where are the Moose?
    Story : Posted 11-26-2012

    Where are the Moose?

    It's almost impossible to visit Grand Teton National Park or its gateway city, Jackson Hole, Wyo., without thinking about moose. Road signs warn drivers of moose crossings, guidebooks and pamphlets list favorite moose-watching hotspots, and at least one downtown shop is dedicated entirely to moose-related souvenirs and sweatshirts.

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  • Wolf Season Success
    Story : Posted 11-26-2012

    Wolf Season Success

    The first of Minnesota's two wolf hunting seasons, which ran Nov. 3-Nov. 18 and saw 147 of 200 alloted kills made, was a success, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

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  • OC Family Gives Thanks
    Story : Posted 11-21-2012

    OC Family Gives Thanks

    For Thanksgiving, we asked a variety of Outdoor Channel personalities and show hosts to tell us what they are thankful for.

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  • Texas Gal's Big Buck
    Story : Posted 11-12-2012

    Texas Gal's Big Buck

    Reader Chassity of Kingwood, Texas, posts blog in the Community section of detailing her buck kill with her "Rocket Launcher."

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  • First Bow Setup
    Story : Posted 11-11-2012

    First Bow Setup

    Valerie Hicks got her first bow, a Bear Siren RTH (Ready To Hunt), a few months ago. She went to experienced bow technician Shane Hyme to help get it set up correctly.

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  • See How Your Buck Ranks
    Story : Posted 11-09-2012

    See How Your Buck Ranks

    Biologist Jeremy Flinn sees it as tool to refine deer management. Hunters will see it as a fun and simple way to brag about big bucks, while having a chance to collect prize packages. So it's hard to find any downside to the Outdoor Channel National Deer Contest powered by BuckScore.

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  • No Major Changes Inland
    Story : Posted 11-08-2012

    No Major Changes Inland

    Hurricane Sandy's high storm surge did the most damage on the coastal areas of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, but inland, things aren't as bad. Though it's more than a week after Sandy hit and many people still don't have power, a fortunate few are out hunting and fishing.

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  • Blue-Winged Teal Bonanza
    Story : Posted 11-07-2012

    Blue-Winged Teal Bonanza

    If it weren't for the heat, you'd think this was Thanksgiving weekend in Stuttgart, Ark., site of the annual "Wings Over the Prairie Festival." That party signals the opening week of duck season in the "mallard capital of the world." But this was September in southwest Louisiana.

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