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  • Professionals Hunt Nepal
    Story : Posted 10-16-2012

    Professionals Hunt Nepal

    Nepal may be the top of the world, but it's not on the top of many people's bucket list of hunting locales. But Jim Shockey went, taking a four-man crew from “The Professionals” series on Outdoor Channel with him.

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  • The Well-Heeled Archer
    Story : Posted 10-16-2012

    The Well-Heeled Archer

    It must have been a woman who first said, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Clearly, the speaker never had a truck she wanted to jack up, a car she wanted to hot rod, and certainly not a bow of any sort. All of these things beg for "fixing," even though they might already work adequately.

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  • Bring On The Cold
    Story : Posted 10-15-2012

    Bring On The Cold

    Frigid conditions cannot arrive soon enough for the nation's deer hunters. Reports of epizootic hemorrhagic disease have risen to more than 2,000 cases in Michigan and wildlife officials are eliminating unsold deer hunting licenses in parts of South Dakota in response to an outbreak of the infectious, often fatal virus.

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  • Firsts in the Field: Hunting brotherhood
    Story : Posted 10-15-2012

    Firsts in the Field: Hunting brotherhood

    Spike buck was Alex Rutledge's first step into manhood, but family remains dominant theme on first hunts.

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  • Virus Hits West Herds
    Story : Posted 10-11-2012

    Virus Hits West Herds

    Continued concern over a deadly deer virus is moving westward, as wildlife officials in Wyoming are expecting what could be the worst die-off in decades at and around the Black Hills region in the northeastern part of the state.

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  • Ole Miss To Honor Jordan
    Story : Posted 10-10-2012

    Ole Miss To Honor Jordan

    Bill Jordan, the creator of Realtree Camouflage and the host of the Monster Bucks video series and the Realtree Outdoors television show, will receive two prestigious awards from the University of Mississippi October 13 when Ole Miss hosts Auburn as part of Homecoming 2012.

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  • Building A Better Buck
    Story : Posted 10-08-2012

    Building A Better Buck

    An Alabama group's plan to improve a local deer herd's genetic structure is seen as an innovative project by some, but has also drawn harsh criticism from wildlife biologists.

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  • EHD Creeping North
    Story : Posted 10-05-2012

    EHD Creeping North

    Outbreaks of the deadly virus epizootic hemorrhagic disease continue to worsen in deer herds across much of the Midwest, a concern in areas that have never had it.

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  • The Total Outdoorsman
    Story : Posted 10-04-2012

    The Total Outdoorsman

    Everyone has that friend who can cast a jig into just the right spot in brushy cover from 25 yards Or has a buddy who seems to never miss a shot. Or know the guy who always has the best route to take the ATV through every mud bog. The goal of the Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge, which appears exclusively on Outdoor Channel this fall, is to find the guy – or gal – who can do it all.

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  • Osborne Russell's Rock
    Story : Posted 10-02-2012

    Osborne Russell's Rock

    In his mid-1800s book, mountain man Osborne Russell describes climbing a steep ridge, then sitting to rest on a rock to look over a smooth, grassy vale where "thousands of mountain sheep were scattered up and down feeding on the short grass" while "crowds of little lambs were nimbly skipping and playing upon the banks of snow."

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