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  • Texas Gal's Big Buck
    Story : Posted 11-12-2012

    Texas Gal's Big Buck

    Reader Chassity of Kingwood, Texas, posts blog in the Community section of detailing her buck kill with her "Rocket Launcher."

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  • First Bow Setup
    Story : Posted 11-11-2012

    First Bow Setup

    Valerie Hicks got her first bow, a Bear Siren RTH (Ready To Hunt), a few months ago. She went to experienced bow technician Shane Hyme to help get it set up correctly.

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  • See How Your Buck Ranks
    Story : Posted 11-09-2012

    See How Your Buck Ranks

    Biologist Jeremy Flinn sees it as tool to refine deer management. Hunters will see it as a fun and simple way to brag about big bucks, while having a chance to collect prize packages. So it's hard to find any downside to the Outdoor Channel National Deer Contest powered by BuckScore.

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  • No Major Changes Inland
    Story : Posted 11-08-2012

    No Major Changes Inland

    Hurricane Sandy's high storm surge did the most damage on the coastal areas of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, but inland, things aren't as bad. Though it's more than a week after Sandy hit and many people still don't have power, a fortunate few are out hunting and fishing.

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  • Blue-Winged Teal Bonanza
    Story : Posted 11-07-2012

    Blue-Winged Teal Bonanza

    If it weren't for the heat, you'd think this was Thanksgiving weekend in Stuttgart, Ark., site of the annual "Wings Over the Prairie Festival." That party signals the opening week of duck season in the "mallard capital of the world." But this was September in southwest Louisiana.

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  • Wax On … Wax Off
    Story : Posted 11-07-2012

    Wax On … Wax Off

    If you've ever tried to pluck a duck, you know how maddening it can be. But there is a better, less-expensive method to remove all the pinfeathers. As Mr. Miyagi instructed in "The Karate Kid": "Wax on … wax off."

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  • Dove Days
    Story : Posted 11-06-2012

    Dove Days

    Neurotic turkeys, elusive quail, sharp-eyed ducks - there's plenty of stressful bird hunting in Florida, but why not take it easy with a laidback, casual hunt that's as much about bonding with friends and family, as it is about bagging dinner - although that part's not so tough.

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  • Total Outdoorsman: Getting Feet Wetter
    Story : Posted 11-06-2012

    Total Outdoorsman: Getting Feet Wetter

    Since he first became a competitor in the Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge on the Outdoor Channel, Chad Weatherford has been in over his head. At least on the water, anyway. But he has adjusted, and the results have shown it.

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  • Self-Taught Elk Hunter
    Story : Posted 11-01-2012

    Self-Taught Elk Hunter

    As a child of the Pacific Northwest and growing up hunting the great public lands of Oregon, it's safe to say Kristy Titus' truest outdoor passion is elk hunting. While she is offering her top 10 elk calling tips, she is quick to point out there is no magic method of education for calling in that giant bull elk.

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  • Himalaya High For Shockeys
    Story : Posted 10-29-2012

    Himalaya High For Shockeys

    Hiking for almost three weeks together chasing animals in the Himalayas, Jim Shockey got a good read on his son, Branlin, and vice versa. Both say they left Nepal with a better understanding of one another, a closer bond, and Branlin began to figure out exactly what makes his father tick.

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