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  • Ole Miss To Honor Jordan
    Story : Posted 10-10-2012

    Ole Miss To Honor Jordan

    Bill Jordan, the creator of Realtree Camouflage and the host of the Monster Bucks video series and the Realtree Outdoors television show, will receive two prestigious awards from the University of Mississippi October 13 when Ole Miss hosts Auburn as part of Homecoming 2012.

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  • Building A Better Buck
    Story : Posted 10-08-2012

    Building A Better Buck

    An Alabama group's plan to improve a local deer herd's genetic structure is seen as an innovative project by some, but has also drawn harsh criticism from wildlife biologists.

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  • EHD Creeping North
    Story : Posted 10-05-2012

    EHD Creeping North

    Outbreaks of the deadly virus epizootic hemorrhagic disease continue to worsen in deer herds across much of the Midwest, a concern in areas that have never had it.

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  • The Total Outdoorsman
    Story : Posted 10-04-2012

    The Total Outdoorsman

    Everyone has that friend who can cast a jig into just the right spot in brushy cover from 25 yards Or has a buddy who seems to never miss a shot. Or know the guy who always has the best route to take the ATV through every mud bog. The goal of the Field & Stream Total Outdoorsman Challenge, which appears exclusively on Outdoor Channel this fall, is to find the guy – or gal – who can do it all.

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  • Osborne Russell's Rock
    Story : Posted 10-02-2012

    Osborne Russell's Rock

    In his mid-1800s book, mountain man Osborne Russell describes climbing a steep ridge, then sitting to rest on a rock to look over a smooth, grassy vale where "thousands of mountain sheep were scattered up and down feeding on the short grass" while "crowds of little lambs were nimbly skipping and playing upon the banks of snow."

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  • Wolf Pack To Be Eliminated
    Story : Posted 10-01-2012

    Wolf Pack To Be Eliminated

    Opposing conservation and livestock groups eventually stood in agreement last week with the Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife concerning a wolf pack that appears to be preying exclusively on cattle in the region. In the end, it was decided the pack must be eliminated.

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  • Third Tine Not A Charm
    Story : Posted 09-28-2012

    Third Tine Not A Charm

    After more than six years of discussions, rulings and much wringing of hands, the famed Johnny King whitetail buck was officially scored by the Boone and Crockett Club on Sept. 24.

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  • The Experience
    Story : Posted 09-27-2012

    The Experience

    "The best thing about hunting … is that you don't have to actually do it to enjoy it," wrote Robert Ruark, author of The Old Man and The Boy. Every hunter has that one memory that filters back every season, as if it occurred the day before.

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  • Urban Hunts The Solution
    Story : Posted 09-26-2012

    Urban Hunts The Solution

    As urban sprawl continues in suburban areas across the United States, bringing houses and roadways into what was previously healthy habitat for wildlife, nuisance deer problems will continue to occur. In most cases, what has continually proven to be the best means of controlling these issues is the urban hunt.

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  • Limiting Licenses Considered
    Story : Posted 09-25-2012

    Limiting Licenses Considered

    Wildlife agency officials in South Dakota and Nebraska are considering taking measures to reduce the number of deer hunting licenses or permits issued this fall due to outbreaks of a viral disease in the state's deer herds.

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